Friday, January 29, 2010

Obsession of the Day: Do-It-Yourself T-Shirt and Statement Necklace Action

Today’s obsession is a mixture of a favorite wardrobe item and some do-it-yourself magic. It involves my two favorite things in the world: big, comfy tees and glittering jewelry.

The first item is a huge, oversized V-neck tee. No need to go out and spend a mint on a T-shirt. Au contraire...get thee to a super store and grab yourself a bag of Hanes V-neck Tagless Shirts (5 for $11). Get them big for your size, whatever size you are. I mean, BIG, as in if-your-apartment-suddenly-caught-fire-it-could-double-as-a-parachute big.

Then I want you to rip one out of the bag and distress it within an inch of its life. Take some aggression out on that shirt. Drag it behind your bike, wear it to the gym to spinning for a week straight without washing it (gross, but it works), or the old stonewashing method, which is to basically fill it full of stones and throw it into the washing machine (careful with that one.) Pull it out of shape over a chair, do what you have to do until it’s nice and soft and aged. I’m also a fan of pulling the neckline out – as in, I put my foot in the neckline, place it on the floor and pull up until it practically rips. That creates a deep V-neck like nothing else. Cut off the hems, shred the bottom – whatever makes your heart sing. Congrats – you know have your own couture, custom-made t-shirt that only you own.

Throw it on and then add this Aqua Multi Chunky Crystal Necklace ($60). Now, here’s what makes this sleek instead of sloppy: everything else has to be form-fitting and I mean everything. Liquid leggings, skinny denim (no bootcut or wide leg, sorry), pencil skirt – whatever works but keep everything else skinny. Add a fitted leather jacket, shoe boots (or tall boots) and if you’re feeling jaunty, a black fedora. Add a clutch and head out for drinks with the girls. When they ask where the look came from, tell ‘em it was custom-made, then “forget” where you got it.

You sexy thang. Work it! Have a good weekend!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Beauty Must-Have: Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows

I don’t know about you, but I am beside myself waiting for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland to hit theatres. From the previews, it looks like Burton will put his incredible imagination behind the age-old tale in a way that would even surprise Lewis Carroll. I love whimsy and magic.

Speaking of whimsy and magic, we also know that I’m a fan of the genius beauty brand Urban Decay and when a little sample of the gorgeous Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows inspired by the forthcoming film arrived recently, I basically gasped with joy. Urban Decay’s done it again, with a pop-up detail that reveals the scene where Alice first walks through the mushroom forest, discarded “Drink Me” bottle cast aside as she’s stares on with wonder under the watchful eye of a hookah-smoking caterpillar. This is all in front of the mirror. Talk about presentation.

Open the secret drawer and you’re treated to no less than 16 of Urban Decay’s best-selling shadows with themed names like “White Rabbit” and “Jabberwocky.” Along with this treasure trove of shadows are small version of their Eyeshadow Primer Potion and two coordinating 24/7 Liner Pencils. If I was trying to figure out what to do for makeup during Fashion Week, this would be it.

This is a must for the beauty loving movie buff. Put your name on the wait list and be one of the first to get your hands on one today.

The Drop-A-Dress-Size Fitness Diaries: Core Fusion, Here We Come

Many of you are following along as my fellow online fashion and beauty writers do our best to adhere to our New Year's Resolution to get fit and smoking hot this year. I, being the overachiever in the group, decided to up the ante and try to lose a dress size before New York Fashion starts on 2/11/10. Well, you've seen us hit Physique 57 so it only makes sense that we try the ultimate total body class, Core Fusion.

Created by Fred DeVito and Elisabeth Halfpapp, the Mind Body Programming team behind the now legendary Exhale Spa, this is the class you want to take to get a Hollywood body in a safe way. Think long, lean muscles with a supple body and increased core strength and flexibility. The class is a mixture of ballet barre work, yoga, gyrotonics and active isolated stretching that uses low weight and high reps to break muscle down in a certain way so it reshapes itself as a longer, leaner fat-burning machine. Think Kim Cattrall and Julia Roberts bodies as examples.

At an invitation from Fred DeVito himself, Felicia Sullivan, Dina Fierro from eye4style, Anne Fritz from The Jet Set Girls and a few of our PR friends headed to the Soho studio in Manhattan to get our workout on. Co-creator Elisabeth was also on hand to correct form and remind me that if it felt easy at certain instances, I wasn't doing it correctly. One hour later, we emerged from the class way tougher than we were when we walked in. The video above is a recap of our experience mere minutes after the class was over. See how sweaty we are? We worked it, folks, no doubt about it. This class is tough but it's AMAZING.

Look, the bottom line is this: losing weight and getting (and staying) in shape is not easy. There's no magic bullet and no way around the hard work. If you want a workout that will give you an amazing body, then I would definitely encourage you to head to Exhale's website and check out a class at a location near you. Exhale's mind body programming and spa therapies are meant to focus on the whole body. Yoga, massage, nutrition - it's all there and the best in the industry are there to help you.

As for me and my money? I'm going back again on Saturday for yoga with my beloved instructor, Exhale's Sebastian White, and I'm definitely heading back for Core Fusion again on a regular basis. In the spirit of full disclosure I used to work for Exhale so I know how good this class is. It gave me the best body of my entire life and last night's class reminded me why. Phone a counselor because I'm officially re-addicted to this amazing class.

Hi, my name is Kristin and I'm a Core Fusion addict. (Hi, Kristin!)

Obsession of the Day: Christian Louboutin Madame Tall Mesh Boots

I know what you're thinking. A mesh boot? Really?

Yes and I'm calling it now: this will be everywhere at New York Fashion Week.

Ok, so hear me out. First of all, this is a spring style so the intent isn't necessarily to keep your feet warm but to give the sexy look of a boot and the peek-a-boo appeal of mesh all in one badass item of footwear. It's alluring and it causes you to look twice (and you did, didn't you?) Worn with skinny jeans for a slightly more demure (ha!) look or a sequined miniskirt and sleek top for evening, I'm a fan of this unexpected twist on a footwear favorite.

Besides, sometimes fashion doesn't have to make sense. It just has to rock and these boots are proof positive of that theory.

Christian Louboutin "Madame' Tall Boots, ($1,325) - available at Saks Fifth Avenue

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Another Obsession of the Day: Fallon Freedom Choker Necklace

I had to post a second obsession today because, well, I'm mad for this necklace. Gorgeous, twisted chains with a hint of sparkle, this is a buy-it-now-wear-it-forever piece.

And for those of you getting some on Valentine's Day (or trying to get some action, whatever works), a choker is a great date night trick: it gets your intended staring at your collarbones, which are erogenous zones. Wear with a strapless dress or a shirt with a wide neckline and watch them come callin'.

See? Hot fashion AND I'm concerned for your sex appeal. Who loves you? ;)

Fallon Freedom Choker Necklace ($198), available at

Beauty Event: Come to DEX Tomorrow Night for a Fashion.Style.Beauty Co-Sponsored Beauty Event!

What are you doing tomorrow night? No, really, what are you doing? Well, beauty addicts and fashion fans, you should make plans to come see ME tomorrow night as I make my debut as a beauty expert (kind of). I'm co-hosting a little wine and canapes beauty event at the fabulous DEX Studios here in Manhattan tomorrow night with the uber-amazing Felicia Walker-Benson of ThisThatBeauty. Come have a little chat with us about spring beauty trends, have some snacks and mingle with makeup artists and other beauty-loving divas.

Because wine, cheese and beauty talk is truly the ONLY WAY to spend a Thursday night. Come on out! I'd love to meet and chat with you!  RSVP to the email on the invite above and then plan to come to DEX tomorrow between 7-9!

Charitable Causes: Sigerson Morrison Hosts Shoes 4 Haiti

When I hear about good causes, I just have to tell you about them and honestly, the situation in Haiti is one of the best ones out there right now.

Through February 28th, if you bring in a gently-worn pair of shoes to your local Sigerson Morrison store (locations listed on the invitation), you'll receive 15% off their spring/summer collection and an extra 10% off sale merchandise.  All proceeds will be sent through Soles4Souls and the Haiti Relief Fund.

If you're as big of a Sigerson Morrison shoe fan as I am, you can't pass this up. Head over now and trade in some gently-worn shoes for people who truly need a break. It's really a fashionable thing to do.

Obsession of the Day: Suffer Dry, Itchy Hands No More with DERMADoctor Handy Manum

I have epic dry hands.

No, no, I mean like fisherman-level chapped, dry, crack-and-bleed dry hands. I have done everything minus walk around in lined moisturizing gloves to cure it and still I get ragged cuticles and horrible, painful splits. I have had dermatologists prescribe steroid creams for my skin because of my condition. After years of despair and disapproving looks from manicurists who have to do something to make my hands look presentable, a little bottle of magic time came into my possession called DERMAdoctor Handy Manum Medicated Skin Repair Serum ($27).

This is a hand cream (and really, skin serum) for those of us who have some SERIOUS dry skin issues. Complete with 1% hydrocortisone, a multi-acid complex and propylene glycol to create a barrier to the elements, this hand cream is especially designed for individuals suffering from atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, contact dermatitis, dyshidrotic eczema, cold weather, excessive water exposure and harsh cleanser use. Which, you know, basically describes a whole lot of us out here.

You can also use it to relieve temporary itching from minor skin irritations and rashes from eczema, psoriasis, and reactions to chemicals like, yes, cheap jewelry and soaps.

It's now the staple hand cream in my handbag and if you have epic dry hands, it's one for you, too. Anyone need some? A show of hands, please....?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Charitable Causes: Help Me Raise Money for Cancer with Cycle for Survival

I don't like to put too much of my personal business out here but this time I'll make an exception.

My grandmother has been diagnosed with cancer again and it's terminal. It's a heartbreaking situation for me and my family. This is the second time that this is happened and it will be the tenth relative I've lost to this disease. I know many others have had this experience and it's tearing me apart.

I'm the type of person who would like to feel that I'm doing something rather than sitting idly aside and watching things happen. So I signed up to raise money for the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center programs, money that will go to fund research to eradicate cancer in all its forms, especially rare and dangerous strains like pancreatic, which is what's about to take my dear grandmother from me.

This Sunday, January 31st, I'm participating in Cycle for Survival, which is basically an 8 hour Spinning class to raise money for cancer research. My shift is from 1-5 pm on that day and that basically means I'm going to ride for four hours to raise money for cancer research. I'd ride across the country if it meant doing something to save her life but this is the best I can do.

If you can find it in your heart to sponsor me, I promise to stay on that bike for the entire four hours and work as hard as I can to make that difference. Give a little or a lot, but your tax-deductible donation will go directly to Sloan-Kettering and fund much-needed research so that eventually we can make cancer a thing of the past.

If you can't give, then please send all your positive energy to me this Sunday as I ride for my grandmother and all of the amazing people I've lost to various forms of cancer. I can only do what I can do to help and I feel this is what I can do for now.

Thanks for reading this. Much health and love to all of you.

Sponsor Me!

Countdown to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: The Equinox Dress Size Challenge

They say that Christmas only comes once a year but for me it actually arrives three times. Obviously, it comes on December 25th but twice a year the tents come out and I start making my list and checking it twice. Those times are February and September and if you haven't guessed it already, it's New York Fashion Week.

While I'm coordinating show invitations, a contributing writing staff (all of whom you will meet soon) and the myriad of details that come with attending The Big Show, I made a decision right before the holidays that I wanted to add one more badge of honor to receiving my press pass (thanks, IMG!): I have to drop one dress size before Fashion Week.

I've already had people make comments regarding this personal challenge about the fashion industry and trying to get "model skinny" and I feel I should clarify that this is no different than someone wanting to look good for a wedding, a high school reunion or any other big event. Mine just happens to be Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. I'm doing it for myself. I'm basically down an Olsen twin from my maximum weight of 241 lbs and, honestly, it's just time to take off the rest of it. I have no illusions that I'll lose all the remaining weight in the next three weeks but having started a couple of weeks ago, I think one dress size is completely doable.

How am I doing it? Diet and exercise. There are no magic bullets and I knew I needed some help, which is why I went to the good people of Equinox Fitness and signed up for a membership.

You want to know why I shell out money for a premium fitness facility? In my opinion, I want to make sure that every time I work out, I'm going to look forward to it. When I walk into my gym, I'm automatically the Happiest Member on Earth. Amazing classes, instructors who are deeply focused on results as well as safety and form, state-of-the-art machines (including a pool that has a resistance lane that simulates open current water for triathlon training), and that's just the beginning. The Spa, the amazing instructors (Kristin McGee and Mardi Sykes teach at my facility - amazing) and personal trainers that are just as cute as they are effective (Taraji is the guy who will eventually show up in photos making me feel the burn).

So, I'll be documenting my experiences to drop this dress size by posting a diet and exercise diary daily and hopefully if you need a little bit of inspiration to get cute for an event you'll find it humorous and get some good ideas from it. Because this time when I walk into the Tents, I want to look as fierce as I feel. I want to have a total package look that says, "I'm the Editor of this fabulous site, people. Recognize."

Beauty News: Welcome to Lancome, Julia Roberts!

Photo Courtesy: WWD

 In case you hadn't heard, Lancome has made the A-list spokesperson "get" of a lifetime. Everyone was all abuzz last week when Julia Roberts attended a luncheon to welcome her as the new spokeswoman for the brand. Oh yes, people - the world's favorite pretty woman is about to be the face for one of the world's most prestigious beauty brands.

In attendance at the luncheon were Roberts' husband, Danny Moder, photographer Mario Testino (one of her favorites and the man who shot her for the ad campaign) French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld and hairstylist Serge Normant. Only the A-list for the A-list.

Look for ads starring Julia to come soon! We'll keep you posted as things develop with the fabulous Ms. Roberts and Lancome. First ad coming soon for their new Définicils Precious Cells mascara!

Fashion Insider: A Sneak Peek at the Hudson Jeans 2010 Collection

You've most likely seen the provocative ads with Georgia May Jagger wearing my goal weight jeans everywhere. Oh yes, the daughter of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall is wearing one of the FSB Obsession of the Day items everywhere I look in print: the fabulous Hudson Destroyed Skinny Jeans with British Flag Detail in Jagger Wash ($297). Le sigh. Le grumble. Le diet and exercise to get into them.

The folks at Hudson Jeans were kind enough to invite me to the market preview of their 2010 collection, so I hustled over to the Garment District to take a look at the hotness that will be clothing celebs and denim addicts everywhere this year. The result: four new capsule collections of pure denim fabulousness. Put on a hat, Jeans Junkies, because these upcoming styles are about to blow your mind:

The Minimalist: Amazing and gorgeous, these are jeans constructed from denim in its purest state and have a very raw, classic denim appeal (think the texture of original classic denim with no spandex or additives - gorgeous). Subtle stitching, they're for the denim purist and the avid collector/wearer (See: Exhibit A: Me).  Available in white, black and pure blue unwashed denim washes, they're something to behold and will be available in Feburary.

Resurrection: Honestly, these are genius and the epitome of "reduce, reuse, recycle" in theory and in practice. Each pair is constructed entirely from recycled denim from the Hudson archives. This means that no two pairs are alike and they are something to behold. The price point on these masterpieces is a tad higher per the handcrafted quality but honestly, if you take your denim collection seriously, you must have a pair. No, no, I insist. Save up and mark your calendars because they're coming in April.

D.I.Y.: Let say you had a denim wish list. What would you ask for when it came to your perfect pair of jeans? Well, rather than playing Mad Scientist with your designer denim, let the good people at Hudson read your mind and give you denim that answers every jeans dreamer's fondest fantasies. Think exposed zippers and cut-off, raw-edged waists. Oh, how will you ever go to work on Monday after unleashing your inner rock star in these babies? Think up a good story now because they're coming at you in April as well.

Subversion: Utterly some of the coolest denim anywhere, this capsule collection is entirely military-inspired with offerings such as the cargo pocket jean. The styles will be available in military green and jet black so get ready to command attention in, yep, you guessed it - April.

Something else that's coming that will have you swooning is an entire collection of supersoft, highly versatile, tissue-weight tees. Oh yes, they went there and once you get your hands on a few of them, you'll never come back.

Sexy, highly covetable and swoon-worthy, mark your calendars to get your hands on Hudson denim, coming to a fabulous retailer near you in 2010.

Reader Question: Chic Leisure Dressing for the Carpool Mom Set

Every once in a while, I get questions or inquiries from readers. This one I thought was kind of cool and different (at least for me):

Reader Question:
"I thought of a "topic" for you that I know at least a few of your regular (ie: me) readers might relate has been observed that many mommies are covering for not being dressed appropriately while dropping off kids (or picking up) by wearing workout wear and a ponytail or hat. The fashion rule I've always heard is wear clothing appropriate for the occasion, so since it's happening, what is "up" in the fashion of athletic leisurewear and what can I - I mean, those mommies - get away with in the carpool path." - Cat, Charlotte, NC

First of all, let me just say that I commend the fact that any mother can manage to stay bathed and clothed while trying to wrangle small children on a daily basis. Motherhood is one of the hardest things any woman will ever do and the last thing you want to do when attempting to juggle children, schedules, meals, running a household and being a loving wife is have to worry about what you look like.

I also know what you're doing there, ladies, because we all do it. Not only are you basically too busy to live but fluffy clothes become protective armor that accomplishes two things: it hides your perceived imperfections and keeps people from looking at you. Whatever you think is horrible is really not as bad as you think it is and there are adorable ways to camouflage anything you think might not be so cute. Want some options that will make that bitchy PTA chick who'd asked if you'd "let yourself go" eat her manicure with envy? Here are some simple, fun and cost-effective options that are machine washable, fast and hot.

If you want an oversized T-shirt, then by all means go with one that flatters your shape. Some of the best ones out there come from Splendid, like this sleek Oversized Cotton Jersey T-Shirt ($55), which can be thrown on over leggings or jeans with some boots or ballet flats AND can be worn on or off the shoulder.

If you need to run around and you can't give up the sweatpant comfort level, I recommend leggings but with two conditions: they should hit your ankles and no patterns of any kind (ease into the fashion waters, don't jump). Think black, navy, charcoal grey, wine and hunter green. Uniqlo and Hue make some of the best out there.

Your other best friend? Cotton dresses. A jersey dress slips right over your head, is as comfortable as any well-worn cotton shirt (and cuter) and can make even the most frazzled woman dinner date ready in under 15 minutes. Collect many of them and rotate them as necessary. This pretty Jersey Knit Surplice Dress ($49.99) is a fabulous option with simple jewelry and could take you to date night in a flash. If you need something less dressy, try this Old Navy Raw-Hem Jersey Dress ($15.00). Layer these over tights and add a long cardigan now, wear them on their own in warm weather.

If you absolutely MUST arrive wearing some leisure item because there's a mind-blowing yoga class you can't miss before picking your kids up from soccer/music/school/dance/Space Camp, then there's only one label I deem acceptable: Young, Fabulous and Broke. Their uber-chic Zen Pants ($118) hide a multitude of sins, are impossibly stylish and are the only yoga gear that's street chic AND motion-ready. If you want a Eurochic take on this leisurely item, add a fitted tank, sleek athletic shoes and a cropped leather jacket.

Other options? Boyfriend jeans, straight or bootcut dark denim with a sleek tee and leather jacket, sweater dresses with tights and boots, wrap cardigans over a long tank and military-inspired pants: there are multiple options to make sure you're ready to make your public appearance. Just remember to always keep lip gloss and oversized sunglasses in the car. No one ever said you'd have time to do a full face of makeup. :)

Obsession of the Day: New York and Company ComfortZone Long Rib Tank

I'm all about cheap thrills that deliver the most bang for their buck and this long, lean tank from New York and Company delivers like Domino's. As a tall woman with a long waist AND curves, finding tops that don't shoot up my waist like a dysfunctional window shade every time I move is like the Holy Grail of Fashion, and these extra-long tank tops are now at the top of my shopping list. They're supersoft, long enough to cover your backside when wearing leggings or skinny jeans and fit like a dream. Short, tall, curvy, lean - doesn't matter. You need these tank tops in your life.

Best of all? They're $19.95! Everyone must rush to NYand Co right this minute and get them in every color. Layer them now when it's cold and hang onto them for sleek warm weather dressing with upcoming cropped cargos and destroyed denim. They're highly addictive and effortlessly wearable.

New York and Company ComfortZone Long Rib Tank ($19.95), available in-store on online.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Beauty Sale Alert: Kerastase One-Day Exclusive Offer

They say membership has its privileges and sometimes reading these fun little blogs has its perks. Like this deal from Kerastase for lovers of all things beauty blogs (which thankfully, we are, hence the "beauty" in Fashion.Style.Beauty). Mark your calendars because this coming Monday, January 25th, wth the purchase of any daily hair masque, you'll receive a nighttime restorative treatment for HALF PRICE! Plus, FREE SHIPPING. Honey, in times like these with gas heat and tons of cold weather exposure, your hair needs all the help it can get, so take them up on this offer post-haste!

Obsession of the Day: Anna Sui Embellished Denim Dress

You knew I had to take you out with a bang on a Friday, didn't you?

Okay, so let's say you have this hot date or fabulous cocktail party. You want to make a style statement without going so far "over there" that people are talking more about the dress than the person wearing it. You need stunning, hot, sexy and memorable and that's when you turn to designers like Anna Sui and this smoking hot Embellished Denim Dress ($570). A dark blue denim shift dress with burnished bead, sequin and mesh trim and dazzling necklace detail, you don't even have to add jewelry. Talk about an instant style solution!

So, take this hot number out on your next date. Single? Step out in this dress and go get yourself one.

Anna Sui Embellished Denim Dress ($570), available at net-a-porter.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Man of Style: Sean John Fall/Winter '10 Collection

Let me just say it: I love Diddy. I'm not even going to lie here. Sean Combs is a genius when it comes to the combination of aesthetics and marketing and anyone who's been around fashion and style over the past decade knows the power of his brand. When I recently received photos of the Sean John F/W '10 collection, I had to show them to you. It's really rather fabulous.

The Sean John team has just prepared their F/W collection and showroom for market week with the design direction of “The Rivalry.” Think of class struggles among men for ages and you'll immediately get the concept: different levels of society waging war for power. A clever take on some well-known rivals, let's take a look at the design aesthetic around this sharply-designed collection, shall we?

Blue Bloods are described by the label as "the epitome of refinement and upper classicism. Trained and molded to become the 'elite.' Their focus lies on the purity of victory." Kind of hot, eh, Upper East Siders?

The Crimsons are said to be "the antithesis of what the Blue Bloods portray.  They stand for utilitarianism and purpose while adding their own unique touch.  The everlasting feud continues as battles are won and lost." 

Finally, Team Noir is the style that comes as a result of the conflict between the previous two. Said to be a fusion of clean-cut and rugged style, it's a dark, chic style that refuses to play by any of the previous rules. 

No matter what team you choose, the Sean John collection for F/W '10 should be on your shopping list for day and nighttime style. Ladies, if you're reading this for your guy, put this on your shopping list and add a little swagger to your man's closet with some Diddy duds. :)

Obsession of the Day: Converse by Chuck Taylor "Sparkle" Sneaker

I'm a firm believer that you can add style to even the most mundane activities. We all throw on comfy shoes to run errands but who says dropping off dry cleaning and running to the bank wouldn't be more fun with the addition of sleek, sparkly sneakers? Instead of throwing on white gym shoes next time, how about slipping into these dazzling Chucks? What would you wear them with? The options are endless. I like dark denim, an oversized T-shirt and a huge puffer jacket ('cause, you know, it's cold out there) but honestly, black skinny jeans, oversized yoga pants, cropped denim, cut-offs....the mind boggles with possibilities.

Because, really, isn't day-to-day life more fun with a dash of bling? I personally believe it is.

Converse Chuck Taylor® 'Sparkle' Sneaker, $59.95, available at Nordstrom

Runway Report: Rosa Cha Collection from Sao Paolo Fashion Week

Photo credit: Alexandre Schneider/UOL

Here's a quickie from the sunny shores of South America: Legendary Brazilian label Rosa Chá’ showed its Fall/Winter '10 collection at Sao Paolo Fashion Week, its first with designer Alexandre Herchcovich at the hem. With It Model Chanel Iman strutting the catwalk, Herchcovich didn't disappoint, mixing diving gear with sexy lingerie details for a collection that celebrated the Brazilian spirit of the brand with sexy, body-conscious styles.

Herchcovich's combination of beachwear and outwear takes the label on a new path without losing the spirit of the uber-sexy roots of the brand. The designer was recently quoted as saying, “This is a fundamental moment for us to be able to use the brand’s DNA in a larger number of pieces that go from fitness, spa, and the beach, to outwear.”

Judging from this stunning photo of Chanel, we'd say he's accomplished the task quite well. Now if only I were in Brazil to enjoy the beach in such stunning items, I'd say we could call this a win-win. :)

FSB on the Scene: M•A•C Pro-to-Pro Body Painting Networking Event at the Pro Store in NYC

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce FSB's new Contributing Beauty Editor, the fabulous Eileen Dautruche from the fabulous site, Miss Whoever You Are!  Eileen hit the scene for FSB last Friday night and here's her report from the fabulous M.A.C party:

Last Friday, Manhattan's boldest (and myself) stepped into the colorful world of M•A•C Cosmetics to witness the art of body painting done right. With bubbly in hand, I "oohed" and "ahhhed" my way around the M•A•C Pro store where 12 models stood in nothing but body paint (defintiely not a job for the meek!) This year's showcase was a typography theme.

Nothing short of amazing, each model was styled in such a way that the writing covered them head to toe. According to M•A•C Senior Makeup Artist Keri B (MAC_Keri_B on Twitter), it took several hours to perfect each model and many days of practice.

It was in this setting that one sees why M•A•C is the often preferred brand for makeup artists and consumers alike. Below are some more snaps of the evening's festivities (and my personal faves)...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Obsession of the Day: The Lacie Panty from Victoria's Secret

I have officially reached an age where I no longer have the patience to wear underwear that is uncomfortable. You know what I mean: itchy, too tight, too loose, too ragged underwear that makes you want to throw your fist to the sky in anger and rip them off right in the middle of the street. Life is too short, folks. Underwear that not only looks bad under clothing but is uncomfortable is absolutely unnecessary. Cut that out. Cleanse. Release. Throw that madness in the trash.

Originally given to me at a function, I've tested and will now vouch for the soft, versatile and oh-so-sexy The Lacie panty by Victoria's Secret ($16). Seamless under clothes, soft and yes, as far as I can tell it's true - one size really does fit all.  It's not tight, it doesn't roll and it's just generally good stuff. It's a panty that's so cute you might strut around in them at the gym without fear of the dreaded race to the shower because you forgot it's not cute to wear raggedy drawers in public. Date night, daytime, weekends, whatever - it's a good investment and I'm officially obsessed.

The Lacie by Victoria's Secret. $16 or current sale has them 3 for $30.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tune In Tonight on Twitter for Robert Verdi's Valentine's Day Tweet-Up

It's that time again! He's given his favorite things AND some fabulous Holiday gift ideas and tonight it's on like Donkey Kong: I'm going back for another Tweet-Up! This time Robert has partnered with The Accessories Council for Valentine's Day ideas. Oh yes, befuddled lovers and people who demand baubles from you at that Special Day in February: this one's just for you.  So be at a computer or a PDA and watch the magic unfold starting at 6:45 pm tonight where my fellow bloggers and I will be tweeting Robert's selections, photos from inside the event and chances for you to ask Robert questions and WIN SOME SWAG!

So, again, 6:45 PM EST, people. 'Cause there ain't no party like a Robert Verdi party 'cause a Robert Verdi party is FABULOUS!

Obsession of the Day: Carlos Falchi Metallic Snakeskin-Embossed Tote

First of all, in the spirit of full FTC disclosure, I received this bag during the holidays as one of the bloggers who attended Robert Verdi's Holiday Tweet-Up. So, yes, I have it and honestly, I don't just love this bag, I adore it.

What's not to love about a snakeskin-embossed medium shopper tote with a signature lining and sleek straps? Not to mention the classic signature Falchi staples: money clip, two pen holders, detachable pouch with the chic "FALCHI" logo? This bag is fabulous, it's roomy enough to hold all of my daily needs (NYC women are constantly living like nomads because once you leave home, whatever you forgot stays there until later at night). I adore its chic design and incredible functionality.

Looking for a fab new tote that will make your girlfriends green with envy? Get this shopper tote and I can practically guarantee you'll need some protection from all the jealous stares you'll get.

Carlos Falchi Metallic Snakeskin-Embossed Microfiber Medium Tote, $220

Beauty Shopping Event: The Smart Beauty Event at Bergdorf Goodman

Here's a fun little beauty quickie! Starting January 18th and running through Saturday, January 30th, spend $200 or more on the Beauty Level (read: Mecca for Beauty Lovers) at Bergdorf Goodman and receive a couture cosmetic bag filled with deluxe sized must-haves of the season. Please see image above. Yes, it's totally worth it so what are you waiting for? Head to my beloved Bergdorf Goodman and get thee some beauty booty with your fabulous purchase!

Beauty for a Cause: Tweet Up At Phyto Universe to Benefit the People of Haiti

What are you doing this Thursday? Well, whatever you were planning on doing minus a hot date with George Clooney (and since he has a girlfriend, I might go ahead and cancel it anyway), set the DVR and come to Phyto Universe  on 58th and Lexington Street for a tweet up with all the fabulousness a New York City Twitter event should have, including complimentary wines from Oriel, music by I Love Monsters and best of all: blowouts! Yes, for $20, teams from Ted Gibson Salon, Davide Torchio Salon, Mordechai Alvow, and John Griffith and Loft 26 will tame your hair into a 'do from a don't or a not even.

The most amazing thing about this fabulous Tweet up? Proceeds will go to Yele Haiti Earthquake Fund. Yele Haiti representative Nate Erickson will be on-hand to answer questions and take money for this more-than-worthy cause.

So come, get glam and tweet for a fabulous cause and, per your fabulous blowout, look good doing it!

Calling All Singletons! Head to The World's Largest Speed Dating Event Hosted By Purple Lab NYC

SO! There you are, sitting at home alone, thinking, "Man, wouldn't it be nice to have all the available single people in the area in one place like a giant shopping mall?" Well get off the couch and put on some fabulous lipstick and a cute outfit because you're coming out with me and my girls. No, not to a bar, per se. We're heading to the World's Largest Speed Dating event hosted by one of my faves, double duty beauty brand Purple Lab NYC.

On Friday, January 29th, join Purple Lab and Master Matchmaker® Steve Ward, CEO of Master Matchmakers®, and host of VH1’s “Tough Love”  for a world record-breaking speed dating event at the new super luxe W Hoboken (right across the water, people - so easy to get to!) to celebrate the launch of Luvah™. Want more details? Here we go:

- Pre-register for the event at You must be between 21-35 years of age.
- DUDES! There are many fabulous single women and more men should sign up. There's an OPEN BAR (did I mention Guinness is a sponsor?) and hundreds of single women. I would dare say the odds are pretty good, sport. Sign up!
- Any matches made that night will receive a round of complimentary cocktails from W Hoboken. You can return to the scene of the crime (er, meeting) for a date. Aw, that's cute.
- W Hoboken has commissioned Acura to provide a chauffeur service available for participants traveling within New Jersey and from NYC to and from the PATH station throughout the evening. Like I said, it's just across the water for us Manhattanites and I mean really, free transportation?
- I also mentioned OPEN BAR with cocktail sponsors like X-Rated Fusion Liqueur and Guiness.

As if finding Mr/Ms Right (or Mr/Ms Right Now, whatever makes you happy) weren't the end all be all, you get SWAG! It's ain't a party without it and participants are getting hooked up mad proper. Check out the list of goodies:

- Ladies get a free sample of Purple Lab's new fabulous 3D lip color called Luvah, which contains aphrodisiacs and aromatherapy.
- Skinnywater
- Dentyne Ice gum
- Personalized thongs from Blumegirl
- Swingle Scents, which are curated for your sexual preference
- Got2B hair products
- Schick Intuition razor

Last thing: it's for a good cause. $15 dollars is your fee for entry and a portion of the proceeds goes to Women In Need, an organization that provides housing and resources to homeless women and their families in New York City.

So get ready to stop sleeping single and seeing double by yourself and come get your drink on, your snack on and your groove on at this fabulous event. Come out and meet, mingle and be fabulous at the World's Largest Speed Dating event.

Just back off Mr B335. He's mine. (Kidding)

Monday, January 18, 2010

And the Winner of the Audio Chi Headphones is...

By a totally random pick by an outside party, BeautyChick101 has won the FABULOUS Audio Chi headphones of her choice!

Keep it tuned here to FSB for more amazing giveaways. Got another one coming up tomorrow and it's pretty freaking fabulous!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Obsession of the Day: Physhion Vixen Bag

You're thinking, a gym bag, Kristin? Yes, yes I am because I feel that style should be a way of life, not something you bring out on occasion. For the record, when you can combine form and function the way that Lisa Tave and her Physhion bags have, I'm all for it.

The name "Physhion" is the combination of "physical" and "fashion." And boy, is it ever.

Now, in the spirit of full disclosure, I already own this bag. I've had it since March of last year and anyone who knows me has seen it because it's the bag that I basically carry ALL THE TIME. The bag is Italian leather with a gorgeous finish and is effortlessly chic (it's been mistaken for exorbitantly priced designer bags all the time when I carry it.) Looking at it, you're thinking, what a stylish handbag, but what you don't know is that it's the James Bond of totes. Open it up and it's got enough compartments and components to carry just about anything you need to carry but it remains sleek no matter how much stuff you cram into it. For urbanites like me who use it as a gym bag, travel tote and weekend bag, it's the only way to go. Moms, this is the diaper bag for the fashionista mommy.

Each bag is lined in 100% waterproof fabric and comes with a wet/dry bag, a toiletry bag, shoe pockets, inside pockets for your electronics, a strap to hold your keys AND another inside zip pocket. There's also a signature logo tag that can hold a gym pass (or other small cards if you're out shopping). I can get ready from the gym and hit the street in style and when I open it, everything is organized and visible, not like the proverbial can of snakes situation that used to happen with my old bags.

As I step into my month-long challenge to lose a dress size before New York Fashion Week, you'd better believe you'll see me carrying this bag everywhere because it's sleek, chic and completely useful. How many athletic totes can say THAT?

Physhion Vixen Bag, $300 ($375 at Equinox). Available at Equinox locations and via

Epic and Fabulous Giveaway: Win A Pair of Audio Chi Headphones!

You all have heard me continually raving about my audiophile staple, the genius Audio Chi W-5 Headphones. Seriously, you will never hear music the same way again and you really won't want to do such a thing (and really, why would you want to do that?).  Well, so many of you have inquired about where to get said headphones, how much they cost, are they available in the US yet that I've not only tried to get them to move everything to the US for you but I've been afraid to leave my own pair around for fear that someone will jack them. Oh yes, they're just THAT GOOD.

The lovely folks across the pond at Audio Chi have declined my offer to set up their headquarters in my apartment but they have made me an offer I can't refuse: a giveaway of a FREE PAIR OF THEIR AMAZING HEADPHONES! Oh yes, exclusive to Fashion.Style.Beauty followers ONLY, I will select one winner this Monday, January 18th and they will receive the style of their choice, shipped directly to them all the way from the UK. Let me say that again: your choice of their amazing headphones shipped directly to your humble abode, where you will be the envy of all your friends. You will want to rediscover your entire music collection once you use them, I am so not kidding.

How do you enter this fabulous contest? First, this contest is open to followers of Fashion.Style.Beauty ONLY. You must leave me a comment below and tell me what album you will enjoy rediscovering with these amazing headphones (retail value is $115 US). I will select a winner at random this Monday and announce the name in a post. It's just that easy.

Good luck and enter to win NOW!
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