Friday, February 26, 2010

Magazine Love: Christina Hendricks on the Cover of New York Magazine

You know, I was trying to take the weekend down, but when I started going through the 20 lbs of mail that I have in my living room, I had a moment of pause when I saw this cover of New York Magazine with Mad Men's Christina Hendricks on the cover. I mean, can we just take a moment here? Wow. This is GORGEOUS.

I have struggled with my weight for years now and being around people who are fasting and starving and always on some kind of diet brings out the worst in me. I fight it all I can but sometimes the pressure to be a certain weight overtakes me (as it does a lot of people) and it can lead to a feeling of such intense scrutiny. I lost a good amount of weight before Fashion Week but that whole quest to drop a dress size? Didn't make it. Not because I didn't try, but because the goal wasn't a realistic one...and it was incredibly vain.

When I saw the cover of this magazine, it actually made me stop and think. Here is this breathtaking woman, someone with whom I can identify as a body type, on the cover of a major magazine (and the cover of the Spring fashion issue, no less.) This isn't about being plus size or rail thin. This is about celebrating beauty and style. Beauty? We all have it. Style? We all possess it and it's really all about celebrating who we are with an almost reckless abandon.

I feel that it's important to highlight all types of fashion, style and beauty on this site, and this magazine cover has inspired me to take a vow here and now: I vow to celebrate my body the way it is right this minute and to stop punishing myself. Because right this minute, I have a living, breathing body in which to celebrate my life. That, my friends, is beautiful.

Bravo, New York Magazine. Bravo.

We'll Be Right Back!

Hey all,

Just writing a very quick note to let you know that I'm taking a very well-deserved break this weekend so the posts have slowed a tad. I've got tons of fabulous things I want you to know about, so I'm taking a break so I can come back stronger than ever. Look for AH-MAZ-ING things to come starting Monday. Until then, enjoy the snow!

All the best,

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sneak Preview: Sam Edelman Pre-Fall 2010 Collection

We all know I have a little sweet spot for Sam Edelman and his amazing shoes. So, when I got a chance to sneak a peek at the Pre-Fall 2010 collection, you know I jumped at the chance. Want to see some of the shoes that will wind up on my feet when they become available? Check these out:

The "Larissa" ($200) is a personal favorite. Anyone who knows me knows why. J'adore the rocker styling.

Clogs are HUGE for spring and they're coming back more chic than ever. I tried to resist but the "Fritz" ($150) will most likely become fast friends this season.

Every girl needs an oxford this season and you know I love a sequin. Put them together and the "Kat" ($160) has stolen my heart.

I like how the "Wakefield" ($200) feels like a mixture between a desert shoe, a peep toe and a wedge. It's impossibly cool.

We all know I have a soft spot for rocker style and the gorgeous "Zoyla" ($225) is a take on one of Sam's most popular silhouettes but with amazing black leather and stud detail. NEED.

Look for these and more styles to come to a fine department store near you or head to the Sam Edelman website to check out the collection and where to buy. Then watch my feet soon because I'm saving to buy them ALL.

Sale Alert! LOGO Instant Chic by Lori Goldstein on QVC Today!

I've had tons of you ask me where and how to get the soft and impossibly chic clothes I was given as part of my makeover by legendary stylist Lori Goldstein. As a matter of fact, my inbox almost crashed with questions about all of those fabulous and affordable SHOES, ladies.

Well, worry no more. Get yourself a glass of champagne and sit down with your phone at the ready because the line, LOGO Instant Chic by Lori Goldstein is back on QVC today! YES! This means you can finally see all of the super soft, extremely well-made clothes and those shoes that had editors and bloggers alike stopping me at the tents and after parties. Handbags,tops, pants, cozy cardigans, sleek leggings, shoes, booties, handbags - the WHOLE THING will be available at debit card prices, people! You can't miss this. I LIVE in these clothes now.

The spring collection premieres when Lori goes live on QVC TODAY, February 24th, so check your listings and commence to shopping, people!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Obsession of the Day: Kiehl's Facial Fuel Eye De-Puffer

Ok, you know that if it's worth knowing about, I'm going to tell you. I put this product through the ultimate test, New York Fashion Week and after reviewing photographs and my own reflection, this is a product EVERYONE needs to have in your medicine cabinet.

Actually, let me take that back: you need this in your car, diaper bag, handbag, pocket, rucksack, workstation and nightstand. People, this product does exactly what it says it does. After weeks of trying everything to get rid of the baggage under my eyes - which would no longer fit in an overhead compartment, much less on my face - I received this little bundle of joy in a gift bag prior to Fashion Week. I used it twice a day for the whole week and yep, it works. The bags went down and heralded the return of my sunny disposition.

This is a must-have for people who have crying babies, long work hours or just a generally stressful existence (raise your hand if this ISN'T you because I have some things I need you to take care of for me.) It's compact, it's cheap and the stuff works. Run, do not walk, to get some of this magical goodness right this minute.

Kiehl's Facial Fuel Eye De-Puffer ($18.50), available online and at a fine Kiehl's retailer near you

FTC Disclosure: sample product received

Monday, February 22, 2010

Obsession of the Day: Tom Binns Alice in Wonderland Charm Bracelet

I don't know about the rest of you but I am practically beside myself with anticipation for Tim Burton's forthcoming Alice in Wonderland. I've already shown you the Urban Decay Book of Shadows based on the wildly-anticipated film but now I've got something for you accessories lovers.

Tom Binns has worked his magic again and has produced a limited-edition charm bracelet for the film's release. This glittering twist on the wrist contains charms based on the many experiences of our young heroine: cards, pawns, a Mad Hatter top hat, scissors, a pocket watch, the infamous Cheshire Cat and many more in a delightful mix of movie momentos. It's a dash of whimsy to any outfit and the perfect addition to any jewelry wardrobe no matter how old you are.

Feel free to give something to your inner child and indulge in this "charm"-ing piece of jewelry. This way you'll look stunning and stylish when you're running late, running late for a very important date.

Alice in Wonderland Charm Bracelet by Tom Binns for Disney Couture ($124.95), available at the Disney Store

Sunday, February 21, 2010

New York Fashion Week: Naeem Khan Fall/Winter 2010 Collection

Before The Show: Even though I had a fabulous seat assignment for the Naeem Khan show, I arrived early and I was right to do so. Naeem Khan's presentation was one of the last two shows at Bryant Park and everyone wanted to make sure they were front and center for the designer's presentation. It also gave me time to mix and mingle among the crowd, where I had a chance to meet Colin Cowie, Anika Noni Rose, June Ambrose (who looked dressed to thrill for the occasion - see photo) and a few other people who strolled in. Editors abounded and when Brooke Shields strolled in to take her seat, we knew the show was going to get off to a great start.

The Collection: This collection was high voltage from the very first look. Naeem went for high gloss, high glamour with a gilded collection awash in luxe embroidery, fur, beading and sequin embellishment, feathers - the man pulled out all the stops. Each look that came stalking down the runway drew larger and larger gasps from the crowd.
 All still show photography courtesy of Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Set to a soundtrack of classic rock from everything from The Rolling Stones to Def Leppard to Guns n' Roses, this fashion show turned the crowd upside-down. Let me be honest here: the fashion crowd are a tad jaded and you're told never to smile or show a facial expression during a show but when you looked around the room, feet were tapping, people were smiling and editors were actually gasping. If you're in need of a red carpet look or any piece for full-on paparazzi-exploding glitz, Naeem Khan's collection is definitely where it's at. I'm calling it now: expect to see many of these pieces on the red carpet come fall.

Trend Spotting: Gold and black, fur embellishment, full-on sequin and beading embellishment. It's what he does so well and this collection was bar none.

Overall Impression: Well, you can view the finale walk yourself. He's the first designer I watched receive a standing ovation at the end of the presentation. This show and its collection were in my top three of the week. Bravo, Naeem!

New York Fashion Week: Timo Weiland Fall/Winter 2010 Collection

Before The Show: I ascended the elevator to view the Timo Weiland show amongst a crowd of very enthusiastic viewers. Timo Weiland brings out fans of impeccable tailoring mixed with a touch of theatre and this year's show wasn't about to disappoint. We all walked in to view an installation of pedestals surrounded by black streams from floor to post in a wide room with a movie playing against the wall. The models walked in one by one and reviewers were invited to walk into and out of the collection to shoot and inspect the looks.

Overhead In the Crowd: It wasn't what was heard, it's what was seen. A very tall woman walked in wearing what can only be described as a marching band outfit. A HUGE Beefeater's hat with gold chains, a goat-hair trimmed leather jacket, liquid leggings and ginormous platform boots. I'm a huge fan of the avant but even that caused me to take a moment. Judge if you will but she definitely had my attention.

My two personal favorite looks from the collection

The Collection: The collection was described in its press materials as the designers attempt to "envelop themselves in their homespun, epic tale of eras colliding; the Age of Innocence meets Gangs of New York. The dichotomy of the masculine and the feminine, often captured throughout the history of cinema, is another great source of inspiration for the design duo that seeks to dress modern day dandies, male and female alike."

My take on the collection is that it was very Italian film noir-inspired, with chic retro cat-eye sunglasses, dandy tailoring and sweet, gamine dresses and suits. Think Sophia Loren meets Audrey Hepburn for the women's looks and very Cary Grant meets boarding school for the men. Tweedy and impossibly chic, the hues were saturated and wearable, with scarlet red, midnight blues and loden greens offset by camel and black The textures were rich and sumptuous and the silhouettes were classic and wearable. An extremely smart presentation and a great collection of clothes overall.

Trend Spotting:
More camel and red mixed together, tweed and tailored jackets and suits. The textures were rich and I love the retro glamour feeling we're seeing.

Overall Impression: A very wearable collection with pieces for any wardrobe. LOVED Timo Weiland!

New York Fashion Week: Backstage at Timo Weiland with ION Studio and MAC Cosmetics

I was invited backstage at the genius Timo Weiland presentation to get a sneak peek at the hair and makeup looks. Rather than write copious notes on these looks, I figured I'd let the artists speak for themselves. First up is Leonardo Manetti of ION Studio, celebrity hairstylist extraordinaire and runway veteran. Leonardo gave us the hair look for the show:

Then we had the pleasure of speaking with the genius Nadine Luke, Sr. Makeup Artist for MAC Cosmetics, who gave us the lowdown on the makeup look for the presentation.



Coverage of the show forthcoming. It absolutely did not disappoint.

New York Fashion Week: Backstage Hair Looks for Charlotte Ronson and Tracy Reese with TRESemme

The first night of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week my fellow beauty bloggers and I were treated to a presentation by TRESemme. Lead celebrity stylist Jeanie Syfu (who I personally adore), walked us through a couple of the looks we would see during the week.

First up was Tracy Reese. The look was described as "country fair meets big city." The hair had luxurious curls created with an S-iron, where the hair was looped around and through the iron for voluminous waves.  A mixture of 24-Hour Mousse and Curl Activator spray helped set the look and it was finished with 24 Hour Body Spray.

Charlotte Ronson's look was very 70's rock and roll - sleek and sexy with some texture. Vertical sections were sprayed with TRESemme's new Dry Shampoo to make it look as if there was no product in it at all.

The event was held to highlight TRESemme's new Fresh Start and Naturals lines, an amazing line that was created for those of us who are concerned about using a ton of chemicals on our hair. After all, the protein on your head and the skin on your scalp ingest whatever you're using into your body, so why not treat your hair to a nourishing break? I'm working my way through testing the products now (my hair took a beating during Fashion Week) but I can report that the Dry Shampoo is magic and it's completely affordable!

You can purchase TRESemme products at a drugstore near you or hit for web-enabled beauty booty.

London Fashion Week: Front Row Foottage from Sass & Bide A/W 2010

Our UK Kristin is delivering like Domino's! Here's her coverage of Sass and Bide A/W 2010 straight from the front row! Read here for more!

London Fashion Week Report from the UK Kristin!

More videos live from fashion week

Hey all!  We've got our first report complete with streaming video from the UK Kristin. Read all about drama at Todd Lynne and get the scoop from House of Blueeyes! Read the full post complete with rebuttal per Hilary Alexander's dismissal of bloggers here!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Stylish Wedding: Introducing Dom Perignon Wedding

As you know, I don’t really cover wedding items on FSB but every once in a while I hear about something that’s so cool I feel you should know about it and honestly, since my favorite thing about most weddings is the open bar, this runs right up my alley.

Dom Pérignon has launched Dom Pérignon Wedding, a collection of twelve bottles of Dom Pérignon Vintage 2000 and an accompanying white lacquered box which holds an additional bottle of Dom Pérignon Vintage 2000 (kind of like the bonus round – I imagine that’s for your wedding night, you party animals, you). The thirteenth bottle has a unique silver label which can be personalized with your names and wedding date. It’s based on the fact that years ago Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles served the beverage at their royal wedding and had the bottle engraved with their names and date (see photo below). Three decades later, they’re going to lift the rules and allow you to do the same. It’s an elegant keepsake to commemorate your amazing day.

Here’s where my fashion passion joins the fun: to commemorate the launch, Dom Pérignon is using a previously never seen image of supermodel Claudia Schiffer, taken by none other than Karl Lagerfeld.
We all know that Dom Pérignon is quite the favorite for posh occassions and it’s made it way around the reception of many a famous person: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, even Claudia Schiffer herself has toasted nuptials with the starburst beverage.

If you’re planning your own special day, Dom Pérignon Wedding can be purchased only by special order at Crush Wine and Spirits in New York and at other fine wine purveyors nationwide. Retail price will vary by state, but I’d definitely work this one into the catering budget. Talk about the ultimate in wedding luxury!

Get Your Shop On: Purple Lab Has Launched On HSN! Watch TONIGHT!

This is just a quick service announcement because it's not a secret that I have a huge affinity for Purple Lab Cosmetics (I'm currently rocking Kitty Poledancer gloss as we speak). Well, the great day has arrived because now all of you EVERYWHERE can get your hands on some amazing double duty beauty! They've officially made their debut on Home Shopping Network to RAVE reviews. So happy and proud to have watched this little beauty brand that could get off from the ground floor!

Now you have no excuse but to get your hands on some fabulous makeup, especially since they've just launched five new products that will blow your mind.

Here's the viewing schedule so rearrange your schedule accordingly because you'll want to see my girl Karen Robinovitz in ACTION!

Friday, February 19th 7p.m. - 8p.m. EST (that's TONIGHT, people!)

Sat, February 20th 2a.m. - 3a.m. EST (so you PST peeps, 11p.m. on Fri)

Go to for more info but watch and shop until your credit card starts to smoke!

London Fashion Week: Meet "The Other Kristin"

You know they say there's someone out there just like you who, if you met them someday, would cause you to do a double-take? Well, ladies and gentlemen, stylephiles and beauty lovers, I have met mine and I want you to meet her as well. Meet Kristin Knox, a.k.a. "The UK Kristin."

The "UK Kristin" is the fabulous blogger at the helm of the witty, extremely sharp blog The Clothes Whisperer. She's based in London and will be attending London Fashion Week. We're going to make sure you read everything she's deemed fit to print, so look for links to her coverage moving forward. She'll also be showing us around when we hit London Fashion Week for Spring/Summer '11 in September 2010!

We've also struck up quite a fun and lucrative set of ideas for style, giveaways and some shared coverage so FSB officially has our first partnership across the pond! Please welcome Kristin to the FSB family and look for her pithy remarks from London Fashion Week and beyond!
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