Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Reader Question: Where Can I Get Chic Maternity Clothes?

I absolutely LOVE getting reader questions and one of my favorites just came in recently:

"I am 4 months almost 5 months pregnant going into the last of winter and venturing into spring an summer. (Due in July)  I need help! Trends for spring, I'm not a stick figure and I look like I swallowed a basketball! Shoes? Casual Clothes! Work business casual.  The worst is that clothes only fit for a couple of weeks at a time; b/c the scale is only going up!" - M, Charlotte, NC

Ah, yes, the how-to-look-cute-during-pregnancy question is a huge one, which is why it's also a multi-billion dollar industry. Unpredictable body changes, weight gain and all sorts of things shifting could conceivably make style quite a challenge.

The good news is that there are so many options at so many price points that you really can pick and choose what suits you based on your own personal style before you got pregnant (you know, that hot look that got you there in the first place). I can't get into diaper bags and things of that nature (I would head to some of my fabulous mommy bloggers for that information, like or, but here are some of my picks for maternity chic:

Lavish by Heidi Klum is a line of seventeen basics created for A Pea in the Pod. Let's face it: a supermodel who works on a design reality show who has been pregnant FOUR TIMES should know a thing or two about pregnancy chic. This Sleeveless Shirring Detail Maternity Dresss ($98) is a great day-to-night option and so is this glam Sequined Maternity Tank ($198).

As a matter of fact, A Pea in the Pod has some of the best contemporary clothes out there for expecting women. Some of my favorite labels like Bailey 44, DIANE von FURSTENBERG, Sanctuary and Vince all have spectacular options for pregnant women. Check them out online or at one of their in-store locations around the country.

Every woman needs a good pair of jeans no matter what she's expecting and from all my fabulous pregnant friends, I understand that Paige Premium Denim does a pregnancy jean like no other. The Laurel Canyon Pregnancy Jean in Cottonwood Wash ($194) is a chic bootcut denim option that has a waistband that can be worn over or under your tummy depending on how you feel about the situation.

Then of course you have the woman who practically invented maternity chic, Liz Lange. Available at comfortable price points at your friendly neighborhood Target, Liz has a wide range of products available down to yoga gear. I would recommend checking out her line of activewear, including this Long and Lean Maternity Tank ($9.99) and Foldover Cropped Pant ($16.99).

You know who else makes amazing staples for expecting mothers? The Gap! Seriously, this Ruched Tank Dress ($49.99) is an item that can grow with you and won't feel super tight and constricted. Check out their selection of khakis, tops, scarves and other basics as well.

As far as shoes go, my understanding is that buying footwear when you're pregnant is a complicated business. That and wearing spike heels with extra weight on the front body is not only uncomfortable but depending on the situation it could be dangerous (sprained ankles are no fun). For day, I would suggest a kitten heel shoe with a closed toe or slip-on thong sandal (depends on how conservative your workplace is about footwear) but at night, we all want a little glamour. This is where an embellished sandal becomes your best friend. My pick for shifting sizes is this gorgeous Calvin Klein "Nadia" Antracite Sandal ($108), which screams glamour and won't have your feet begging for relief.

Again, there are virtually tons of options out there and with these and other options, you should have some fun shopping. Remember, this is a fabulous time of your life to enjoy, so have fun with it, including the fashion!

The Best Beauty Product You Don't Know About: Aromachology Perfume Bar

Scent is such a personal thing, isn't it? Not only are you particular about the scent of your body, but most of us take it all the way: we want our houses, our laundry, even our cars to smell a certain way. Every woman knows that the quest for the perfect perfume can sometimes seem impossible. We smell a million different scents and always say the same thing: "Is this ME?" Problem is, without jetting to an expensive apothecary and having a scent signature crafted for your (and then waiting for it to be created), we spend our lives having complex relationships with scent. Like Goldilocks, we want the one that's "just right."

Enter my new Favorite Thing On Earth, Aromachology. A small company started by the lovely Kirsten Menkes and Ashlee Firsten (who later became sisters-in-law, funny story), these two combined their respective PR/marketing and engineering backgrounds with their love of beauty into a scent company that is truly unique and a slice of genius for all. When you visit their perfume counter at Henri Bendel's, you fill out a survey that explains aspects of your personality, scents to which you are drawn, and other things that make you uniquely, well, YOU. Based on this survey, you will then have a personality type drawn together which should draw you to one of five base scents (a "fragrance personality) and then you can add up to three separate "attributes" (essential oil blends which act as top and middle notes, of which there are fifteen) based on aspects of your personality to create your own fragrance.
 Jamie Sanders of The Beauty of Life and Eileen Dautruche of Miss Whoever You Are enjoying their custom scents

It's quite genius actually, because the base is a category of scent to which you're already drawn but the attribute really do evoke parts of your own personality. When I attended the launch, I was surrounded by fellow beauty journalists and none of us picked the same bases and, lo and behold, none of us had the same scent. Each of us had a scent that was uniquely our own and ALL of us loved our own fragrance as well as that of our friends. I would tell you what mine is but I don't want to sway you. I'll give you a hint: my base is "Woodsy" and one of my attributes is "Creative." If I told you the rest of it, I'd have to kill you. :)

The small travel sizes retail for $65 and the larger vanity-sized bottles retail for $120. Each finished fragrance comes in a gorgeous container and you can honestly say that no one else has your fragrance. Name it whatever you like, then come back and create another one based on another mood or aspect(s) of your personality.

No more hunting for your own signature scent. You created it all on your own. It's not magic, it's not's Aromachology.

Available at Henri Bendel's in New York City

Obsession of the Day: Lipstick Queen Discovery Kit

When I was a little girl, I loved playing with my mother's lipstick. If I ever came home in a bad mood, my mother would hand me my own little tube of happiness and let me go to town. Well, it seems my favorite day brightener is making a comeback as THE lip product for spring and I'm all for it. Want to know what's making me all bright and cheery right now? The Lipstick Queen Discovery Kit ($48)

Creator Poppy King has selected three of her top-selling lipsticks and packaged them together in one little lipstick wardrobe so you can play around with colors depending on your mood. The kit contains Medieval (a sheer hint of red infused with Vitamin E to condition and soften), Saint Nude (one of Poppy's originals, a perfect retro nude infused with hydrating shea butter) and Butterfly Ball in Fly (sheer fuchsia with a touch of iridescence that has a bit of blue to make teeth look whiter).  Which one will you pick? Depends on your mood. With three lipsticks in the pack, you can change it up multiple times a day.

How can you be in a bad mood with three brand-new fun lipsticks? Please. Lacquer up that pucker and tell your bad day to kiss off.

Lipstick Queen Discover Kit ($48), available at Space NK, Barneys New York, Henri Bendel and online at

Label Love: Young, Fabulous and Broke

You've already seen me rocking my new fabulous top from this gorgeous line, but how much do you really know about my new favorite clothing obsession? Well, as always I'm here to help so here's the 411 on my California cool new label love: Young, Fabulous and Broke.

Young Fabulous and Broke and little sister label 32 Flavors by YFB are the brainchildren of Los Angeles fashion insider Heidi Cornell  and is the quintessential Hollywood wardrobe. Meant to be just as chic running from yoga as it would be to shop, chill, do brunch or travel, her supersoft collection is designed for a chic woman on the go. The line has been in heavy rotation on celebrities like Megan Fox, Sienna Miller, Blake Lively, Lindsay Lohan and Sophia Bush. Heidi's got a great eye for flowy feminine tops and dresses in sumptuous fabrics that are breezy enough for the California sun but substantial enough for an active lifestyle. Silk jersey, soft cotton and cashmere are among the fabrications and I, for one, am completely hooked.

Since I've already got the Kane top, what else is on my shopping list from this amazing clothing label? I would say everything but a girl's gotta eat, so here are some of my favorites from Heidi's hot label for spring/summer:

The Tyler Dress with Brooches ($176)

The Tylo Tie Dye Dress ($184)

The Skyler Tie Dye Dress ($171)

The Knit Harem Pant ($118)

You can purchase this fabulous line from Saks Fifth Avenue or online at shopbop and revolveclothing among others. Just be sure to grab some oversized sunglasses while you're at it. Someone is bound to want to take your photo in these paparazzi-ready staples.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Obsession of the Day: DKNY Smoothies

 Photos courtesy of Paul Wilmot Communications

I'm a big fan of Donna Karan and little sister line DKNY. Just when you think you have her all figured out, Donna reinterprets a classic in a whole new direction, setting fashion on its ear yet again. For spring 2010, DKNY sent urban necessities down the runway with infusions of bright color and a vibrant garden of florals and sequin embellishment. While I encourage everyone to check out the entire line, I've got a quick thrill from her runway basics that you need to get your hands on right now: the DKNY Smoothie.

Basically, this is shapewear that's mean to be seen. You know how you're always trying to hide your shapewear from public view? No more! These fitted bodyshapers are made in vibrant bursts of color that are intended to peek out from under your clothes as part of your total look. Layer them under shorts, make modesty more interesting by adding them under your favorite skirt or just wear the longer version as pants! They're versatile and a little slice of genius. No one has to KNOW they're shapewear, by the way. Layered properly, they just become part of your look. Only you and your waistline will know the difference.

These fabulous bodyshapers are available in three silhouettes (Short, Hi-Waist Short and Capris) and in seven smoothie inspired colors: Sugar Free (nude), Blackberry (black), Raspberry, Orange Crush, Kiwi, Blueberry and Berry Burst. This wardrobe secret weapon retails for just $15.00 and is now available in the hosiery department at a major department store near you. Get your hands on these fun items for spring to transform your look in a whole new way.

Donna Karan Smoothies ($15), available at your major department stores nationwide

FTC Disclosure: sample received for review

Beauty Necessity: Vichy Aqualia Antiox Skincare

One of the things that you’ll notice about a lot of us bloggers is that we’re constantly into our skin. When you’re out five nights a week covering events, it can take a huge toll on your face. Finger foods, cocktails, multiple product samples and late nights are just the beginning of the issue. Add to that the pollution of the city and other environmental factors and it has most of us holed up indoors on weekends slathering on products attempting to apologize to our tired, weary skin.

I recently received the best way to say I’m sorry to my face: Vichy Laboratories Aqualia Antiox Skincare. A new offering from the French skincare company, this is skincare that works over time to correct skincare damage, rehydrate and refresh tired and mistreated skin. The Aqualia Antiox “New Skin” Result Deoxidizing Fresh Treatment ($45) is a bottle of sheer magic. Used for 21 days as part of your current routine, it contains two powerful, highly-concentrated portions of pure Citrus Polyphenol™ (in a liquid serum) and pure 10% Vitamin C (as a powder sachet), antioxidants that when mixed become an incredibly effective serum that creates a youthful rosy complexion, even and healthy skin tone, and an enviably smooth texture. I’ve been using the product for the requested 21 days and honestly, this product delivers like Domino’s. Not only is my skin completely hydrated and smooth, but it actually feels like it makes my normal skincare routine more effective. I’ve been layering the serum on under my night cream before I go to sleep and I wake up to grateful skin. Considering that I put my face through its paces regularly, that’s saying something.

The other item that is a must-have from this fabulous skincare line is the Anti-Fatigue Ice-Effect Stick ($28).  For those of us who suffer from under eye circles and/or bags under our eyes , this is a handbag secret weapon. The stick has a cooling effect that soothes the skin under the eyes to relieve puffiness and diminish dark circles. Everyone from the cocktail set to busy moms on the go or even corporate desk jockeys can benefit from this little item of goodness.

So when you see me walking around with a little special glow, now you’ll know. I’m glowing with love….for these fabulous Vichy products.

Available via the Vichy website

FTC Disclosure: samples received for review

FSB On the Scene: Alice + Olivia By Stacey Bendet Shop Opening at Saks Fifth Avenue New York

Who doesn't love a fabulous party, especially when you get to party and shop at the same time? Everyone knows I love a good soiree, so when I got an invitation to celebrate the launch of the new Alice + Olivia by Stacey Bendet store at Saks Fifth Avenue, you know I was there to check out the scene. I mean, when the designer who does the cutest party clothes on Earth invites you to a party, you go.

This was an amazing evening. The Fifth Floor at Saks' New York flagship was transformed with a DJ station, a bar and a step-and-repeat where celebrities galore posed for photos in support of Stacey and her amazing store launch. The drinks were flowing and we were treated to one of the coolest things I've ever seen or heard in my life: DJ duo Mia Moretti and Caitlin Moe turned the party into the hottest nightspot in town with their live DJ / electric violin hybrid performance.  Seriously, everyone at the party gathered around to check out this amazing scene. It sounded absolutely fabulous and you could hear all of us saying, "This is a department store? This is AMAZING!” They added such a vibrant accent to the party and the clothes.

Celebrities galore arrived in style as well. Melissa Joan Hart, Shiri Appleby,Tinsley Mortimer, Shontelle, Richie Rich, Fabiola Beracasa, Byrdie Bell, Becca Diamond, Cory Kennedy, and so many others arrived in - what else? gorgeous Alice + Olivia clothes.
 Designer Stacey Bendet with Gossip Girl's Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle

 Hold onto your hats, Gossip Girl fans: Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle arrived for a cocktail and with all the mixing and mingling, I wound up chatting with Matthew. See photo evidence of how gorgeous and nice he is in person here.
Gossip Girl's Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle

 But what would an Alice + Olivia party be without the stunning clothes! The shop at Saks is truly gorgeous, with rows of the Spring collection just ripe for the picking. I personally have my eye on just about everything, but some personal picks for everyone's wardrobe would be the Sequined Crochet Shrug ($484) for instant glamour and this Cowlneck Silk Dress ($242) for day-to-night glamour. I personally have my eye on about twelve things from the collection, but that shrug and I have to become friends very soon. So amazing.
The hilarious and very sweet Richie Rich, formerly of Heatherette

Even though you couldn't make it to this fabulous evening with Alice + Olivia and my beloved Saks Fifth Avenue, I definitely encourage you to slip into some of designer Stacey Bendet's gorgeous clothes. After all, life's really a party if you think about it. Dress accordingly.

Fitness Directory: Get Blissed Out and Toned at YogaWorks

You know that a few of us bloggers are on this mission to get into fantastic shape. Could it be all the photos floating around of us on the Internet? Maybe. I'd like to think that since we're usually out and about covering events pretty much every night and we all work insane schedules, we're just putting the focus back where it belongs, which is taking care of ourselves. All of us need to insist on personal time where we take extra special care of our bodies since we demand so much from them on a daily basis.

My friend Dina from eye4style got a few of us together to try a yoga class at the absolutely beauty YogaWorks in Soho. I'm a huge fan so I jumped at the chance and I have to tell you, I was thoroughly impressed. The studio is a gorgeous urban retreat with tons of light, zen rock embellishment and beautiful natural touches. It's incredibly clean (a big one for me) and filled with tons of different classes for anyone at any level. As a long-time yoga enthusiast, I'll vouch for the quality of my instructor. Since we had a mixed class, she taught a great Open class where the poses were challenging-but-doable for beginners and those of us who had a more advanced practice sincerely got a good workout. They also have a BarWorks class I'm dying to try if you want to mix it up a little.

Bright, beautiful and a peaceful urban retreat where your practice can flourish. If you're into yoga, or would like to try something new for your fitness routine, head to YogaWorks in Soho or any of their locations in New York or around the country (Los Angeles, Northern California and Orange County) to get long, lean and balanced for spring. Namaste.

Click here for locations, class schedules and contact information

Monday, March 29, 2010

Charitable Chic: Diane von Furstenberg Proud to Be Woman CD

It's no secret that I have a love for all things DIANE von FURSTENBERG. The wrap dresses are amazing, the clothes are impossibly chic, and her accessories are truly to die for. One of the cool things you have to love her for is her love and support of other women. Diane is a woman's woman who mentors and supports many causes that help uplift and encourage women around the world. It another reason to have an impossible girl crush on her.
As if she didn't have enough offerings to make you want to cover your entire body, home and life in her designing goodness, she's decided to move into your iPod as well with a fabulous CD. Entitled Proud to be Woman,  it's a limited-edition compilation CD that was released to celebrate International Women’s Day. Featuring a collection of twelve songs from all female artists, all proceeds from the sale of the CD will benefit Vital Voices and help women worldwide find their own voice! With Joss Stone, Mary J Blige, Estelle, Santigold, Bebel Gilberto, Christina Aguilera, and Annie Lennox among the contributors, this is money well-spent.

You can buy the album via her website  for $15.99 or download the album via iTunes for a mere $9.99.  Either way, feel free to get down while you help other women get a leg up on the world.

Beauty Quickie: Take a Spring Staycation with Suave Mango Mandarin Body Wash

You know how certain scents are comforting to you in the winter when you feel like you need something cozy and enveloping? Well, it's time to kick it up for spring with vivacious scent. I was recently introduced to a little cheap thrill that you need to get ready for warmer weather: Suave Naturals Mango Mandarin Body Wash.

This fantabulous (Is that word? I guess it is now) body wash is infused with mango and mandarin extracts for a scent that is truly a tropical shower experience and it contains Vitamin E to moisturize and protect your skin. I mean, we'd all like to get off to the tropics and take a vacation but not everyone can afford it. You can, however, afford this amazing body wash and send yourself on a mental vacation for the completely wallet-friendly price of $3.49. I've been using it to remind myself that spring really is coming, even though I had to break out my winter jacket yet again last night.

So let's try something fun: Pick this body wash up at your local retailer. This weekend, turn up the reggae and lather up with this wash to set yourself in the right mood. Add a little self-tanner while you're at it. Return to work on Monday singing "I Shot The Sheriff." When they ask you where you were this weekend, just smile. Suave and I will keep your little secret for you. :)

Beauty How To: Get ScarJo's Perfect Red Lip with Dolce and Gabanna Makeup

It always seems that women are on the quest for something. We're always looking for the perfect something and the top three for most of us are the perfect jeans, the perfect bra and the perfect red lip. There's almost no such thing as a universally-flattering red lip because the nuances of skin color are just so hard to pin down. The red lipstick that looks so amazing on my friends is too orange for me and vibrant pinks can sometimes make me look like I just ran a marathon (I have pink undertones to my skin). However, if you're looking for a good cherry red lip with blue undertones (think Gwen Stefani's color) with a tad of shine, I have magic for you: Dolce and Gabanna Makeup.

People always ask me what products to beauty and fashion bloggers actually purchase and I'll admit that this makeup line is one that I actually sought out without being contacted and bought it with my own money. The colors are rich and the formulations are absolute perfection. The same care and concern they put into their gorgeous clothing is translated fabulously into their makeup line. I am a huge fan.

In order to create this dazzling cherry-bitten red lip, head to Saks Fifth Avenue and pick up three items from the line: The Lipliner in #3, The Lip Gloss in Ruby and The Lipstick in Devil. Exfoliate and moisturize your lips, then fill your entire lip in with the lip pencil. This creates a base and helps the color last longer (and appear more vibrant. Now, depending on your mood, you can use the Ruby gloss for a shiny wet red lip:

...or use the Devil lipstick for more of a classic screen siren lipstick look. Lipstick is HUGE for spring/summer so feel free to give your glosses a rest for a bit if you like.

Then step onto the scene with your hot red lip. Just watch getting it on a gentleman's collar. That is, unless you just can't help it. ;)

Stylish Viewing: Trailers for The Best in Spring and Summer Movies

I am honestly not someone who goes to the movies a lot, but considering the crop of movies forthcoming this spring and summer, I'm planning on packing a wrap cardigan and a bottle of water to enjoy some fabulous cinematic fare. Here's what's on my viewing list:

Chloe: I'm a HUGE suspense thriller fan and this one looks like it's going to be GOOD. When Julianne Moore suspects her husband (Liam Neeson) of cheating on her, she hires call girl Chloe (Amanda Seyfried) to see if her husband will take the bait. Evidently not only does he take said bait, but the two women also become romantically involved. Evidently everyone is in too deep when they discover Chloe is definitely not what she seems. It's already in theaters so this is what I'll be doing next weekend.

Iron Man 2: My love for Robert Downey Jr. is lifelong and shows no signs of stopping so I'll probably be the one standing in line for the midnight premiere of this one. Looks like Tony Stark is back and this time Samuel L. Jackson joins the fun as Nick Fury, Tony Stark's cigar-chomping SHIELD buddy. RDJ's got his hands full this time with two villains, played by Mickey Rourke and Scarlett Johansson. Gwyneth Paltrow plays Tony's beloved Pepper Potts again. Get your popcorn ready for this gem coming May 7th.

Sex and the City 2: I've already been posting about this one so I won't belabor the point. Just know that my ladies and I will be in fabulous footwear when Carrie Bradshaw and company come back to the big screen in May. Rumor has it that Aidan (John Corbett) makes a cameo in the movie. Keep it tuned for future updates.

The A-Team: I'm a huge action movie fanatic and this was one of my all-time favorite shows growing up. A elite commando unit is sent to prison for a crime they didn't commit. They break out and become a rogue team that fights crime and injustice off the grid. Liam Neeson plays Hannibal and I have two more words that should seal everyone's desire to see it: Bradley Cooper. In theaters June 10th.

Salt: Angelina Jolie is back to her butt-kicking best as an agent who is accused of being a Russian spy in a plot to assassinate the President. Liam Neeson co-stars but I always look forward to Hollywood's most controversial star getting her proverbial kicks on camera. Coming July 10th.

Inception: All I can say is "Wow." The follow up to The Dark Night by brilliant director Christopher Nolan, this movie boasts an all-star cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Cillian Murphy. The plot has been kept tightly under wraps but with the underground buzz is that this is the movie to beat this summer. The release date has yet to be set but you know where I'll be once it's announced. Check the website link for the full-length trailer and more details.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps: My excitement for this knows no bounds. I own the Director's Cut of the original movie from Oliver Stone and it appears that everyone's favorite greedy bastard, Gordon Gekko (played to perfection by Michael Douglas) is out of prison and looking to get back on top via his sharp potential son-in-law Jake (Shia LeBoeuf). Also starring LeBoeuf's real-life girlfriend Carey Mulligan, Josh Brolin, and Frank Langella, Stone's timing in bringing back Wall Street's favorite role model is truly genius and I can't wait to see what he does with the script. Mark your calendars for September 24th.

Happy screening, everyone!

Beauty Directory: Relax and Reinvent at Woodley and Bunny Salon and Apothecary

I feel that hair salons appeal to certain types of clientele. I'm personally a rocker chick at heart so let me expressly state that if you're looking for cutting-edge treatments with a decidedly chill vibe, there's only one place to go. Hop on the L train and head to Williamsburg: it's time to go to Woodley and Bunny.

The salon floor. The beauty room is off the left at the back.

The brainchild of celebrity and editorial hairstylist Erin Anderson and her sister Misha (co-founder and co-owner), this salon and apothecary is the perfect mixture of their personalities: cutting-edge quality with a very chill vibe. After an intensely trying week, I descended the stairs to experience my own version of the Fountain of Youth. Ladies and gentlemen, if you're looking to relax and restore your face and hair after a particularly brutal time (personal issues, weather, bad boss, breakup, whatever), I recommend booking a Facial and a Hair Repair Treatment.

 I loved this. It's a wall of Polaroids of the cool looks they give their customers.

Upon arrival, I was offered a choice of beverage and treated to a mind-blowing scalp massage and conditioner application. While the conditioner worked its magic, Cande brought me into the Beauty Room (a new addition to the salon and a must do for anyone, period) and discussed what I'd like to get out of the facial. I said that I needed to hydrate my skin (subway travel and champagne are hard on the face) and that I just wanted to relax. Three soothing layers of masks, a blissful massage and an eyebrow shaping later and I'm eternally indebted to Cande. This is a woman with amazing energy who really focuses on healing and making sure the client feels good. We all need a Cande in our lives. Book that facial now, people.

I digress. Post-facial, the gorgeous and amazing James placed me in the chair and proceeded to blow my hair out with an intoxicating (in a very good way) mixture of MoroccanOil and Sachajuan products. Never heard of Sachajuan? Neither had I. Evidently, Erin was racing around Los Angeles after having her products confiscated at the airport and found the Swedish label at Fred Segal. The line works with sea algae to deliver maximum nutrients to the hair. All I have to say is that it's days later and my hair feels hydrated, healthy and incredibly smooth. James and I discussed some options for styling with my new haircut and I emerged with new energy and a very edgy cool new style. It's love and I'm going back for more.

Woodley and Bunny is a fabulous location to stop in for even the quickest beauty treatment or to hang for a while while you create a new look.Their retail area has some of the best products known to man (makeup, hair, everything - bring the credit card or you'll be sorry) so feel free to take some of the products home on your way out.

If you're looking for a chill place to recharge, relax and reinvent, I highly recommend Woodley and Bunny.
I'm not just recommending it. I'm booking my follow-up appointment as we speak. That's love, people.

Woodley and Bunny
196 North 10th Street (btw Bedford and Driggs)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Obsession of the Day: My New Young, Fabulous and Broke Kane Top

I have had a minor obsession with Young, Fabulous and Broke clothing ever since my friend Karen Robinovitz busted out in a pair of their luxe oversized yoga pants almost two years ago. I've been steadily making my list of acquisitions for spring/summer and this top was at the top of the list as a reward for losing another five pounds. After Core Fusion, yoga and three Spinning classes a week, the three pounds went bye-bye and you know what that means. Yesterday, I took a gift certificate to Saks Fifth Avenue and acquired my long-time obsession. This is the shot of me throwing it on in the dressing room. I love this shirt so much that I'm sharing my joy with you without makeup. That's devotion, people.

This drapey ombre top hides a multitude of sins and is just as luxe going from day to night. I wore mine last night with ripped skinny jeans and Michael Kors platform sandals but really, it would work with leggings (as shown in the picture), blue or white jeans, cutoffs, yoga pants for hanging around the house, etc. I got the black and turquoise version but I think this black and white version is just as versatile and California cool.

You'll be seeing this top in photos a lot. Soft, comfortable and chic? I'm completely sold.

Young, Fabulous and Broke Kane Top $140, available at Revolve Clothing

Friday, March 26, 2010

Weekend Style: Rock & Republic Alayna Chain Pumps

If you’re looking to create a show-stopping weekend outfit, look no further. These Rock & Republic stunners will bring the glamour to nights out with the girls and dinner dates alike. The pumps truly have it all: that ever-trendy pewter color, sexy exaggerated platforms, super-skinny heels, and, of course, a dramatic mess of chains that encircles your ankle and swings around the back of the shoe. Think of them as a perfectly modern, rocker-chic rendition of Mary Janes. These babies are made to be seen, so skip the jeans and let your shoes do the talking; rock them with a cute mini-skirt, concert tee, and boyfriend blazer. Saturday night, here you come!

Rock & Republic Alayna Chain Pumps, $298 at Shopbop

Sample Sale Tale: The Epic Story of The Christian Dior Shoes from Decadestwo

Contrary to popular belief, I am not someone who spends a tremendous amount of money on my clothes and accessories with reckless abandon. I believe in smart investment pieces that will last a lifetime. I’m especially a fan of vintage, especially when the item is in beautiful condition and will hold or increase its value. This is why despite sheer exhaustion I hauled it out of bed for the Decadestwo sample sale last Sunday. What three words got me to crawl out of my warm bed on a Sunday? Easy: “shoe” “sale” and “Louboutin.”

For those who aren’t aware, Decadestwo is the little consignment sister of Los Angeles’ world-renowned vintage couture store, Decades. The brainchild of fashion expert and celebrity stylist favorite Cameron Silver, both stores a little slice of heaven for those who are looking for high-end vintage pieces. We’re talking labels that have museum collection quality: Correges, Balmain, Valentino, Chanel.  If you watch The Rachel Zoe Project, Cameron is a personal friend of Rachel’s and she pulls from him A LOT.

Decadestwo created a pop-up shop upstairs at lingerie purveyor Kiki de Montparnasse for four lovely days and on Sunday morning, they had a shoe sale to end all shoe sales. Four hundred pairs of designer shoes arrived along with handbags, accessories and racks of labels that would send any group of Sex and the City fans writing on the floor in ecstasy. I stood in line for two hours (I got there early – I don’t mess around with sample sales) and when I entered, proceeded to get down to work, grabbing six pairs in the span of about 60 seconds. The labels were drool-worthy: Chloe, Prada, Sergio Rossi, Brian Atwood, etc. I sorted through the lot and when the fog cleared from my sale-induced haze, I happened to be holding what has now become The Best Shoes I Have Ever Put On My Feet. Yep.  Meet my worn-only-once-on-the-red-carpet, pink suede with Swarovski crystal-embellishment Christian Dior 61 shoes.

The floor manager and the salesperson on the floor commended my choice. “We were wondering who was going to walk out with these spectacular shoes.” Um, have you met me? Let me give you a card. Never wonder again. If shoes like this ever show up, you call me. I mean it. Day or night. As a matter of fact, if shoes of this quality are to show up on a regular basis at this price, I’ll buy an extra phone and create a hotline. 917-SHOE-HABIT. Not a problem.

So people will show you photos of their kids, their dogs and their cats. I would like to introduce you to my babies, the limited edition Dior 61 Suede Shoe.  Let’s break it down, shall we?

Subway trip to Decadestwo Sample Sale: $2.25
Coffee while standing in line: $2.27
Pair of fabulous Christian Dior suede and crystal shoes: $150
The experience and thrill of finding such a shoe? Priceless

Fashion Necessity: Check Out Special Delivery at Saks Fifth Avenue's 10022-SHOE

If you live in New York, you know how obsessed women are with our shoes here. We're not all Sex and the City girls but honestly, there really are some of us who keep sweaters in our stoves (and beauty products in our cupboards) all in the name of our style obsessions. For those of us who take this little footwear desire to a "My person at Store X just called me with a sale notice" level, there's really one big authority to which we flock. Otherwise known as Shoe Nirvana, it's Saks Fifth Avenue's 10022-SHOE.

A shoe store so large it has its own zip code (hence the name), this little slice of heaven stocks pretty much any shoe a girl needs to feed that burning desire for fabulous footwear. It's also an amazing place to check out emerging footwear talent as part of their Special Delivery collection. A collective of six new-now-next hot shoe designers, it's the way to literally get a leg up on your girlfriends when it comes to the jaw-dropping shoe competition. Check out new shoes from Heather Williams, Daniele Michetti, Diego Dolcini, Gianvito Rossi, Jonathan Kelsey and Rupert Sanderson.  Saks Fifth Avenue will be the exclusive retailer for the first two and all six of them are worthwhile footwear acquisitions. Please see examples within the photo at top. I do not lie.

Another little slice of awesome? Special Delivery collection is also available at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills so I need my California girls to step out onto the scene at once. There's footwear to be had, ladies!

Strut over to 10022-SHOE and get in on these hot new shoe designers just in time for spring. After all, you'll need something fabulous south of your ankles when it's time to show a little more leg.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Obsession of the Day: BB Dakota Mia Skirt

As the first taste of spring finally hit New York last week, I must admit that I was more anxious than excited. The ever-present dilemma of what to wear had just gotten kicked up a few notches. The warm weather fostered a desire for the flowy, the flowery, and the fun… things my closet seemed to be lacking. That is, until I discovered the Mia skirt by BB Dakota. Priced at a mild $45, the skirt is done in an abstract floral print. Purple, turquoise, yellow and gray blend together in the relaxed, slightly flouncy silhouette. For day, this skirt is perfect with a super-soft white tee, neutral oxfords, and a cropped khaki jacket. For a night out, pair the skirt with a silk tank and cage heels or gladiators. Give the soft style a hard edge by adding a sleek leather jacket and a big stack of bangles. With this skirt in my wardrobe arsenal, I'm all set for spring to... well, spring.

BB Dakota Mia skirt, $45 at Dakota Collective.

Beauty Discovery for Dry Skin: Ahava Dead Sea Mineral Mud and Mineral Botanic Body Wash

I have epic dry skin almost all the time. I'm the person who just stands there, miserable and itchy all the time. I drink water, I had tried everything and yet it seems to return regularly. I had almost given up until I received two samples that just changed my life. Women and men who have itchy change-of-season skin, there is relief from the heavens and it's called Ahava.

Here is your prescription for the skin condition that ails you. First of all, pick up Ahava Mineral Botanic Hibiscus + Fig Body Wash ($21.50). The scent is amazingly unisex but soooooo soothing. After you dry brush your skin (which you should be doing already - if not, start now), lather up a loofah with some of this goodness and wash away. It leaves behind the smoothest, most luxuriously hydrated skin. I've used it every night for three weeks and I can totally see the difference. LOVE.

Once a week, I invite you to create your own little spa treatment with Ahava Dead Sea Mineral Mud ($28). Slather this on your body in the steam room or just lie down on a towel in a warm room. These magical minerals cleanse and purify the skin and leave you balanced, hydrated and with your own little spa experience. I personally do this after spinning or my beloved yoga classes at the gym. Yes, people do look at me a little bit and no, I don't care. Just be careful not to get it all over the place. So amazing. Busy moms, I would suggest doing this as a little break when the kids are out of the house since you probably don't have time to get to the spa. See? Who loves you?

So when you see me smiling with gorgeous glowing skin without constantly scratching, I'll happily tell you the source of my newfound glow: Ahava.

FTC Disclosure: Samples received for review

Obsession of the Day: Marc by Marc Jacobs Star Pendant

My mother’s favorite story of me as a child is an incident from the first grade. Everyone remembers that exercise where the teacher asks you what you want to be when you grow up. Well, when it got around to me after a whole room full of “My name is Timmy and I want to be a doctor” and “My name is Allie and I want to be a veterinarian”, I stood up and said at the top of my lungs, “My name is Kristi and I want to be a star!” Evidently, my teacher recalled this story at a parent/teacher conference and told my mother, “You’ve got your hands full with this one.”

Cut to present day and I still love star motif on just about anything. It’s my belief that all of us deserve to feel like we’ve got that chance to be center stage in our lives, where we get to feel special and beloved. I was looking for a necklace to wear every day to remind myself of this story and, lo and behold, I came across this fabulous pendant from my beloved Marc Jacobs. It’s a cheap thrill and a great reminder that no matter how things appear to be at any given time, we’re all stars.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Star Pendant ($68), available at

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Obsession of the Day: A Fabulous Ranjana Khan Statement Necklace

Obviously, today is St. Patrick’s Day. Here in New York, we have a parade to celebrate this holiday that is a legendary celebration of debauchery. Granted, I’m a fan of green beer and revelry as much as the next person, and considering I’m a quarter Irish it’s written in stone that I have to wear green today and imbibe until I fall over somewhere.

Since I’m a little too old to celebrate the holiday in the Erin-Go-Braless tradition anymore, I feel celebrating with a glass of champagne (with a dot of green dye in it, I’m not a total traitor) will do just beautifully. As far as wearing green? I’d be happy to wear this stunning necklace with a soft tee and denim or out on the town in a sexy strapless dress with chic ankle boots. This statement piece will last you forever and it’s truly a STATEMENT necklace. This accessory speaks volumes, even when your clothes are whisper soft.

After all, if you’re going to have Irish eyes a-smilin’ in your direction, you might as well accessorize for the occasion.

Ranjana Khan Colorful Crystal & Bead Necklace ($590), available at Saks Fifth Avenue

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

An Insider Peek at Coach's Fall 2010 Line

I hopped on over to the (way) west side today to check out Coach's Fall 2010 collection. And it was well worth it. The typically classic, borderline conservative brand has amped it up for fall, introducing rich colors, textures, and feisty embellishments.

The palette was a mixture of their timeless browns, taupes, and blacks with more contemporary plums, concrete greys, deep greens, and muted pinks.

Luxe snakeskin was prevalent in several bags, as well as in some fun, perfect-for-work reptile pumps and ballet flats.

Other standouts included big, slouchy styles adorned with cutout flowers, matte metal studs, and oversized gems.

I also got a sneak peek at their Poppy line, which was full of flash: glittery pendant necklaces, studded berets, and an eye-catching gold sequined backpack. However, my personal favorite were these heeled snowboots. Brilliant.

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