Friday, July 31, 2009

Beauty Sale Alert: LORAC Cosmetics

A quick note for you beauty addicts out there. From August 1st through August 15th, if you purchase $50 or more you get a great eyeshadow trio in Bronzed Bombshell, a pretty sweet makeup bag and FREE SHIPPING. It's only available on their website, so head there tomorrow and start shopping!

Have fun and be beautiful, FSB babes!

60 Second Beauty Tip: The Best Way To Deep Condition Hair

We all love deep conditioners, especially those of us who need to apologize for all of the abuse we heap on our poor little heads (flat irons, straighteners, chemical treatments, etc. - shame on us). Want a salon-quality deep conditioning treatment at home? Put your deep conditioner on your hair when it's dry.

Why? Because when your hair is wet it's already absorbed water, so it can only "drink" so much more product before it's "full". If you put the deep conditioner on your hair when it's dry, it takes in more of the product and you get maximum benefit. Throw it on dry hair, run some errands or take a spin class, then wash your hair as normal. Blow your hair out and the results will blow your mind.

I'm actually doing it as we speak. I'm using Redken Extreme Rescue Force ($12.75), which is amazing for my dry, unruly hair but it's actually amazing for all hair types that need a little extra lovin'.

Give this tip a shot. You can buy me a drink the next time you see me. I love lychee martinis. :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

60 Second Beauty Tip: Get Rid of Your Shiny Forehead for FREE!

A friend of mine described her face today as an oil slick. Honestly, even I have issues with shiny t-zones in the summer. If I ever beg you not to do something when it comes to your shiny face is putting extra powder on to try and soak it up. It's a personal beauty pet peeve of mine to see a woman's makeup starting to crack and look uneven. Ew.

Here's a quick beauty tip to help you save face for FREE: head into your local restroom (at work, at a restaurant, wherever). See those toilet paper covers that you sit on to protect your pretty backside from the seat? Rip one of those suckers up (unused, obviously) and use it as blotting paper. It works just as well as the ones you buy in the store and it costs you absolutely nothing.

I would encourage you to make up for this by paying for your meal or putting in a couple of extra minutes at work if you're taking them. Even though they're free, karma appreciates a full circle of giving, FSB beauties.

The Winner of the Fabulous Summer Haircare Giveaway is...

Amanda, a.k.a. "BreakfastatSaks" on Twitter, you have won the Redken Extreme Iron Repair AND the Remington Wet 2 Dry Flat Iron. I hope this gift gives you seasons of bouncin' and behavin' hair. If you're in NYC today, this would come in handy: the humidity is giving all of us major frizz issues!

Thanks for participating everyone. Another contest is coming shortly!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

60 Second Beauty Tip: How to Get Summer Smooth Feet At Home

Last Friday, I carved out a little time to get a Minx pedicure with Tracylee Percival, manicurist to the stars and salon manager of the uber-rocker-fabulous Suite 303 in the Hotel Chelsea. More to come on that later for Social Diva but check out the photo above. Could you DIE? It's amazing.

Because I had less-than-spectacular feet when I sat down for the procedure (they looked like I'd been dragging rocks barefoot through Middle Earth, I am so not kidding), I asked Tracylee for her advice on daily maintenance. Tracylee says that the major mistake most women make is that they file their feet in the shower, which isn't that effective. When you're done showering, blot your feet, then turn and file your feet AFTER the shower: your feet will have absorbed the moisture and are damp, which makes filing off dead skin super effective for spectacular results.

Here's another (and most important) point: the foot file has to be completely DRY, not wet. Buffing with a wet foot file is not effective. Follow your efforts with a good foot cream and you're ready to go.

Tracy used a long, angular file like this Heel to Toe Foot File ($2.89 at any Sally Beauty store) on me and the results were mind-blowing. Note the pointed edge which gets between toes. At $3 for this tool, there is no excuse to have nasty feet, folks. None at all.

Tracylee gives one of the best mani-pedis on Earth and the Minx pedi is the BOMB, as shown in the photo above. If you need to book her for a professional shoot or industry function, contact Vue Mgmt 212-431-5780. If you want to book a private appointment with her at Suite 303, call 212-633-1011. I promise you will walk out a shiny, happier person with one MAJOR pedicure.

Friday, July 24, 2009

FSB On the Scene: Ted Gibson Celebrates His New Gig on "What Not To Wear"

No doubt you've heard the news that TLC's What Not To Wear has a new hair guru and it's none other than legendary stylist Ted Gibson! Oh yes, ladies: not only will Clinton and Stacy be unfrumping (yes, I made that up) hapless folks across the country but their hair will now be in the capable hands of the mane man for Anne Hathaway, Angelina Jolie, Diane Von Furstenberg and countless other media mavens, socialites and fashionistas. Last night, Ted had a little soiree at his Fifth Avenue salon to celebrate his new part time gig and Fashion.Style.Beauty was on the scene. When I tell you that Ted is not only the consummate host but one of the nicest, most genuine people you will ever meet, I'm not overstating matters.

When I asked Ted why he decided to take on the TLC gig, he said that it's all about bringing the experience of luxury to everyday people, that you shouldn't have to be wealthy or a celebrity to know how to look your absolute best. He's putting his money where his mouth is: his amazing line of hair products are now available at Target! I'm obsessed with the Ted Gibson Hairsheets ($24.95), a quick conditioning treatment you can simply wipe on, brush and go. Perfect for the gym bag, people.

So learn a little more about the genius that is Ted Gibson, then tune in tonight to watch What Not To Wear. Things just got a little more fabulous around here.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Don't Miss It! Tonight's Finale of The Fashion Show?

We've been following Bravo's The Fashion Show for the season and if you watched last week's episode, you KNOW this is the one to watch! Reco got kicked off and you were left to vote between James-Paul, Anna and Daniella. Well, there's a reunion show as well (of course) and one of the questions asked is if Johnny is going to admit he knocked off Maggie Gyllenhaal's Golden Globes gown. Here's a sneak peek:

Tune in tonight to see who wins! We'll give you all the hair tips and fashion advice from the runway afterwards!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fashion Obsession: Pour La Victoire Shoes

My obsession with footwear is well-documented. I don't have as many pairs as Carrie Bradshaw or Imelda Marcos but I'm up there with a healthy number (which I won't disclose right this minute). My new footwear favorite is Pour La Victoire and I have some picks for your own personal footwear obsession.

Let's start with my next purchase, these Pewter Cracked Leather 'Erica' sandals ($150). Metallics are a great neutral so style them with a sundress, denim or evening shorts, then hang onto them for fall and pair them with tights.

My pick for Fall, this pair of Alexis Peep Toe Flats ($195) are going to be HUGE, trust me. The peep toe makes them great transitional shoes and the zippered rosette on the toe? Want them. Need them. Gonna get them.

Want to really shut it down? Get this pair of their Gold Spike Stud Heels ($295) and wear them anywhere you damn well please. These shoes are a statement making work of art, ladies.

Pour La Victoire shoes are available and multiple retailers. Head to their website for the retail location nearest you or check out the links above. In any case, grab these shoes and watch everyone try to shut their jaws as you strut past. These are fabulous shoes!

Beauty News: Estee Lauder to Launch Sensuous Gold Collection

This just in, FSB readers: this month, Estée Lauder will introduce the limited edition Sensuous Gold, a feminine, luxurious and decidedly glam new color collection for fall 2009. Want a sneak peek? Who are we kidding? Of COURSE you do!

5-Tone Shimmer Powder for Eyes, Cheeks, Face in Pink Shimmer ($36)

Signature Eyeshadow Quad in Rose Gold ($35)
Signature Lipstick in Cinnamon ($19.50)
Signature Lipstick in Plum Terracotta ($19.50)
Pure Color Multi-Shimmer Gloss in Rose Gold ($18)
Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Rose Gold ($18)

Signature Eyeshadow Quad in Rose Amethyst ($35)
Signature Lipstick in Rose Amethyst ($19.50)
Signature Lipstick in Plum Amethyst ($19.50)
Pure Color Multi-Shimmer Gloss in Rose Amethyst ($18)
Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Black Amethyst ($18)

All of these products will be available at your local Estee Lauder counter in September 2009 so plan your fall makeup shopping accordingly. Looks like it's time to go a little glam for fall!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Daily Style Icon: Tina Turner

This week's FSB style icons are the fabulous women of rock whose individual style has influenced not only music but fashion as well. Today's style icon is Tina Turner.

Born Anna Mae Bullock in Nutbush, Tennesse, Tina Turner went on to leave a notoriously abusive marriage and resulting career pitfall to solidify her space as one of the world's greatest entertainers and the title of the Queen of Rock and Roll. Named "one of the greatest singers of all time" by Rolling Stone, Tina has sold nearly 200 million copies worldwide and she has reportedly sold more concert tickets than any other solo music performer in history. With vocals and a stage presence that are just as awe-inspiring as her legendary legs, Tina is arguably a force of nature and a great icon of beauty and style.

My first personal experience with Tina Turner was seeing her on the "Private Dancer" tour in the mid-80's with my mother. She put on a three-hour show and had to be dragged offstage, kicking her five-inch stilettos behind her. It's still my goal in life to someday look that hot in a pair of high heels and a leather skirt. Tina, if you're out there reading this, I'm still working on it, mama.

The only way you can pay homage to Tina Turner is with leather and high heels, like in her "What's Love Got to Do With It" video. I'm updating the look slightly with this Alice + Olivia
Drapey Overlay Dress with Leather Paillettes
($367) paired with this fabulous Paper Denim & Cloth Worn and Torn Distressed Denim Jacket ($105). Of course, with Tina only the best stilettos will do so I'm adding my wish list pumps, these Christian Louboutin Feticha Pumps ($695).

Thank you, Tina, for reminding us that living life on top of your game and respecting yourself is the ultimate in sex appeal. Please enjoy our Style Icon singing her hit, "Proud Mary" live in concert.

Beauty Must Have: Sunscreen That Moisturizes Your Skin? Yes!

I love the beach and hanging out in the park during the summer, so I honestly wear a LOT of sunscreen. Whenever someone gives me sunscreen to test, I usually have the same complaint: my skin either feels really rough or it just melts/sweats/swims/runs off. I am also notoriously picky about what I put on my skin so rarely have I ever been satisfied. This weekend, I found my new favorite sunscreen: I present my tested and loved new summer beauty obsession: H2O+ sunscreen products.

First of all, it goes on smoothly and smells ah-MAZ-ing. Second, it stayed put, and third (and awe-inspiring) was that my skin was actually softer after using it! It protects you from the sun AND conditions your skin, which are the factors that put these products in the FSB "Must Have"category. I used the H2O Plus SPF 45 Body Sunscreen ($25) and the H2O Plus SPF 30 Face Sunscreen ($30), then followed it up with the amazing H2O Plus Sun Body Serum ($25) to hydrate and soothe my skin after sun exposure.

If you must be in the sun, use the best sun protection you can afford. I whole-heartedly support any sunscreen that not only protects your skin but hydrates and soothes it as well. Head to H2O Plus and get these products post-haste so you can make the most of what's left of your summer!

Beauty Steals: Love LORAC Cosmetics? How About a VIP Sale?

Can I just say that all of my favorite cosmetics lines are having sales? This is truly my idea of Christmas in July!

LORAC, the amazing makeup brand created by legendary makeup artist Carol Shaw (a favorite of Meg Ryan, Demi Moore and countless other drool-worthy celebrity beauties) is having a serious Last Call VIP discount sale and you, my lovely FSB readers, are hearing about it right this minute!

What's on sale? Oh, just about any and everything you need to complete your summer beauty routine as well as some of Carol's personal favorites, like Glam Rocks Loose Metallic Eye Shadows (originally $16 – now $8) and Cheek Stamps (originally $22 – now $11). As a lipstick junkie, I have to tell you that her amazing Cream Lipstick in Ruby (a fabulous and very flattering red) is on sale for $4.99!

My bank balance (and yours) approves of this sale, so head to the LORAC website and get to shopping right this minute! This is a do-not-miss beauty sale, FSB readers!

Daily Style Icon: Debbie Harry

This week's FSB style icons are the fabulous women of rock whose individual style has influenced not only music but fashion as well. Today's style icon is Debbie Harry.

Best known as the lead singer of the New Wave-era sensation, Blondie, this former Playboy bunny with the two-tone blonde hair was known as much for her cool sex appeal and streetwise style as she was for her musical ability. Blondie was a smash success in the late 70's and early 80's and many a teenager tried to copy Harry's mix of vintage glam and street-smart punk rock.

Ever the non-conformist, she entered the Guinness Book of World Records when the reunited Blondie singer became the "Oldest Female Singer to Reach No. 1 in the UK Chart" when the reunited band's song "Maria" hit #1 in the UK on February 13, 1999. She was 53 years old then and is still kicking the asses of rockers a quarter of her age today.

We salute the original Bad Girl of New Wave with a look from the eponymous Blondie album, "Parallel Lines." This Jones New York "Let's Elope" Linen Dress ($104).99 is a perfectly pretty update on the look. You can't forget to pair it with the ultimate 80's accessory, though: these black Ray-Ban Wayfarers ($145) are key to the look.

Thanks to Debbie for proving we can all throw as much attitude as we want and still be pretty in punk. Please do enjoy one of Blondie's most successful singles: "One Way Or Another."

Beauty Steals: Get Ready for the Largest Estee Lauder Sampling EVER - FREE product!

If you're like me, you love a good night serum. Anything that works while I sleep is okay in my book. Well, get thee to an Estee Lauder counter this Thursday for the largest sampling program in the beauty label's history!

This Thursday, July 23rd, from 5:00pm – 9:00pm (all local times), Estée Lauder Beauty Advisors will be distributing 250,000 10-day samples of NEW Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex. Yes, FSB readers: that means this is available at EVERY and ALL Estée Lauder department and specialty store counters nationwide! The offer is one per customer while supplies last.

Need more information? Head to the website for additional information. I expect to hear stories of mass mall escapades on Friday morning. This is worth it!

Monday, July 20, 2009

This Week's Giveaway: Win Fabulous Summer Haircare from Redken and Remington

What's everyone's major complaint during the summer? If you voted your hair simply going berserk, ding-ding! You just hit on everyone's major hot weather hot button. OK, so let me make this easier on you.

Remember I was telling you about the AH-MAZ-ING Remington Wet 2 Straight Flat Iron? You saw the pictures, you see that it works. Ok, so for this week's giveaway, I am giving away not only a FREE Remington Wet 2 Dry Flat Iron, but I am also giving away the ultimate accompanyment: Redken Extreme Iron Repair. This thermal conditioner is the superb compliment to the steam flat iron because not only does it protect your hair from heat, but it uses the heat to act as a deep conditioner, fortifying and repairing your hair. Bet you never thought a flat iron could be helpful to the condition of your hair, eh? Trust me: it's all that and a bag of Prada.

How do you win? It's really simple: follow me on Twitter (I'm @fashionstbeauty) and leave me a comment below telling me that you're following me (be prepared to give your Twitter handle for verification). Already following me? Look for the Tweet promoting this giveaway and retweet it for entry.

Giveaway is valid for US only and no P.O. Boxes. Ready, set, Tweet! Good luck!

The Winners of the TRESemme 24-Hour Body Collection are...

....Amanda K., Brenda and Kimberly! These ladies won the WHOLE TRESemme 24-Hour body collection. Amanda, I have your contact information but Brenda and Kimberly, pls email me because I need your addresses! I will be sending your prizes out later this week because I will need some help getting this to the UPS store. The shampoo and conditioners are salon sizes so they are HEAVY!

This week's contest is coming up. Keep it tuned to Fashion.Style.Beauty for more fabulous coverage and delicious prizes!

Beauty Shopping: Sabon NYC Gift With Purchase

Remember I was telling you of my love for Sabon NYC's amazing bath products. Well, for those of you summer travelers who want to take your bath luxuries with you (who doesn't?), Sabon has a little gift for you: once your order totals $50, you get this FREE deluxe travel set (a Loofah Soap Lychee and an Exfoliating Towel). Don't delay! Shop now! After all, life is too short. Travel well.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Daily Style Icon: Iman

For this week on Fashion.Style.Beauty, I wanted to pay homage to style icons that had a direct impact on me as a woman of color. We end the week with today's icon: Iman.

Iman is one of the greatest supermodels of color of all time. First recruited as a model by American photographer Peter Beard in 1975, she relocated to the United States and landed her first modeling assignment for American Vogue in 1976. My favorite story about Iman is when she auditioned for the late great American designer, Halston. When presented to him in his showroom, he said, "Darling, can you walk?" Insulted, she replied, "Of course I can walk! How the Hell do you think I got here?!?"

She was beloved by late fashion great Yves Saint-Laurent, who reportedly said, "My dream woman is Iman." She moved on to appear in movies, television and in 2007 started her own cosmetics collection for women of color, I-Iman. Following the long tradition of models marrying rock stars, she married another FSB Daily Style Icon, David Bowie, in 1992.

When I think of Iman, I always think of her in beautifully draped Halston-like creations. I'll probably pull out my own Iman moment the next time I have an evening activity with this A.B.S. Black Matte Jersey Halter Dress ($162). Jeweled strappy sandals, hair pulled back and long stiletto earrings should make the look complete.

When it comes to learning to love yourself and demanding that the industries that serve you must meet your needs, not that you must theirs, I think of Iman forging a path for women of color and get just a little more aggressive. Iman, thank you for always remaining an icon of strength, sheer glamour, intelligence, exceptional class and beauty.

60 Second Beauty Tip: A Perfect Face in Five Minutes with Five Products

Most of us are too busy to live so we tend to be a bit slapdash with the makeup when we're running from office to date or from playdate to dinner. As someone who is constantly on the go, I have perfected the "Five Minute Face." Here are my beauty essentials to take you from "meh" to "magnificent" in five minutes flat:

3o seconds: Spray your face with Dermalogica Antioxidant Hydramist ($37.50) (I keep a small spray bottle of it in my purse). A quick mist will soothe, hydrate and tone your skin and prepare your face for makeup.

1 minute: Benefit You Rebel Tinted Moisturizer ($30) gives amazing coverage without looking uneven or cakey. A small amount provides flawless coverage.

30 Seconds: Benefit's Eye Bright Pencil ($20)is my ultimate secret weapon. Two swipes inside the inner rim of your lower lid brightens your eyes, but sweep two football stripes under your eyes and gently blend for a fantastic under-eye concealer. If you have a prominent nose, a blended stripe down the center of your nose refracts light and somehow diminishes the look of your nose. This product is in my Hall of Fame.

1 minute: NARS The Multiple ($37) is the fastest face-enhancing tool known to man. Two swipes on your cheeks and eyes and a swipe across lips makes for eyeshadow, blush and lip gloss. Blend with fingers. Add a dab of cleap lip gloss or petroleum jelly over your lips and you're done.

2 minutes: Mascara is essential and right now I'm still obsessed with Maybelline The Collosal Volum' Express Mascara ($7.49). Huge effect, love the length and volume. Wiggle into lashes and pull up and out. Only repeat once if you need it and only use on upper lash line.

You're done, glam and ready for action in five minutes flat. You can thank me later. I love martinis. :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Are You Ready? Behind the Scenes of The Finale of "The Fashion Show"

Are you watching the finale of Bravo's The Fashion Show tonight? If not, I give you permission to turn off the computer right this minute and turn to Bravo right now (not really but if you must)! I have tons of backstage photos for you from the taping after the show airs but thought I would share a few before we all hunker down to watch the drama, intrigue and FASHION! The photos above are me with TRESemme guru Jeanie Syfu who manages the team that did all the amazing hair looks for this season. The model she's working on is Patricia, who is the showstopper model for Daniella.

Oh yes, this is me with one of my all-time style idols, Isaac Mizrahi. He was so fabulous and so nice to take a photo with me. We loooove Isaac.

This amazing jacket is part of Daniella's final collection. It's based on chain mail. Chainmail details with cold shoulder cutouts and skinny pants? Could you DIE? I almost did. The photo below is of the outfit coming down the runway.

Turn it on right this minute. Who will win? Honey, I don't even know that! Follow me on Twitter (I'm @fashionstbeauty) as I join my fellow bloggerati in watching and enjoying all of the fabulousness that is the finale of The Fashion Show!
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