Friday, April 30, 2010

On Vacation for the Weekend!

Hi all,

Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know that I'm taking the weekend to visit with my family (I'm surprising my grandmother for her birthday - shh!), so there won't be any coverage posted today or over the weekend. I'll return fresh and ready to rock on Monday morning with some FABULOUS items.

In the meantime, have a lovely weekend! Get out there and have some fun, flirt outrageously and hit some sample sales. Spring is here!

All the best,

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Obsession of the Day: Thymes Naia Foaming Bath

I am a bubble bath fanatic, so when I give a bath product the high praise of being the Obsession of the Day, you know that I am truly OBSESSED. This luxurious bath product from Thymes was given to me as a gift about a month ago and I've used it almost every day since.

The scent is really intoxicating: a mixture of water lilies and cyclamen with just a hint of citrus and lychee creates a scent that is rich without being overly floral (I would dare call it unisex). It also contains glycerin for ultra-soft skin and yerba mate extract to help revitalize your mind and body. It's like a little spa experience every day. I mean, who could turn that down?

Lushly fragrant, massive bubbles, skin-and-mind soothing properties? Yep. Now you know why I'm obsessed. Bath fanatics, this is a must-have.

Thymes Naia Foaming Bath ($20), available via their website

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cheap Thrill of the Day: Caress Whipped Souffle Body Wash

 Photo taken at launch event at Sweetiepie NYC

Sometimes you just want a little something in the bath that feels luxurious and sweet. Kind of like dessert. Well, hold onto your points, diet fans, because I've got a fabulous shower gel that will blow your mind with sweet goodness that won't impact your waistline in the slightest: Caress Whipped Souffle Body Wash.

Available in two delectable scents, Blackberry Cream or White Peach Cream, these washes turn your shower experience into a luxurious treat without being OVERLY sweet (think mousse rather than candy aroma). They're also chock full of goodness for your skin, including moisturizing and smoothing properties that nourish and hydrate. Add to that some serious foaming action and a thick, velvety texture and I'm madly in love. I mean, what woman wouldn't want the experience of dessert without having to count calories or pennies? I rest my case.

Plus, let's be real: at less than $7 a bottle, this is a treat you can totally afford. Get this totally yummy body wash in your favorite flavor and reward yourself properly. After all, when's the last time you treated yourself to something sweet?

Caress Whipped Souffle Body Wash ($6.49), available via your local drugstore or

FTC full disclosure: sample received for review

Contest Alert: Purple Lab Beauty Call Styling Contest

Hey, beauty fans! Purple Lab NYC's having another fabulous contest via ClosetCouture. It started yesterday (I'm a little behind) but it runs through this Saturday, May 1st. You have the chance to style outfits based on Purple Lab's fabulous beauty products and three outfits that best represent Purple Lab will win SWAG (aka "free stuff"), as in free beauty products!

What are you waiting for? Click this link and get going, you style and beauty maven, you!

Tune In TONIGHT: Robert Verdi's Spring Cleaning Tweet-Up

It's that time again! I'm heading back to Robert Verdi's Luxe Lab for the celebrity stylist/lifestyle guru's picks for spring cleaning! Home, health and wardrobe are just a couple of items on the agenda tonight so feel free to follow along via Twitter (I'm @fashionstbeauty, Robert is @robertverdi) AND/OR you can watch the whole thing streaming LIVE on UStream.

Feel free to tweet your own questions to me or Robert tonight using the hashtag #rvtips and we'll get them answered! We'll be sharing your comments and questions at designated times during the event (and I have to go on camera, so look for me to be wearing makeup and something cute this time - tired of these photos where I'm looking less than cute). Feel free to also follow along on Robert's site, where you can particpate via the #rvtips stream and join in the conversation!

So sit back, relax and get ready for some fun tips! I'll see you tonight for some spring cleaning tips! Tweet tweet!

Celebrity NYC: New York City Favorites From Stacey Bendet of Alice + Olivia

When you live in New York, you tend to get recommendations of what's new, hot and fabulous from your friend, coworkers, colleagues or from the magazines and blogs we rely upon regularly. I thought it might be fun to ask designers, stylists and other tastemakers where they hang out in NYC. You saw the interview a couple of weeks ago with Alice + Olivia designer, Stacey Bendet. Here, the designer gives us her picks on what to do, see, eat and experience in her New York City. Hey Stacey, what are your favorite places to:

Eat? Sushi, or vegan food from Blossom.

Have a cocktail? Kenmare (in Nolita) or random LES margarita spots.

Shop?  Online, vintage, DEAR on the LES

Do yoga/workout? Ashtanga yoga with Eddie Stern

Relax and unwind? My apartment!

Have a day of beauty? Omg, who has time?!? I get a facial from Eloise’s banana-covered palms.

Have a little peace and quiet? Malibu!

Party until dawn? Kenmare followed by Boom Boom Room at The Standard.

Spend time with your daughter? She is my buddy! I take her everywhere! We love to go to Sundaes and Cones for ice cream for a treat!

Get out there and check out some of Stacey's picks from the city! And, of course, keep it tuned here for more fabulous NYC picks from amazing talent from around the worlds of fashion, style and beauty!

Obsession of the Day: CC Skye LuLu Belt in Neon Pink

I'm kind of having a belt moment right now and I think you should, too. Here are my top five reasons why belts are so fun and fabulous:

1) They add instant punch to your existing wardrobe pieces without breaking the bank
2) You can transform something extremely basic (a sheath dress, a black T-shirt and jeans) into something impossibly chic with the addition of one accessory
3) They accentuate your waist and give you a waist if you don't have one
4) If you choose carefully, they never go out of style (keep embellishments to a minimum)
5) You can wear them multiple ways with countless separates and never repeat the same look twice (unless you want to, of course).

This gorgeous belt is just the thing to lighten up my rather dark NYC wardrobe (was checking the other day - too much grey - was I depressed or something?). I'm thinking of cinching it over a long white tunic top with a pencil skirt and colorful heels, or even a basic tee and a denim skirt. Either way, colorful belts like this gorgeous one from CC Skye are must-haves, especially when you're looking to transform your look without setting fire to your credit cards.

CC Skye LuLu Belt  in Neon Pink ($150), available at Couture Candy

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stylish Snacking: Starbucks Ice Cream Releases New Flavors for Summer and a Fab Recipe!

There are certain rites of spring that we all live for: trips to the park, blooms on the trees and (most important) weather warm enough to eat ice cream. I was recently invited to a fabulous event where I got a chance to try  new ice cream flavors from Starbucks Ice Cream before they hit the market and I'm here to tell you: these are must-haves for the season.

The three new flavors, Vanilla Bean Frappuccino, Signature Hot Chocolate and Strawberries & Crème Frappuccino, are based on popular flavors of beverages available at their many locations. Let me just tell you right now that based on personal experience that if you are fans of these beverages, these ice creams taste like the real thing. They use real vanilla beans, chocolate and strawberries in them (respectively) and honestly, the taste is not to be believed. As someone who doesn't really have a sweet tooth (I know, I know - don't start), these are flavors that I will be purchasing and keeping in my own home. They're THAT GOOD. 

At the launch event, we were treated to some amazing recipes using the ice cream from chef Kristina Vanni, culinary expert and author of Kristina The Budget Diva. Here's a mind-blowing dessert recipe for a Mixed Berry Sundae: melt butter in a skillet, then toast two slices of pound cake until golden brown. Toss in some mixed berries until everything is nice and warm and buttery. Plate your pound cake and add a scoop of the Strawberries & Crème Frappuccino, (or Vanilla Bean Frappuccino, for those of us who like vanilla). Top with the mixed berries and serve. Mind-blowing and for those of you looking to entertain, a total crowd pleaser!

The new flavors are available by the pint (Vanilla Bean Frappuccino® is also available as a single-serve cup.) Prices range from $3.89 - $4.39 (single-serve cups have a suggested retail price of $1.29 - $1.39) and are available NOW at your favorite grocery store. Check their website for more information and locations.

Because it's that time of the season and you know how that goes: I'm screaming, you're screaming, we're all screaming for ICE CREAM. Starbucks has heard our cries and delivered what's bound to the treat of the season. Bon appetit!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Style Icon: Pat Benatar

 Image: Rolling Stone

I had three major style influences as a child: female rockers, female soul singers and my mother. Exposed to rock and roll early on (thanks, Mom!), I developed what can only be described as a style crush on Pat Benatar. Tough as nails with her mezzo-soprano vocal range, she was kind of my rocker girl hero. I bought every album, CD, poster and magazine interview this rock dynamo put out there. Pat, a Julliard-trained singer, is one of the top-selling female artists of all-time and one of 80's top recipients of platinum records with two certified multiplatinum albums, five platinum albums, three gold albums and nineteen Top 40 singles to her credit. Let's face it: the chick can rock.

Pat's style evolved through the 70's and 80's, but her Parisian rocker look is still my favorite. Variations of this look are still seen in downtown clubs to this day. Reinterpret the look for now with a Forever 21 Striped Short-Sleeve Top ($12.80), True Religion "Billy" Leather Pants ($594) and instead of ankle boots, let's throw in these Rock and Republic "Lotus" Platform Pumps ($295). I'm sure Pat would approve. Thin gold hoops, a badass sooty eye and you're running with the shadows of the night.

In honor of this week's style icon, turn up your speakers (or put on the headphones) to rock out to 'You Better Run', one of my personal favorites and the inspiration for this tres cool look. Pat Benatar, thanks for showing all of us that we're truly as bad as we wanna be, that we're invincible.

Cheap Thrill of the Day: Biore Makeup Removing Towelettes

How many times have you fallen asleep in your makeup? I don't care what your excuse is (all-night bender, late work night, kids, too busy..with..someone), it's a bad practice and nothing makes you look and feel more "ew" than waking up covered in day-old foundation and bleeding eye makeup.

Here's a solution to keep you from looking like the Blair Witch tomorrow morning: keep makeup removing towelettes on top of your nightstand and a trash can right underneath. Walk in, throw the clothes on the floor, put on pajamas, grab a towelette and wipe your face. Trust me, if you're wearing a lot of makeup, it doesn't matter how out of it you are: you won't be able to resist wiping until you can't see anything else on the towelettes. Here, take two. Dispose of them in the trash can. Slather on a little night treatment and call it a day.

Best of all, a package of these super-effective makeup remover towelettes from Biore cost around $7. That's worth it not to have that shocking experience in the bathroom mirror tomorrow morning, right? Yep, thought that might be the case. Get the towelettes, ladies.

Biore Makeup Removing Towelettes ($6.49), available at Target

Beauty Directory: Get Mind-Blowing Skin and a Posh Mani-Pedi at Wei Lang Spa

I've recently made some changes in my life and after a stressful couple of weeks (moving, changing jobs, etc), my skin was in need of some serious TLC. That's when a sweet angel from heaven named Rebecca (a friend) made a recommendation for a little rejuvenation and happiness: the Wei Lang Spa.

Located right below Houston in New York's ultra-hip Soho shopping district, I ascended to the fifth floor and was buzzed into an immaculate day spa that one can only describe as impossibly chic. I was greeted warmly and then escorted back for a facial with Anne. After discussing what I do to my skin (not a lot), the condition of my skin (dry, I don't exfoliate as often as I should) and what I wanted to get out of the facial (hydration, soothing experience where I just needed someone to pet me like a cat for an hour), Anne got to work on what I can only describe as One of The Best Facials Of My Entire Life.

I almost feel badly for putting that in print but I'm not kidding: Anne is magic. I fell asleep during this facial. That's how gentle and soothing she is. A mixture of masques were applied including Cle de Peau (which I believe Wei Lang is the only salon licensed to administer the Cle de Peau facial in the US) and I emerged with skin that positively glowed from the inside out. Wei Lang also uses Sco, Colorscience and IS Clinical products. Only the best, people.

Next up was a mani-pedi. Now, this is an exclusive spa, folks. There aren't tons of other clients running around. There's one pedicure station, one manicure table. You are the only focus in the room at that time and it's pure heaven on a stick. My manicurist got to work, giving me a fantastic manicure and pedicure with Chanel colors that are just gorgeous (she has Peculiare, people - just saying). MAC, Zoya, Chanel - it's manicure magic. My mani-pedi and face looked so amazing that I actually had to book an emergency blowout to make sure that the whole package was worthy of my glowing hair and skin. I would have dressed better had I known my skin was going to look that good.

As an exclusive day spa here in Manhattan, Wei Lang offers a very concise menu of services: facials, makeup applications, nail services, waxing and massage are what's offered and the reason is very simple: whatever they do, they do it WELL. The prices are absolutely affordable, from $130 for a Wei Lang signature facial (what I received and I will be going back for more, no doubt) and between $25-55 for nail services. Click the link below for more information and a menu of services.

I try not to promise to return to a location but I will break that tradition: Wei Lang Spa has found a customer in me.

Wei Lang Spa
584 Broadway (between Houston and Prince), #506
New York, NY 10012
by appointment only

FTC disclosure: services received for review

Obsession of the Day: Botkier Brooklyn Snake Cross Body Hobo

I'm having a cross body bag moment right now. As someone who constantly runs around town, racing from one event to another, sometimes a shoulder bag can be a complete pain (especially as someone who has the smallest shoulders known to man). A cross body/messenger bag is a chic option for days when you're just too busy to keep hiking your purse up on your shoulder every time you dip down to pick something up. Busy moms, people who haul things, shoppers: I'm talking to you directly.

Rather than schlep a messenger bag that has a collegiate feel, I'm really passionate about this rocker chic snake-embossed cross body from Botkier, one of my favorite lines. The glazed texture is incredibly luxe and the features are very backstage pass: lacing details, metal grommets, bronze hardware. Inner pockets and storage are key features of these bags so in addition to looking edgy cool you'll also be completely organized.

It's time to go hands-free with attitude. I suggest adding a little sexy bite to your look with this gorgeous cross body.

Botkier Brooklyn Snake Cross Body Hobo ($395), available at shopbop

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cheap Thrill of the Day: Nair Shower Power Max Hair Remover

Warm weather is here and it's time to start taking things off. I mean, not literally (don't get crazy on me), but we all know that when the temperatures rise, the amount of clothing goes down. This means that more of you is exposed and, well, body hair is simply not an option.

My cheap thrill of the day is a hair remover that not only smells decent (lavender infusion actually makes it smell nice) but it's built to work in the shower. Simply pump (yep, it's a pump design, anti-slip magic for those of us who aren't coordinated) some of the product in your hand and smooth it on your dry legs before you get into the shower. Go ahead and wash your hair because the heat of the shower activates the product so that in a mere three minutes (no more than ten), you use the provided sponge to wipe it right off and it takes your hair with it. Genius, right?

Best of all? This product is a mere fraction of a wax appointment and is available via your local drugstore, Target or other super retailer.

Spring is, well, springing, so go ahead and grab some of this fabulous Nair product for your own shower. Because with spring flinging and date nights coming, you never know when you're going to need touchably smooth legs in a hurry, ladies. This is the ultimate "he's-coming-over-in-half-an-hour" product.

Nair Shower Power Max Hair Remover ($10.99), available at

Fashion Dilemma: What To Wear On A First Date

So, last night I had a first date. After the giddiness wore off after accepting the date, panic set in: what do I wear? Understanding that a first date outfit should show your own personal style yet be comfortable enough so you're not fidgeting, here were my considerations when picking out the look:
  • I rarely wear skirts. I have great legs, don't get me wrong, but I think I actually own two skirts. Most of my dresses are of the cocktail and gala event variety, so that's out.
  • I wanted to be comfortable but alluring. Sexy without looking slutty.
  • I hurt my foot in spinning class, so heels were an automatic out (for this date only)

What did I come up with? Here was my first date look:

Young, Fabulous and Broke "Kane" Top ($140) - the deep V-neck and back is really flattering and the open dolman sleeve is incredibly alluring. It's blousy and chic but extremely comfortable. We went someplace kind of casual so this was perfect. If you're going someplace a little more glam, a cute sequined top would be a better choice.

7 For All Mankind "Guinevere" Skinny Black Jean ($185) - this is the ultimate skinny jean with an ultra long leg that makes my legs look really thin and impossibly long. It balanced out the volume of the top and gave me the World's Best Butt, which I highly recommend as the ultimate confidence builder.

Deborah Grivas Designs Long Crystal Drop Earrings ($45) - Long earrings are your friend for three reasons: 1) they elongate your face and neckline; 2) they magically bring someone's gaze to your eyes; and 3) their movement is incredibly hypnotic. These earrings are alluring and you can't beat them for the price.

Amrita Singh "Alanna" Bangle Set ($100) - Bangles are hypnotic and draw attention to the wrist, which is an erogenous zone. Remember this, ladies.

Now for the shoes. Had I not wounded myself in spinning class (don't ask), I would have worn my Kors Michael Kors "Paris" Sandals ($295). However, I don't believe in excess pain (it's a personal preference), so I wore cute black ballerina flats. I advise heels as a general rule, but ballet flats will do in case of injury. This does NOT, however, give you an excuse not to get a mani/pedi prior to the date. Good grooming is an absolute necessity!

I kept makeup minimal, with a black cat eye, flushed cheeks and a nude lip. I don't believe in non-kissable lip products on dates.

I won't tell you too more about the date (a lady never kisses and tells) or who it was with (everyone deserves a little privacy), but suffice it to say that the outfit was effective. I'd recommend it, or something similar, for your next first date.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Designer Spotlight: An Interview with Rebecca Minkoff

Anyone who knows me is aware of my obsession with shoes and handbags. Nothing makes me salivate more quickly than a gorgeous, amazing handbag and one of my favorites is designer Rebecca Minkoff. Sewing since the age of 8 and designing clothing since the age of 18, this clothing and accessories designer got her start in the handbag arena when her friend, actress Jenna Elfman, asked her to design a handbag for her next movie. That, my friends, is how the 'Morning After’ bag was born and the rest, as they say, is fashion history.

Rebecca designs not only covet-worthy handbags but jewelry (I have three bracelets), clothing (to die for), and accessories (swoon). The designing dynamo can also count herself among Hollywood's favorite designers with well-known fans like Lauren Conrad, Hilary Duff, Bijou Phillips, Jessica Simpson, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Debra Messing. I recently had a chance to chat with Rebecca and here's what she had to say:

FSB: What do you think has brought your line such success?
Rebecca Minkoff: I think my line has been so successful because it provides consumers with high-quality contemporary bags at an affordable price point. I work to ensure all of the designs are both fashionable and functional.  I also make a point to listen to consumer feedback that I hear at events and read on blogs and try and incorporate some of their ideas.

FSB: Can you share your inspirations? What’s on your mood board? What inspires you to create?  
Rebecca: I get a lot of inspiration from vintage pieces.  I also love to travel throughout Europe for inspiration.  My fall 2010 collection theme is Paris Je t’aime and has Parisian influences. My mood board is a mix of vintage designs, beautiful photography, and sketches.

FSB: Can you share a little about the spring collection? Who is the Rebecca Minkoff woman this season? What are some of your personal picks from the line this season?
Rebecca: The spring collection is fun and playful. The Rebecca Minkoff woman has a distinct sense of style: she isn't flashy, but makes a statement with her clothing and accessories.  She's fun and confident.  Also, because my bags are great for day-to-night, they appeal to women who are always on the go! Some of my favorite bag collections this spring are the Easy Rider, Tie Dye, and Linear Studs.

FSB: What’s your favorite bag? Which one are you carrying right now?
Rebecca: I'm wearing my 3-Zip MAC in Black, a playful update on my best-selling Morning After Clutch. I love zippers as a decorative accent, and they're also great for organization! The size is perfect for both work and for dinner/drinks afterwards.

Rebecca's fabulous and amazing items are available at Searle, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, Henri Bendel and and over 200 boutiques across the US, France, Japan, Russia and Canada. Seriously, ladies: no wardrobe is complete with a Minkoff so check out her site, learn more, go shopping and get some Minkoff Magic for your wardrobe.

FSB On The Scene: The Finale Party For Project Runway and an Interview with Winner Seth Aaron!

Last night, Bluefly invited me and a select few individuals to attend a Project Runway finale party at the apartment (nay, two-floor mega-palace for us New Yorkers - you could land a plane in there) of the super-fabulous Laura Bennett (previous finalist of Project Runway/designer/now author/amazing mom).

If you're a Project Runway fan, this was a dream come true, as tons of former designers were present and available: Kevin, Jay, Malan, Epperson, Maya (the designer who left the show this season), even crowd favorite Anthony were all present to watch the finale show on a projection television with drinks and snacks. I even got a chance to meet one of my favorites, the fabulous and amazing Kara Janx.

And, I die, Kelly Cutrone and I wound up chatting about her book, life in general and all sorts of other things. Ladies and gentlemen, she could not have been more sweet. I now have a mad girl crush on Kelly. She's beyond fabulous.

But if you watched the show, you know that Seth Aaron Henderson won! People, this is the first time I've picked the winner from the very first show of the season and he was sitting right across from me with his entire family!

I jumped at the chance to interview the designer mere moments after he was announced the winner on national television. Here's what he had to say:

FSB: You won! As a huge fan of the show, I have to know: what was it like to get the end? Describe the gauntlet that is Project Runway.
Seth Aaron: Well, obviously, it was a blessing, number one. I didn't really consider it a huge labor. I mean, that's what I came to do. I'm pretty focused, I know who I am and I'm confident. I thought it was a lot of fun!

FSB: How would you describe your buyer? Who is the woman that wears your clothing?
Seth Aaron: Anyone who wants to f*^kng wants to tear it up. :) I mean, you have to remember that what you see on the show isn't necessarily real life. I design ready-to-wear. I have a line, but when you get on Project Runway, you almost have to just say to Hell with that. This is costume, something rich, something impressive. I mean, the only project I didn't bring it was the Heidi Klum challenge, where I tried to take it back a little and you saw how that worked out. It's about bringing up to a whole new level. I just went completely editorial all the time. When you go to Fashion Week, you don't show a collection. You show a show.

FSB: Nice! So what's next for you?
Seth Aaron:  Manufacturer, Los Angeles...I'm already working on reps for Los Angeles and New York. I've already got one here that's going to put (the line) all over Manhattan. It's now about finding a manufacturer that can do it. After that, Tokyo. I'll continue with the editorial runway show. I really love that. I've also got someone from London Fashion Week contacting me, so I'd like to do that next.

FSB: Awesome! So, one last question: what's it feel like to win Project Runway?
Seth Aaron: What do you think?!?

FSB: I think it would be pretty freakin' awesome!
Seth Aaron: It's pretty freakin' awesome!

Thanks to Bluefly, Laura Bennett, Project Runway and Attention! for such a fabulous evening! Congratulations to Seth Aaron Hamilton!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Obsession of the Day: Stella McCartney Faux Suede Scalloped Ryden Sandal

In honor of Earth Day and eco-chic fashion, style and beauty everywhere, I would be in the wrong not to call out one of the original fashion champions for cruelty-free fashion: Stella McCartney. This designing dynamo learned her love of animals and the earth from her famous parents and has since put it to good use, turning out cruelty-free fashion that looks as good as it feels to wear it. With celebrity fans such as Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Liv Tyler and Madonna (she made Madge's wedding dress for her wedding to Guy Ritchie years ago), this fashion maven turns out consistently gorgeous designs that are ethically sound and completely covet-worthy.

You know, like these gorgeous scalloped faux suede platform sandals. I love the design and the fact that wearing them will let me make a significant fashion impact while simultaneously reducing those weird pangs of guilt I get every once in a while about the leather goods collection in my closet.  I can't change what I've done but with designs like Stella's, I can make a fashionable step forward in my eco-chic efforts.

Stella McCartney Faux Suede Platform Scalloped Ryden Sandal ($1075), available via Stella

Beauty Directory Special Entry: A Sex and the City 2 Blow Out Party at Ted Gibson Salon

I interrupt this deluge of Earth Day coverage to inform you of a fabulous beauty party offering that's a don't miss.

We're all kind of crazed over the upcoming Sex and the City movie sequel, yes? I mean, I've only posted the trailer three times (but, really, who's counting?) and I've already got my shoes planned out. Well, someone else is pretty excited about the forthcoming cinematic release and he wants to celebrate with the ladies of NYC and DC. Oh yes, I'm talking about my friend and yours, Ted Gibson.

From May 14th through the 29th, Ted is offering the opportunity for you to book a SATC Salon Blow Out Party! This special discount is valid for a party of four or more and includes fabulous blowouts for premiere-worthy hair at 15% off for each guest of your party, a free glass of champagne, AND you can walk out with his miracle Ted Gibson Styling Sheets for just $10! Look, for a salon that charges the most expensive haircut around (it's $950 to get a haircut from Ted, people), this is quite a bargain and honestly, who wants to greet Carrie and the girls looking anything less than fabulous? 

When booking the party, make sure you mention “Sex and the City” to get this discount. It's a fun and fabulous way to get your girls together for a bit of beauty, some champagne and a girls night out. Salon information is below. I think I might book one of my own for the movie's release on May 27th. I might need a little red carpet hair to go with my movie ticket.

New York
184 Fifth Avenue - 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10010

5481 Wisconsin Avenue- Level 2
Chevy Chase, Maryland 20815

Earth Day Sample Sale Alert: Hautelook's Eco-Chic Fashion and Beauty Sales

We all know how much I love Hautelook, the online sample sale site that offer savvy shoppers the chance to purchase fabulous labels at 50-75% of retail (because Visa certainly does). In honor of Earth Day today, the sample sale site is featuring all eco-chic merchandise. Feast your eyes (and appetite for earth-friendly shopping) on today's sales:

  • Organicare: USDA-certified organic skincare from a company that’s 100% carbon neutral
  • Jonano: organic designer clothing for women
  • EcoSkin: contemporary designs for women made from environmentally-sustainable luxury fabrics
  • miYim: organic, inspired toys for kids
  • Sustainable Kids: organic children’s apparel and a free, post-paid donation box for a school in Haiti
  • SIGG and SIGG for Kids: the original reusable (and virtually-unbreakable) aluminum bottle
So, I mean, what are you waiting for? Membership is free so sign up now and commence to shopping for planet-friendly merchandise at a steal of a price! Reduce your carbon footprint AND your cost at the same time? Genius, people. Sale starts at 11 am EDT so get your fingers ready for some serious eco-chic shopping!

Eco-Chic Beauty: Kiehl's Limited-Edition Earth Day Celebrity Project Shot By David LaChappelle

I'm a lifelong fan of Kiehl's, so when I heard about their new eco-chic initiative, I felt I had to pass it along. In honor of Earth Day, Kiehl’s has announced a Limited Edition Label Art series for their 100% natural and ECOCERT-certified organic Açaí Damage-Protecting Toning Mist ($26), a product that refreshes and soothes skin all day with a high-concentration mixture of organic Açaí berry, aloe vera, lavender and rosemary essential oils. The labels have been designed by four "friends" of Kiehl's, actress Julianne Moore, artist Jeff Koons, surfer Malia Jones and rapper/musician/style mogul Pharrell Williams. 100% of Kiehl's net profits up to $200,000 will benefit the Rainforest Alliance, a charity dedicated to conserving biodiversity and ensuring sustainable livelihoods within that area.

What's even more cool than that? Celebrity photographer (and artistic genius) David LaChapelle has captured each celebrity in his own unique artistic style, lending lushly-saturated photography to the campaign. The fabulous product comes in four different labels designed by the celebrities and, well, it's a fabulous endeavor for a great cause. So go check out this fabulous facial product that gives good face as well as it gives back.
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