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Friday, June 18, 2010

Beauty Expert: Summer Nail Tips from Celebrity Manicurist, Tracylee Percival

I have to admit that I love to get my nails done and I'm pleased that I can call one of the industry's best, celebrity manicurist Tracylee Percival, among my personal Glam Squad. Tracylee is a formidable force in the manicure industry with a long and impressive resume: a recent stint with Damone Roberts, magazine cover clients like Olivia Wilde, Veronica Webb, and M.I.A (and the models on the cover of Harper's Bazaar above,) and private Manhattan elite clients like major magazine editors and fashion designers like Alice + Olivia’s Stacey Bendet. In between her jam-packed schedule, she also sneaks in expert MINX manicure workshops and teachings around the country and consults with hot up-and-coming brands like Ginger&Liz. Oh, and, well, she also does my nails. :)

I realized that you should be privy to the regular advice and tutelage I receive on a regular basis from this fabulous woman. Here are some hot summer tips from the Mistress of Manicures, my beloved Tracylee:

FSB: So, as a celebrity manicurist, can you tell us what colors you're loving for this season? What's hot for summer?
Tracylee Percival: I'm in love with blue/teal polishes for the summer, like Zoya Nail Lacquer in "Robyn" ($7.) It looks great on every skin tone and it just looks so fresh and clean. I'm also doing a lot of white polished gel nails, which I can't get enough of!

FSB: What are some of the common mistakes people make when they get manicures/pedicures done? Are there some things we should be sure to ask for/avoid?
Tracylee Percival: The biggest mistake that I see daily is that customers allow the nail technician to cut the live tissue at the base of the nail (cuticle area). Cutting into live skin tissue will not only result in uneven, thicker regrowth of the tissue (which will make you want to cut it again, a vicious cycle), but it can also lead to infection. The skin is there to protect the matrix of the nail and prevent bacteria from entering the body. So never have live tissue cut! Your nail technician should only be pushing back the cuticle attached to your nail plate, and gently, sparingly trim any dead tissue.

Another mistake I see is that people allow nail techs to cut the corners of their toe nails.  I've even seen some where they've cut into the side of the toenail, trying to make it look thinner! This will not only lead to ingrown toenails (which are very painful) but it's another action that can also lead to infection. Toenails should be cut or filed straight across, gently softening the corner edges. You should never have anyone cut into the sidewalls of the toenail EVER.

FSB: Do you have any tricks for a good home mani/pedi? Perhaps some tool recommendations to go along with it?
Tracylee Percival: Use an orange wood stick to clean up nail polish along cuticle. You can also keep your  pedicure longer by purchasing a callous smoother/foot file and, here's the trick, only use it on slightly dry skin after a shower or bath (never wet, it's less effective) to keep callouses under control.

FSB: What about fall trends? Are you seeing anything from the runways that you're excited about for the upcoming season?
Tracylee Percival: I think the we will be seeing dark-colored nails this fall in deep burgundy/blood red, eggplant purples and black/white nails.  What I am most excited about this fall is we'll be seeing a lot of texture in nail finishes, whether it be the illusion made by layering techniques or from using textured materials being applied to the nails. Exciting stuff!

FSB: You work on plenty of celebrities. Any fun stories? C'mon, you can tell us. :)
Tracylee Percival: My job is full of fun stories! As someone that is in an industry built on trust,  mum's the word when it comes to all my clients confidentiality :)  Sorry.

I tried, folks, but then again, I wouldn't want her spilling all the girl talk I spew when she's doing my nails! Hope these nail tips help you look your most fabulous and gorgeous best this summer. Remember her advice about what not to do! It might save you a lot of pain and an infection!

Friday Giveaway: Win a FREE Physicians Formula Bronze Booster

I don't like to think of my readers out there looking anything less than fabulous, so here's what we'll do: I'm going to give away THREE Physicians Formula Bronze Boosters on Monday. Let's have some fun with this one: leave me a comment below and tell me your favorite summer memory. It could be summer camp when you were a kid or a fling you had last summer. I'll pick three replies and send out three bronzers next Monday!

Good luck!

NYC Deal: $20 for Five Yoga Classes at Sankalpah, Courtesy of The Luxury Spot

Since we all know I'm a yoga addict, you know if I see an amazing deal on classes or anything gear-related, I'm going to let you know about it. Well, my girls over at The Luxury Spot are running an amazing deal with one of my favorite studios, Sankalpah, here in NYC: $20 for five of their Quick Fix yoga classes. That's 75% of their normal $16 per class rate and you get FIVE of them.

For those not familiar with Quick Fix, it's an Open-level class condensed into 60 minutes that's designed to bring any student to their own personal best. The classes at Sankalpah are nourishing and intelligent (no mind-numbing sun salutation series or robotic commands) and they're intimate: only 25 students per class. Best of all, they're always offered around lunch or after work so it's easier to find time in your super busy schedule to take them.

Oh, and if you're thinking about trying yoga, I would offer a guess that you probably won't find a better introductory deal anywhere. If bodies like Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz won't convince you of yoga's benefits, I'm not sure what will.

Take advantage of the deal by simply heading to Then do your downward-facing dog until your heart is content.

Thanks for the tip, Luxury Spot ladies!

Beauty Must-Have: Physicians Formula Bronze Booster

It's summertime so you're going to need a little color and we all know the safest way to get a safe glow is with the right bronzer. A little gem appeared in my hand that I have to tell you about. Bronzer Beauties: meet natural/organic/mineral cosmetics giant Physicians Formula's new addition to their best-selling bronzers, the Bronze Booster.

Now, why is it called a "booster," you ask? This genius product contains light-reflecting bronzing micropearls that catch the light to give you a warm, glowing complexion (think "dewy" and "glowing" rather than merely "tan.") It's also formulated with a custom blend of vitamins, moisturizers and antioxidants that not only give you a natural-looking tanned glow, but it'll help improve the clarity and radiance of your skin. As in, a tan that's actually good for you. You've got to love that.

The cool thing about this genius little product? The packaging! (I'm a sucker for innovative products in awesome packaging, what can I say?) The bronzer is encased in an ultra-chic compact that includes a luxurious brush that slides out from the top and locks for application, a mirror and a strap! Yes, a strap! Loop this thing around the strap ring of your handbag or beach tote and you'll never lose it again.

Physicians Formula is some of the best quality mineral/organic makeup you can buy at its price point, so head to your local Target now and get yourself a Bronze Booster. Actually, check back in a minute. I might just give you one.

Father's Day Fabulous: The Best Skincare and Grooming Kits for Dear Dad

We all know that men are sometimes a little suspect of skincare (the "girly man" moniker is hard to shake once your buddies find little boxes of moisturizer and masques on the bathroom counter.) However, when it comes to fabulous skin care and shaving kits, they make amazing gifts for men who wouldn't necessarily buy them for themselves. Looking for a fabulous Father's Day gift? Here are some suggestions:

Anthony Logistics For Men The Perfect Shave Kit ($50) - This shaving kit is fabulous for home and for the locker at the gym and comes equipped with a cleanser, pre-shave oil, shave cream and after-shave balm that when used together will help eliminate ingrown hairs, irritation and razor burn. Doesn't his skin deserve a break? Doesn't your CHEEK deserve a break? Help him get rid of rough shaved skin with this fabulous shaving kit.

Anthony Logistics For Men The Tool Kit ($18) - Any woman who's been subjected to an intimate moment ruined by a ragged fingernail can attest to the importance of well-groomed hands. This portable nail kit contains a stainless steel nail file, nail clipper, tweezer and grooming scissors, and comes in a brushed aluminum canister (you know, metal = masculine). It's also quite portable, so, you know, get this for him.

AHAVA Mineral Men’s Collection Gift Set ($47) - I've long been a convert of all things AHAVA and this skincare set is perfect to tame the unique needs of men's skin. Dad will look his absolute best with this set containing Mineral Shower Gel, Foam-Free Silk Shave Cream and Soothing After-Shave Moisturizer. The power of Dead Sea minerals and a proprietary blend of Gingko, Ginger and Ginseng extract will help him cleanse, nourish, and moisturize his gorgeous face. 

Molton Brown Father’s Day Gift Set ($58) - I've never met a man that isn't completely wild about Molton Brown products. This set of the company's most masculine scents brings a whole new experience to bathing for your favorite guy, with their two sizes of their cult favorite re-charge black pepper bodywash,a  re-charge black pepper body hydrator, and the new addition to the brand, buchu bodywash, which gives a cooling boost of energy in the shower. It's kind of a necessity (and feel free to borrow it.)

L’OrĂ©al Paris Men's Expert Hydra-Energetic Ice Cold Eye Roller ($10.99) - It doesn't matter if you're male or female, undereye bags are just not cute. Treat the man in your life to this breakthrough eye treatment applied with a soothing rollerball that glides gently over the puffed area to deliver instant relief. It's ok to have sleepless nights, you just don't have to LOOK like it. Great for Dads on the go, late-night working fathers or, let's all be honest here, fathers of newborns.

Naturopathica Clarifying Facial Wash ($28), Soothing Shave Cream ($26) and Daily Defense Moisturizer For Men ($58) - If you've got an eco-chic dad who's really into botanicals (and even if they aren't), Naturopathica is a great solution for skincare. The face wash contains a sulfate-free foaming cleaner with a refreshing blend of Cypress Oil, Aloe and Lime that will gently remove dirt and grime while maintaining his natural moisture. The shave cream contains Cypress Oil, which acts as an antiseptic to calm razor irritation, and Wild Oat Beta Glucan that lifts the hair shaft for an exceptionally close shave. The moisturizer contains a lightweight blend of Vitamins A, C and E combined with Oats and Aloe to nourish his skin. You'll thank me later.

Any of these fabulous skincare options will make dear Dad a happy camper. I mean, really, another tie? Let's break the mold this year and get him something he'll really love. :)

Obsession of the Day: Ray-Ban Classic Wayfarer and Original Aviator Sunglasses

I'm pretty adventurous when it comes to fashion and I'll try or wear just about anything at least once. But with this type of discovery comes the knowledge that when you find something that works for you, stick with it. I'm not saying that you should never change your look, your hair or your wardrobe, but there are some items that become classics for a reason. Which is why I'll be a Forever Fan of Ray-Ban Wayfarer and Aviator sunglasses.

Oh, don't get me wrong. I've cheated on the label more than a few times with some gorgeous eyewear that shall remain nameless. But for my money, there have never been two shapes that work as well with my face and make me look like a total rock star. Hollywood has popularized the shapes to the point where Tom Cruise should own stock in the company since he's made both these styles best-sellers (Wayfarers in Risky Business, Aviators in Top Gun). They look good on men and women, come in a variety of hues and silhouettes (when it comes to the Aviator, girls with round faces should rock a Sharpshooter style - makes your face look longer and leaner) and, let's face it, they look good on EVERYBODY.

Looking for a Father's Day gift, birthday gift or just a new pair of sunglasses for yourself this summer? Check out these gorgeous Ray-Ban styles. Because sometimes you just need to stick with what works.

Ray-Ban Original Aviators ($140) and Classic Wayfarers ($145), available at Saks Fifth Avenue and other fine retailers nationwide

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fashionable Father's Day: Robert Verdi's Picks for Dad

We all love hearing about the new and stylish discoveries of our favorite lifestyle guru and celebrity stylist, Robert Verdi. At a recent tweet-up, Robert gave his picks for fabulous Father's Day gifts. Not sure what to get dear old Dad? Read along for some really great picks:

For Inspired Dads (idealistic, engaging), he suggests John Bartlett's Tiny Tim T-Shirt. The fantastic tee is supersoft and features a silhouette of the designer's own beloved rescue dog with three legs of the same name. The shelter named him that because they found him on Christmas Eve. All together now: "Awwww!" The shirt comes in multiple hues and is not only cool but comfortable.

Modern Dads will appreciate iconic potter/interior design guru Jonathan Adler's new Pop Candles. The smells are derived from favorite organic smells like Tomato, Grapefruit and Watercress (and they smell DIVINE!) Best of all, when the candle is finished, the container can be used as a highball drinking glass. Get the Tomato candle, it really does smell like a tomato vine and is positively delicious to burn.

Classic Dads will appreciate Kenneth Cole Vintage Black, which has been described as "zesty lime and grapefruit combined with classic lavender and woods = a combination that is cool and vintage with a modern flair." It has a very power-suit-by-day/black-tie-by-night kind of scent that is just beyond.

Dads on the Go will appreciate the Vaseline MEN line of products, like their Cooling Hydration Body Lotion which will instantly cool his skin on contact (perfect for a shower after the gym or a hot day in the sun) and absorbs within 15 seconds. The entire line absorbs quickly, is non-greasy and a great way to care for his face and body. Check out the line at your local drugstore or superstore.

Professional Dads always appreciate a little time away from work and the family to unwind without anything fussy. If you're in NYC (or you're planning a trip here), send him to John Allen's, a men's grooming studio that offers skin, hair and nail care in an environment that is completely guy-friendly. The hardwood and leather environment offers quick and easy services, amazing products from John's own personal line, a billiard room and a full bar. The Full Service Experience takes just 15 minutes for shampoo, condition, haircut, manicure, shoeshine, and beverage! Yes, that's what Willis was talkin' 'bout.

Jet-Setting Dads will appreciate the luxurious Coach Transatlantic Travel Kit, a gorgeous dop kit made of premium, glove-tanned leather and of a generous size to hold all his toiletries. It's a way to keep him well-groomed in style.

Savvy Dads that appreciate sharply-pressed suits will appreciate a Rowenta First Class Travel Iron. He can keep it at his desk and steam his suit before a big meeting (or a tuxedo before a night on the envelope circuit.) It's compact, light, heats up quickly and won't spit water, all of which make it a perfect winner.

Stylish Dads will appreciate a pair of the brand-new BOSS Men's Modern Aviator sunglasses.  This stylish US-exclusive collection just hit stores this month and are not only very flattering to a multitude of face shapes, but they're prescription ready! Love it when a plan comes together!

Ladies go crazy for a sharp-dressed man, so make sure the Dapper Dad remains happy with a great suit at the right price. Classic JOE Joseph Abboud Suit Separates from JC Penney are a sleek suit with an American cut that will make him look and feel like a million bucks for the extremely affordable price of just $179.99. Yes, people, it's beyond great.

Fathers that are Young-At-Heart (and a little bit rock n' roll) will appreciate uber-cool Jan Leslie cufflinks. Artful, inspired and extremely well-made, they'll add just the right touch of style to your man's inner rock star aspirations.

Tasteful Dads appreciate high quality accessories, like this Cole Haan Seton Tuxedo Wallet in rich black calfskin leather. Four pockets and a currency sleeve will keep all of his essentials organized in a luxurious, slim design.

Sleek Dads appreciate quality design, so an architectural luxury like a Skagen Denmark men’s watch should be right up his alley. The signature slim mesh band whispers taste and the high-quality materials will ensure he'll have it for years. Oh, and the price point won't kill your wallet, either.

If you've got a Do-It-Yourself kind of Dad like mine, then the Stoner Solutions Invisible Glass Ultimate Glass Cleaning Kit is perfect. This all-in-one kit contains revolutionary products to clean the windows in Dad's car with minimal effort and dries quickly with a streak-free shine. It cuts through PERMANENT MARKER, people. I'll be shipping this one home.

Got a dad who fancies himself a bit of a gourmand? Well, then, brunch is now served with a jar of McClure’s Spicy Pickle Brine Bloody Mary Mixer.  Now, let's be clear here: it's not for wussies. This spicy mixture packs a kick of spice and brine from the McClure’s great grandmother Lala’s original pickle recipe. Just add his favorite vodka or gin and some garnish (pickes, olives, more horseradish for the daring) and serve it up. I've been told you can also cool a mean spicy shrimp and rice with it. Yum.

Handy Dads will appreciate the original Leatherman Skeletool (and actually, get one of these for yourself, ladies.) This all-in-one tool weighs in at a mere five ounces and contains all the tools he'll need to fix pretty much anything: a stainless-steel combo blade, pliers, bit driver, removable pocket clip, and a carabiner/bottle
opener. It's the MacGyver of pocket tools.

Lastly, Cool Dads aren't afraid to shave their heads and let their craniums become their crowning glory. Make it easy for him to groom his dome with the Headblade tool and accompanying products. He can just slip his finger through the ring and tighten that sexy bald look in a snap. Gotta love it!

Really, it doesn't matter what kind of Dad you have, just make sure to celebrate the fathers in your life this Sunday. Hope these product suggestions from Robert gave you some great ideas!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fashion Must-Do: Announcing the Alice + Olivia by Stacey Bendet Road Tour!

It goes without saying that I adore clothing label Alice + Olivia. Anyone who has a chance to experience the fun, frivolity and chicness of this label cannot argue that it embodies the spirit of its designer, the effervescent Stacey Bendet. Which is why I'm excited to tell you about the fact that YOU will get a chance to meet Stacey and the group because they're coming somewhere near (or directly toward) YOUR TOWN!

Stacey and her team are hopping into a 1970’s vintage Airstream motor home armed with a+o stylists and the hottest looks for Summer and Fall.The trunk show/make America beautiful effort comes complete with a team of photographers, stylists, DJs, and a+o friends who are going from town to town for makeovers, styling sessions, impromptu photo shoots, and local model searches. The team includes a+o in-house stylist Cleo, a documentary-style photographer named Diggy (who studied with Mary Ellen Mark and Annie Leibovitz), and downtown NYC improv actress Mollie.

While they're hopping from town to town visiting their favorite boutiques, they'll be stopping in small towns and participating in community projects at every stop. As in, extremely fabulous things like rebuilding the wardrobe of a Nashville girl who lost her belongings in the flood, making a high student’s prom dreams come true, giving a new mom a makeover, outfitting a bride for her upcoming honeymoon, and dressing a teen for her first date! Like I said, FUN!

Want to get in on the fun? Here you go!


Nashville, TN: Tuesday June 15 – Wednesday June 16th
Trunk show / Makeover Project / Event with The Cotton Mill - June 15                               
Vintage tour & Photo shoot – June 16

Orange Beach, AL: Thursday June 17th
Trunk show at Lucca / Makeover Project / Block Party at The Wharf to benefit Share the Beach

Miami, FL: June 18 - 19th
Trunk show with Scarlett to benefit Kristi House / Makeover project - June 18th
Trunk show at Ida & Harry and Fashion show event at LIV, Fontainebleau Hotel – June 19th

Nashville, TN: Monday June 21st- Tuesday June 22
Nashville Rising Concert – June 22nd

Atlanta, GA: Wednesday June 23rd
Styling Event & Trunk show with Neiman Marcus

Savannah, GA: Thursday June 24th
Trunk show with Bleu Belle / Makeover Project

Wilmington, NC: Friday June 25th
Trunk show / Fashion show with Monkees / Makeover Project

Charleston, SC: Saturday, June 26th – Sunday June 27th
Event with Caviar & Bananas to benefit Feed The Need

TBD, SC: Monday June 28th
Pop-up Shop and Photo shoot

Raleigh, SC: Tuesday June 29th - Wednesday June 30th
Trunk show / Event with Gena Chandler to Benefit National Students of AMF - June 29

Virginia Beach, VA: Thursday July 1st
Trunk show with Frances Kahn

Washington DC: Friday July 2nd                                                                                    
Saks Trunk show / Makeover Project

Atlantic City, NJ: Saturday July 3rd – Sunday July 4th          
 Pop-up shop on the Boardwalk, DJ Party

The Hamptons, NY: Saturday July 10th- Sunday July 11th                 
Pop-up Shop, Location TBD

Montauk, NY: Saturday July 17th
End of Tour Event at the Surf Lodge

*Please note dates are subject to change and additional dates and surprise stops will be announced

So, go check out the fun and get pampered and pretty much perfect with the Alice + Olivia team! All my Southern girls should get in on this immediately, and for those of you who are in the NY area, I'll hopefully see you at the July 17th event in Montauk!

Beauty Must-Haves: Tarte Cosmetics' New Summer 2010 Collection

 Summer is kind of a funny, double-edged sword when it comes to beauty: sun-kissed skin means you can back off the makeup a little bit, but heat and humidity means that whatever you're wearing has to withstand sweat, elements and hotter conditions. Luckily, one of my beauty go-to lines, tarte cosmetics, has created some fabulous products for the season that I thought you really needed to know about:

recreate ™ silicone-free primer with wrinkle rewind™ technology  ($32) - A fabulous primer to work underneath their already-fantastic natural anti-aging foundation foundation of the same name, it minimizes the appearance of your pores and is perfect for those with sensitive, oily and acne-prone skin. Oh, and did I mention that it's clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles? Studies show a 67% decrease in wrinkles, 47% increase in firmness, and  53% increase in skin's moisture content in just 15 minutes post-application. Yep, it's that good.

park ave princess matte waterproof bronzer
($29) - Another fabulous sister product of the label (this time to their best-selling mineral powder bronzer of the same name,) this matte version delivers the perfect amount of sun-kissed glow as well as doubling as an easy contouring powder. Infused with natural, skin-softening mineral pigments and nourishing ingredients like Vitamins A, C and E, this waterproof bronzer helps to improve your skin's texture and is also formulated for all-day wear.

emphasEYES™ waterproof clay shadow/liner pot ($22) - Infused with micronized Amazonian clay and a blend of plant waxes, these plush shadow/liners are fabulous for creating intense, long-lasting, high-definition eyes. The clay compound helps to create not only deeply-colored pigmentation but it reducess surface oil (which can cause products to slip) and improves the overall texture of the lined area. I love that it can be used with a liner brush for precise application or smudged across the lid with a finger for more of a rocker look. Bonus that it's waterproof. They're available in five shades: black, brown, bronze, plum, and indigo.

multiplEYE™ natural lash-enhancing waterproof mascara ($24) - As we all know, waterproof mascara is dearly important in summer months (raccoon eyes, anyone?) and Tarte has some of the best out there. They've created a waterproof, onyx-hued version of their beloved mascara that contains a soy-amino proprietary complex that helps stimulate lashes for a longer, thicker look.

lock and roll 12-hour eyeshadow ($17) - Per customer demand, the brand is relaunching their fabulous eyeshadows as a waterproof formula and with all new shades! Still with smudgeproof technology, you literally apply the cream shadow and then roll the loose mineral-based shadow over it for gorgeous eyes. Just in time for nights out with your summer fling! Check out the beautiful new shades of deep sapphire, burnt bronze, deep amethyst, moss and onyx.

rise and shine natural lip stain and lip-enhancing gloss ($21) - The perfect way to wake up your lips on a hot summer day, the stain imparts color while the lip-enhancing formula stimulates collagen and benzyl nicotinate, a natural ingredient, opens up capillaries for a plumping effect. The fruit complex invigorates and helps the natural moisture and health of your lips as well, so it's kind of an all-in-one lip treatment! They come in six gorgeous shades of  mauve, cherry, pink, nectar, nude and the juicy berrylicious.

What you have to love about tarte is what they leave out of their products to ensure the maximum health of their clients: products are free of chemicals and compounds such as parabens, pthalates, sodium laurel sulfate, synthetic dyes, and synthetic fragrances. For those who are so inclined, there's also a good selection of vegan-friendly products.

Check out tarte's summer 2010 collection now at Sephora,,, Henri Bendel, select boutiques nationwide and, of course, their own website. After all, in order to look sweet this summer, you're going to have to get yourself a little tarte.

Obsession of the Day: Ranjana Khan Crystal and Silk Flower Bib Necklace

Anyone that knows me is aware of my love for the 80's nighttime soap opera, Dynasty. And by love, I mean nothing short of obsession: I have seen every episode at least three times, I can recite lines, I bought a piece of the Nolan Miller wardrobe at auction, and I own any season available on DVD. The drama, big jewelry, giant hair, diamonds, lame, and the fact that Linda Evans' shoulder pads kept growing to what seemed like NFL regulation size kept me coming back for more every week.

My love for the now-defunct television show has influenced my love of jewelry my entire adult life: I like my jewelry to exude opulence, with gems that send light dancing around the room. Hence, my obsession with every single item of jewelry that has been created by the uber-talented Ranjana Khan. Wife of my beloved Naeem Khan (red carpet darling, designing guru extraordinare, the man who brought down the house at A/W '10 Fashion Week,) this designing dynamo creates statement-making jewelry that is meant to be SEEN, people. This confection of crystal and silk can add instant glamour to a basic t-shirt and jeans for girls night out or will turn your Little Black Dress into a showstopping look. Weddings, holiday parties, backyard barbecues- it wouldn't matter where you wore it, it would broadcast that everyone should bring their A-game that night because, well, you've obviously brought yours.

Ranjana Khan jewelry is for power girls, ladies who love to be seen. Like me. Now, run over there and fetch me another martini, darling. I've got some Dynasty to watch.

Ranjana Khan Crystal and Silk Flower Bib Necklace ( $1,100) - available at Saks Fifth Avenue

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Obsession of the Day: Foot Petals Triple Threat Pack

Let's face it: whenever a woman says a high heel is "super comfortable," she's kind of stretching the truth most of the time. I mean, the higher the heel, the more relative comfort gets in regards to, say, walking on broken glass. The shoe she's wearing all day is "super comfortable" compared to the pair of shoes that caused her to soak her feet in Epsom salts for two hours last Sunday morning while she begged for mercy from the footwear gods. We love killer heels but sometimes the torture we put our feet through is a pain worse than death.

Enter my new favorite Hollywood stylist secret obsession: the Foot Petals Triple Threat Pack. This package of adhesive cushions can be added to any fabulous pair of shoes or boots to keep shoe wounds to a minimum. The pack includes three of the brand's well-known products: Tip Toes (to protect the sensitive ball of your foot), Killer Kushionz (comfortable shoe sole inserts) and Heavenly Heelz (to absorb the shock at the heel area.) Any combination of these three items can reduce the threat of crying at the end of the night.

Got a fabulous evening planned or an event (wedding, anyone?) where you'll be standing in high heels for an extended time? I just saved your lives. You're welcome, America.

Foot Petals Triple Threat Pack ($24.95), available via Bare Necessities

Fashion Whimsy: Dive Into the Little Mermaid-Inspired Disney Couture Collection

I've had a bit of an obsession with Disney Couture for some time now. I don't know why but there's something kind of special and enchanting about adult-sized charms and jewelry based on one's childhood movie favorites. Disney fans and jewelry lovers alike must get in on the fabulous new collection. Just in time for summer, it's inspired by an all-time favorite: The Little Mermaid.

This new offering from Disney Couture offers a clever new take on ‘Under the Sea’ imagery, including treasure chests, shark jaws, coral, harpoons, sandcastles, and shells. Green fish scales, mother of pearl, gold - it's a treasure even Captain Hook would love (even though he's not part of THIS film.)

Characters from the film are represented in the whimsical collection, like Flounder and Ariel necklace and bracelet charms and a fantastic crystal-embellished tentacle ring pays homage to ultimate bad girl Ursula the Sea Witch. It's truly a great collection and a beautiful way to make a style statement this summer.

Made from genuine freshwater pearl, enamel, crystals, mother of pearl, gold plating and glass, the pieces range in price from $34-$160 and can be found in fine retailers everywhere and online starting mid-June (as in next week for those of us who like to plan our shopping expeditions.)

I might snag a few pieces for my wardrobe this summer (I love the braided cord charm bracelets). Maybe it's time to make a few Little Mermaid-inspired pieces part of your world.
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