Monday, May 31, 2010

Fashionable Movie List: My Favorite 80's Films for Wardrobe Inspiration

I can admit that when I get a free moment to breathe, I love to wrap up with a good stack of movies and a huge bowl of popcorn (olive oil, cracked black pepper and sea salt mixed with a touch of basil is awe-inspiring.) This Memorial Day weekend got me thinking about some of the films inspired my personal style from my formative years, the 1980's. The following list is a catalog of some of my favorites and they're in no particular order (but they're fabulous):

Xanadu (1980) - A fabulous post-Grease Olivia Newton-John vehicle, this bombed at the box office but I'll never forget begging my mother to get me an off-the-shoulder white dress, braided ribbon headband and ruched boot roller skates. I think I still have those skates somewhere. And I know all the words to all the songs. I stand by this.

Desperately Seeking Susan (1985) - I will never forget the moment my mother and her friend took my friend Patty and me to see this movie after picking us up from school. The minute Madonna appeared on screen, my entire life changed. I immediately became a thrift store addict from watching this movie and every crazy thing she wears is still perfection to this day. She wears men's underwear with a garter belt and hose and it looks positively runway ready. I live for Madonna.

The Lost Boys (1987) - I got suckered into seeing this movie one night by people who knew that I hated horror movies. Little did they realize what a favor they did for me. I became completely obsessed with vampire movies after this and I immediately had to get a leather jacket, a flowing white dress, a wrist full of bohemian bangles and a boy who looked like Jason Patric. I mean, the guy IS a great accessory and he was so cute in this movie.

Sixteen Candles (1984), The Breakfast Club (1985) and Pretty in Pink (1986) - Who DIDN'T want to be Molly Ringwald as a teenager? I even tried to dye my hair red! From her sweetly-layered tee and sweatshirt from Sixteen Candles to the sweet bomber jacket and those impossibly chic tall leather boots she rocked in Breakfast Club, I still love everything she pretty much ever did. Although, I have to admit that Judd Nelson's bad boy did inspire me to rock out a flannel and button-embellished denim jacket for years. Oh, and per PIP, I also designed and sewed my senior prom dress, which I still have. If you're a Facebook friend, you can see a picture of it.

St. Elmo's Fire (1985) - Another Brat Pack film. Let me make this clear: the character of Jules is one of my favorites of all time. I wanted every single item of clothing that Demi Moore wore in this movie and still do. This character might have been incredibly flawed, but she was one of the original fabulous fashionistas and I remain loyal to her fabulous wardrobe. Everyone else I know wanted Ally Sheedy's prim and stylish wardrobe.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982) - Checkered Vans and red bikinis were sold out everywhere and are still favorites to this day. I rest my case.

Less Than Zero (1987) - Jami Gertz was smoking in this movie and I want to point something out here: it takes a lot of edge for an 80's California character to rock that much black and make it look good. The party with all the televisions is still one of my favorite cinematic moments and her outfit at that party is still an inspiration. Added bonus: RDJ. Yum.

U2: Rattle and Hum - U2 has always had a cult following but the obsession with vests and pilgrim hats and ragged denim? Generation X owes most of that to this movie. Bono inspired both sexes with his looks and clothes.

Flashdance (1983) - The off-the-shoulder cut-up sweatshirt? Leg warmers? Hello! Plus, this is where most of us learned how to take off a bra without removing our shirts.

Krush Groove (1985) - Between the Adidas, cool hip hop and breakdancing gear and Sheila E's Prince-inspired looks, this movie was/is chock full of marked fashion moments (and a very cute Blair Underwood). See also: Breakin', Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo and Beat Street.

Valley Girl (1983) - Like, totally, fer sure! The birth of the Mall, the Mall Rat and the fashions? I still love watching this movie, as grody as it seems now. Also, please do enjoy the quite awkward but sweet debut of Nicholas Cage.

There are so many that you can't name them all (and yes, I realize I left out Some Kind of Wonderful - didn't have enough room), but feel free to add to the list. Did I leave anything out? Let me know!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Link Love: Essential Reading from Around The Web

It's Memorial Day weekend and you're either chilling out inside watching Bravo marathons, setting up the grill with loved ones, or hanging somewhere warm and inviting. Either way, it's a good time to catch up on your reading, so here's what I'd suggest curling up with over the weekend:

Fashionista has compiled a rather extensive (and well-curated) list of Required Reading for People Who Work In Fashion, Want to Work in Fashion or Simply Love Fashion. Most of it is already loaded into my Amazon Wish List.

Betty Confidential wants to explain the top five reasons guys stop calling. If you're wondering if he's just not into you or your phone is broken, read this.

Speaking of which, if you're mystified as to why men do a lot of things, YourTango explains why men do at least ten of the things that have us scratching our heads.

Second City Style explains how everything old is new again when it comes to It Girls recycling time-tested patterns and clothes.

Eye4Style explains the concept of a Fashion Bucket List (everyone should have one with you AT ALL TIMES) and one of the items on hers: a Chanel J12 Marine Watch. All I can say is "Wow."

My lovely girls at The Luxury Spot give an essential list of how to wear your bitchy attitude right out there for everyone to see it.

Refinery 29 has some great ideas for summer sun hats to shield your face and create some rather fashionable SPF (Sun Protection Fashion.)

I'm working on loading a WHOLE LOT of coverage into the site in addition to taking some very well-deserved naps in the sun, so enjoy this fabulous weekend and we'll see you next week!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Playtime with Avon's Toni Brattin Extensions

Short hair is kind of my thing. I had super-long locks in high school, but ever since I turned a quarter-century, I’ve been rocking the Posh Spice bob meets Katie Holmes shag circa 2008. And although I adore the crop, I sometimes yearn for long, glorious, varsity cheerleader hair once again.

Well, my wish was semi-granted when I got the chance to try out Avon’s Toni Brattin Hair Extensions. There are a variety of clip-on styles to choose from, each available in six shades. When my straight ponytail arrived, it quickly became my most coveted plaything. The hair is incredibly soft, shiny, and durable – meaning I could clip in all different directions, and thus amuse myself for hours.

Below is my favorite, and most natural-looking, do:

Although the color matched perfectly to my own, I’m not sure I would wear it on a daily basis for fear of someone giving me a seventh grade bully tug of the hair only to see said hair remain in said bully’s hand as I walk away. However, at times when my cute crop is morphing into a mullet due to lag time between cuts, I just may turn to Toni Brattin to help me feel like a girl again.

Beauty Must-Have: Smell Like Carrie Bradshaw with SJP NYC (Includes Giveaway!)

Back in February, our beloved Sarah Jessica Parker developed a light, fun fragrance inspired by her favorite character, Carrie Bradshaw. The scent, SJP NYC, captures the essence of Carrie: frivolity, freedom, New York, and fabulous style. The scent is impossibly girly, an addictive fruity floral with top notes including Italian mandarin and wild strawberries, heart notes like gardenia and honeysuckle and base notes such as sandalwood and rum mixed with vanilla and musk.  It's complex, sweet, wild at heart and very Carrie Bradshaw.

I'm personally a fan of the fun packaging, which looks like a mixture of the patterns and bold colors one might find in the character's legendary closet. I also love that the scent is small enough to fit into your favorite handbag, a necessity for the girl on the go (which most of us are.)
 Behind the scenes of the advertising shoot for SJP NYC

I also love the ad campaign, featured my beloved SJP in a one-of-a-kind Oscar de la Renta original, evoking the wild, untamed spirit of our beloved fashion-forward tv and movie character. One smell and you'll see what I mean: it's very Carrie.

You can pick SJP NYC up at your local department store in a variety of sizes and scents, but since it's Memorial Day and I haven't done a giveaway in a long time, I'd like to give this to one lucky reader of FSB. That's right, I'm giving away a 30ml eau de toilette spray of SJP NYC to one lucky reader.

How do you win? Leave a comment below and tell me who your favorite SATC character is and why. I'll pick one lucky gal on Tuesday morning and we'll get it shipped right out to you.

After all, since you're going to see the movie this weekend, you might as well have some fabulous perfume to commemorate your viewing of Sex and the City 2. Get Carried away and enter to win now!

Memorial Day Beauty: It's a Shopping and Makeover Party at Tanger Outlets at The Arches This Saturday!

Some of my favorite people in the beauty and fashion world are converging on Tanger Outlets at The Arches this weekend (hello, outlet mall shopping! one of my favorite activities!) and I feel you should know about it.  You can see all the amazing activities that are going on but I mean, makeovers by Cutler Salon and Cargo Cosmetics, Alexandra Richards DJing a live set, Gossip Girl's stylist Eric Daman giving a style lab and signing books? The party starts at 12 so get there early and be one of the first 50 to spend $200 and receive a makeover and photo shoot with Nigel Barker (yes, he of America's Next Top Model), Cutler Salon and Cargo. Looks like fun! Details are in the invite above, so have fun, fashion and beauty fans!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Movie Review: A Guide On How To Watch Sex and the City 2

So, I got a chance to check out Sex and the City 2 last night and it appears that by the time I walked out of the theatre, the critics were already panning the movie. I've been privy to all sorts of commentary about the movie today and I feel like someone should say SOMETHING, so here it goes.

Look, we all know that every woman (and man) had a very personal relationship with Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha. The show had a cult following for a reason and every single one of us was affected personally by our relationship with these characters. If you'll remember, people had very strong opinions and feelings about the show, the actions of the characters, the plotlines and, of course, the fashion choices while it was on HBO. I've heard people say things like "Carrie would never have done something like that" or "Miranda would never have worn that dress." When the first movie came out, people loved it or hated it BECAUSE of this personal connection. Hence, reactions to the second movie would be no different: people come to the theater with their own ideas of what it should be like, and they either like the ride or they don't.

As someone who enjoyed the movie, here are some things to increase your likelihood of enjoying your experience in the theater:

  • People complained that the first movie was too dark and not as fun as the series. This time, SJP and Michael Patrick King delivered a fun, brightly-colored caper where our girls have a lot of fun, some sex and a rather glamorous time. Expect it to be more lighthearted and funny and you won't be disappointed.
  • You know how sometimes you'll watch a whole season of the show without stopping, maybe six in succession? The movie reads like that. Expect it to feel like watching six episodes of the show instead of the feature film format of the first one and you'll appreciate it more.
  • Aiden is back. Depending on your emotional attachment to this character, you may or may not like it. I would suggest looking at it like going to a party where one of your ex-boyfriends arrives: experience the emotions of him showing up, try not to get emotionally involved, and when you leave the party try to take it for the experience it was and call it a day.
  • You can plan a bathroom trip right after you see the hotel in Abu Dhabi when they're having breakfast. Make it quick. You've got a maximum of five minutes maximum you can spare. Have your friend fill you in.
  • The women are in their 40's, people. There are a couple of wrinkles and plotlines about menopause, marriage, kids, sex and careers appropriate to the age of the characters. It's not like they're in a nursing home, though. If you're about 35 or older, you'll get all the inside jokes about being a little older and wiser. If not, focus on the hot guys and the fabulous shoes. The Zac Posen crenoline paired with the Dior t-shirt that Carrie wears while shopping in the souk should be enough to keep you entertained.
  • Enjoy! Our ladies are back so take any expectations out of it. It's not like the first movie, it might be the last time we get a chance to see our favorite foursome so grab some popcorn and enjoy!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fashion Fabulous: The New Wardrobe Stars of Sex and the City 2

So, tonight's the night and I'm heading to a sneak preview of Sex and the City 2, courtesy of Coty Prestige and Sarah Jessica Parker's fabulous Carrie Bradshaw-inspired fragrance, SJP NYC. I'll give you some serious scoop on the fragrance and the event tomorrow (and if you want to follow the action tonight from the event, follow me on twitter and/or hashtag #SJPNYC), but as with any fabulous fashion event, I've done my homework and discovered some of the fabulous labels I'll be seeing this evening.

Here are the names that will be on everyone's lips after this weekend thanks to Patricia Field, Molly Rogers, their designer and vintage connections, and a healthy $10 million wardrobe budget:

Jee Vice - This French eyewear company is all over the movie, especially one Ms. Bradshaw. I already have two pairs of the stunners, but you'll see Carrie rock a pair of these fabulous Jee Vice "Heated" Sunglasses in Orange Jubilee ($170).

Charlotte Olympia - this London "It" girl already has a celebrity cult following (Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Anna Paquin are just a few) and her 40's and 50's-inspired footwear is all the rage across the pond, in Hollywood and now on the feet of Ms. Bradshaw. Look for spectacular footwear from the designer, like these Dolly Leather Platform Pumps ($556).

 Halston Heritage - With SJP on the creative team, it's no wonder these dresses would wind up front and center in this movie but trust me, when you see them in person, they're FABULOUS. From the V-Neck Jersey Dress ($325) seen on the posters and the first shot of the film to the incredibly glam Metallic-Stripe Dress ($435), the revamp of the legendary design house hasn't seen this much action since they closed Studio 54.

Solange Azagury-Patridge - Ladies who lunch and those of us who are obsessed with fine jewelry know the work of this designing dynamo with an eye for gems and chains that are simply out of this world. That necklace on Carrie on the poster? Hers. A lot of the chains in the movie? Hers. The new "Carrie" necklace in the opening scene is 18ct white gold with diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies and fire opals and it costs almost $200,000. Can we say UPGRADE?!?

Low Luv - Another fabulous accessories label, this rocker cool label is a personal favorite of yours truly, especially piece from their collaboration with model-turned-designer Erin Wasson. Look for pieces from the brand to pop up almost everywhere, including this Snake-Hinged Cuff ($245).

The Blonds - As a HUGE fan of this rock-and-roll label, to me they need no introduction. You've seen their work on Rihanna, Katy Perry, Fergie and countless other celebrities and they add a whole new level of drama to the wardrobes of Carrie and Samantha in Abu Dhabi. You know, like Samantha's fabulous red dress with all the spikes you keep seeing everywhere, previously rocked by RiRi?

I'll report back on trends and all sorts of other things tomorrow but go ahead and look up these fabulous designers so you can get a leg up on your friends in the fashion department. The time has come, ladies! Sex and the City 2 is almost here!

Fashion Necessity: Donna Karan The Body Perfect Shapewear

We all love the looks of the red carpet - long, lean, lithe bodies walking in thousands of dollars of couture hand-sewn by tiny women in couture houses in Europe. But if you ask any stylist or designer, they will tell you that no matter how thin these women are, nothing causes clean lines like shapewear. It's like construction: the right foundation is key to building anything.

My new recent discovery has been the awe-inspiring power of Donna Karan The Body Perfect Shapewear. Of course, the woman who has spent an entire career creating clothing to hide a woman's flaws and enhance her feminine shape would come up with mind-blowing shapewear that smooths and holds you in without feeling uncomfortable. They come in nude and black (please note: flash photography WILL reveal your little secret - judge accordingly and test ahead of time) and in different shapes for different needs (capri pants, high-waist embrace brief.) Under pants, an evening gown, a cocktail dress, knitwear - whenever you need to ensure long, lean lines (which is almost always, let's be honest here), this shapewear will get the job done.

Wedding season, cocktail parties, date night - there are a LOT of occasions coming up where this product will be needed. Get them all and rotate them often - they WORK.

Donna Karan The Body Perfect Collection ($35 - $45), available at Bare Necessities

Beauty for a Cause: Shave Your Guy's Head (or Your Pet) To Help the Gulf Oil Spill

You know how much I adore Woodley and Bunny, the super-hip hair salon and spa in Williamsburg. Well, if you're a guy (or you know one) and/or you have a dog or cat (or know of someone who has one) and you're considering shaving all that hair off for the upcoming summer heat, they'd like to help you do it for a cause: the Gulf Oil Spill.

On Thursday, June 3rd from 5:00pm-8:00pm, Woodley and Bunny will hold the "Guys and Dogs Shave Off and Grooming Event" in conjunction with Dog Addiction, where for a mere $10 men can get their head shaved and all the hair collected will go to Matter Of Trust. Meanwhile, Dog Addiction (just a few blocks away), will be offering $20 off their grooming services if you bring your pets in for a "Shave Down," with all the fur collected going to the same cause! 

Remember, I was telling you a few weeks back about Matter of Trust, the organization that gathers human hair and fur in used nylons that can absorb up to 50 gallons of oil! This situation in the Gulf is serious, peeps. Let's shave it down and send some love in the way of hair we won't even WANT come 90 degree weather.  Call the salon at (718) 218-6588 to book your appointment NOW!

Woodley & Bunny Salon and Apothecary

196 N. 10th Street (btw Bedford and Driggs) in Williamsburg
(718) 218-6588

Dog Addiction

243 Berry Street (at Grand Street) in Williamsburg
(718) 599-1656

Obsession of the Day: Vera Wang Web Butterfly Necklace

Wow. Just...WOW.

I was recently fiddling around on the website of my beloved Bergdorf Goodman when I spotted this little slice of magic. You know that feeling when you fall in love, where your mouth is suddenly dry, your heart stops and you feel like you can't breathe? Oh yes, upon viewing this amazing piece of artwork, I'm ready to believe in love at first sight again - all the requisite signs are there.

Could you die over the mysterious beaded web chain detail? Do you swoon over the crystal butterfly near the fabric neckline closure? I do. This is me, lying dead on the floor over this piece.

If you're thinking what to wear this piece of art, my reply is to keep it simple: layer over a silk tank (or a cotton tank, whatever) or a simple solid-colored V-neck (or strapless - YES, strapless) dress. The necklace is the centerpiece of the look. No earrings, maybe a simple ring if you're so inclined. Because this one is a showstopper. If you're feeling very Patricia Field, add sunglasses on a stick as an accessory.

Most of us have what we call a Fashion Bucket List, a whole mess of things that we want to experience, consume or own before we die. Vera Wang necklace, you've just made the Top Five.

Vera Wang Web Butterfly Necklace ($1195), available at Bergdorf Goodman

Monday, May 24, 2010

Fashion News: Uniqlo Partners With Velvet by Graham and Spencer for Capsule Collection

Summertime is the right time for the perfect T-shirt (although, what season ISN'T?) and our favorite Japanese retailer, Uniqlo, has created another super-fabulous designer partnership to make sure your tops fit you to a T this season. Los Angeles-based brand Velvet by Graham and Spencer are set to design a capsule collection of feminine knits includes pants, tops and dresses.

The collection will build on the brand’s beloved line of contemporary tees and tops and will consist of fourteen items, including camisoles, dresses, jersey harem pants and those beloved t-shirts. The sumptuous capsule collection is scheduled to arrive on June 17th, with prices ranging from $15.50-$19.50, a mere fraction of the price of Velvet's higher-end pieces.

Mark those calendars! This will be a collection you won't want to miss!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Attention Beauty Lovers: Make Like Kristin Davis of Sex and the City and Check Out Summer Stock Up!

Any of us who love beauty and freebies (and really, is there any better combination) should check out the Summer Stock Up events happening today and tomorrow here in Manhattan. The and are teaming up for the summer’s largest beauty giveaway of beauty and grooming products for the next two days and if you stop in, you can get a scoop of some of the 75,000 products available!

I mean, do names like philosophy, Too Faced, Bare Escentuals, Darphin, Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare, Tarte, Oscar Blandi, Stila and Bliss catch your eye? Yep, thought so. Hey, and if you want to bring your guy (or your gay husband, whatever works), they can make out like bandits with labels like Anthony Logistics, Mission, GO SMiLE, Clif Bar, Shaveworks The Cool Fix, Stinger and Schick.

Logistics are as follows:

Friday, May 21st:       
8:00am – 7:00pm 
59th Street and Fifth Avenue (in front of the Apple store)
Products and experts featured:
Peter Thomas Roth, Stila, Borghese, Zeno, BareMinerals, Caudalie, Tarte, Origins, Anthony Logistics, Somme Institute, Too Faced, Korres, and Urban Decay

Saturday, May 22nd: 

10:00am – 6:00pm
13th Street and Ninth Avenue  (Meatpacking across from Pastis)                    
Products and experts featured: Jane Iredale, Somme Institute, Mission, BareMinerals, Darphin, Origins, Korres, and Pop Beauty

I mean, you never know who you could meet. Kristin Davis of Sex and the City stopped by today. Swag and celebrities? Look at you, high roller!

Be sure to check in on Foursquare and follow these people on Twitter for up-to-the-minute scoop:  @beautydotcom, @AtHisBest, @AlisonBrodPR.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab some swag and then meet the girls for Happy Hour. Here's raising a glass to a beauty product-filled weekend!

Obsession of the Day: Alexander McQueen Skull Gem Knuckle Duster Ring

The recent passing of Alexander McQueen was so shocking I think it rendered the entire fashion industry speechless for a good two months. I don't believe we're over the premature death of this creative genius just yet. His talent lives on.

In his honor, I feel like today's Obsession of the Day needed to be something from one of his last genius collections, a little way to unleash your personal style after a week's worth of "work-appropriate" clothes. This is a ring I would have worn during my other life (a long career in human resources - don't ask) to add rocker edge to my suits and I most certainly would wear now. It's a four-finger knuckle duster in gunmetal with two skulls and a fabulous stone seemingly modeled from post-Apocalyptic Terminators. It's beyond cool and adds instant rock and roll glamour to any wardrobe.

Just imagine this ring running across your fingers as you give that Powerpoint presentation, then kick on some black skinnies and platforms for drinks with the girls. TGIF, indeed.

Alexander McQueen Skull Gem Knuckle Duster Ring ($374), available via

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fashion Must-Have: Shop the Blogger Design Project for Coach Collectibles

Coach's love of bloggers shows no signs of slowing down (and we adore them for it). The legendary handbag label partnered with some of our best to design limited-edition handbags as part of Coach Collectibles. Want a peek at the Internet darling's handiwork? Check it out:

Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere crafted Emily’s Satchel ($498)

Krystal Simpson of What Is Reality Anyway created Krystal’s Fringe Shoulder Bag ($498)

Kelly Framel of The Glamorai designed Kelly’s Drawstring Pouch ($398)

Karla Deras of Karla's Closet created this little slice of awesome, Karla’s Clutch ($398). This is by far my favorite of all the designs, even though I do love them all. I want this clutch post-haste.

This limited-edition collection is available online only, so check out the collection and commence shopping, people. Looks like we're taking over the world, one fabulous computer and closet at a time.


Tomorrow we are launching Coach Collectibles, a series of limited edition bags designed in collaboration with four fashion bloggers. Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere, Krystal Simpson of What is Reality Anyway?, Kelly Framel of The Glamourai, and Karla Deras of Karla’s Closet were each asked to collaborate on the design of their perfect Coach bag. Styles range from a vintage-looking drawstring pouch and a slim doctor’s bag in blush, to a fringe bucket shape with edgy details and an oversized clutch inspired by men’s design. The collection is available exclusively online and is available for pre-order beginning May 19th on

Magazine Moment: Matthew Morrison's Mind-Blowing Six-Pack in June Vogue

 Image courtesy of Conde Nast

I am a RABID magazine reader and have been a Vogue reader since before I was born (no, I'm not kidding - my mom used to read it to me in utero). I still love this magazine but imagine my additional love when I got a look at Glee's Matthew Morrison in a fashion spread with model Rachel Zimmerman in the June issue. All I can say is "WOW." Check out the BODY on this guy!

Just a little something to make you smile on a beautiful Thursday afternoon. Go to the newsstand right this minute and get this copy now so you can salivate over this gorgeous man and this lovely spread immediately.

You're welcome, America.

Spa Directory: Halo/Air Salt Rooms

Can taking a nap really help you with allergies, skin distress and other ailments? It definitely can if you're taking a break in a fabulous salt room at Halo//Air Salt Rooms.

This super-sophisticated spa is designed to mimic the health benefits of the salt caves of Israel, where the extraordinary health of the miners has led to legendary reports of the healing powers of the cool, salty rooms. The treatment rooms at Halo are much less arcane and come with luxurious chaises, fuzzy blankets and flat screen televisions. You simply wrap up and watch a little television, read, relax or take a nap (which is what I did.) The rooms are covered in dead sea salt floor-to-ceiling and they pump a special mixture into the air while you relax for an hour. These treatments are perfect for those who suffer from allergies (hello, we're in the worst allergy season in decades right now) and skin issues. There's even a room for children where they can play while their parents relax and enjoy the healing benefits of the room with them.

Packages are available (and recommended), but if you're tired of watery allergy eyes and respiratory distress, I recommend even just one hour-long session to see improvement (I slept better that night than I have in years, which is unusual for allergy season.)

You might not want too much salt in your diet, but I think adding a little salt to your spa therapy regimen is fabulous for your health.

Halo/Air Salt Rooms
$100 per hour, packages available
133 west 22nd street (btw 6th and 7th)

Obsession of the Day: Freya Summer Plunge Underwire Bra and Thong

For those women who can just pop into Victoria's Secret and purchase any bra they want and walk out the door, let me just say that I envy you. I won't get into the details of my particular bra size, but let's just say that my cups runneth over. People who don't have this issue might think it's a good problem to have but let's be honest here: trying to find a comfortable and SEXY bra when you're well-endowed can be quite a problem.

Ladies of the large breast set, meet Freya. This gorgeous line of lingerie and swimwear is built specifically for those of us with larger cup sizes (they can go up to a 36G and a 38FF) and come in every style imaginable. They're amazingly sexy, have fabulous support that doesn't dig into your body, and they don't have (wait for it) ridiculously large straps. Yes! Our cries have been heard. I purchase at least five of these bras a year and my new love for summer is this gorgeous printed plunge bra for my deep V-neck tees. I also love the idea of this bra peeking out from under a burnout tank. Que bella!

If you're wearing lingerie this gorgeous, you should come with a warning sign: "Dangerous curves ahead."

Freya Summer Plunge Underwire Bra ($64) and Thong ($28), available at Bare Necessities

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Stylish Living: New York City Picks from Purple Lab NYC's Karen Robinovitz

  Karen Robinovitz inside of one of NYC's most enviable locations, her West Village closet.

Last time we got the hottest picks from Alice + Olivia's Stacey Bendet. I figured it was time to ask another girl about town for her favorite hotspots in NYC. I give you where to go, what to see and what to do from Purple Lab NYC's Creatrix, the lovely and amazing Karen Robinovitz. Hey, Karen, where do you:

(l-r) Virayoga, Clay Fitness and Spa

Do yoga/workout/exercise - Virayoga for Anusara yoga and Clay is my gym, though I need to get to Tracy Anderson's studio!

Eat - Nobu, Dell'Anima, Little Owl for amazing brunch, Aquagrill for oysters, Murray's for a cheese fest.

Lobby of NYC's Standard Hotel

Have a cocktail - I don't really drink so I never go out for cocktails (shhhhh, I'm secretly no fun.) If I had to pick, it would definitely be The Standard Hotel.

Hang out with your girlfriends - Home! I love having friends over and entertaining.

Kirna Zabete
Shop - Kirna Zabete, Curve, Resurrection Vintage, Jeffrey, Alexander McQueen, Barneys New York, Moss for home design.

Relax and unwind - Vital Ki Energy of Jungshim to get the chakras lined up and maintain balance. There's a great healing treatment for just $60 and afterward you'll feel like a million. 39 W. 14th St. The best place for a quick energy tune up.

Devachan Salon and Spa
Have a day of beauty - A facial with Nina at Paul Labrecque (the Upper East Side location). No one cleans skin like her. She has changed my life. And then hop down to Soho for curl love at Devachan, the only place I will let touch my hair! They have a beautiful spa as well. I have an amazing massage therapist named Eli. Having him over for late night deep tissue action would just make the day complete.

The sculpture garden at the Museum of Modern Art
Have a little peace and quiet - The garden of the MOMA. Nothing like sitting outside, next to a Richard Serra and journaling. There are also hidden nooks in my neighborhood (the West Village) with little gardens and benches where it's so nice to have a quiet lunch and read.

Party until dawn - I wouldn't know personally, but right now it's all about Boom Boom Room, top floor of the Standard Hotel.
 A scenic view of New Paltz

Spend time with your husband - Gallery hopping in Chelsea (we are super passionate about contemporary art and used to collect pre-Purple Lab - we can't wait to be able to collect again!) and getting on his motorcycle to jet to the DIA Center upstate. Speaking of upstate, we love weekends hiking in New Paltz.

Head out this weekend and check out some of Karen's picks for chic living and keep it here to FSB for more fabulous fashion, style and beauty news!
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