Saturday, February 13, 2010

New York Fashion Week: Wayne Presentation Fall/Winter 2010

Before The Show: The room, somewhat noticeably empty, consisted of the hipster "I only wear black" crowd. Tinsley Mortimer was seated in the front row tapping away on her BlackBerry.

Overhead In the Crowd: Two women spent the entire show discussing (in detail) how "fierce" the model's walks were an debated if there were any negative sizes. They concluded that indeed there has to be a negative two because how else would the models be so skinny??

The Collection: The collection consisted of a mostly black, grey and off white color palette with bursts of deep saffron, army green, rust and metallic silver. This was designer Wayne Lee's first foray into the world of fur and incorporated authentic mink, raccoon and fox as well as faux fur and leather detail. Making a statement from the very beginning, the show opened with a raccoon trimmed double wool crepe hooded cape, long sleeve top with leather detail and slim pants, again with leather detail. There were a few gemometric shaped pieces but overall the vibe was laid back and practical (in the Peaches Geldof/Lou Dillon way).

Trend Spotting: Trend wise, Wayne made it clear that the skinny pant is here to stay. Beautiful draping, leather, fur and muted tones for Fall 2010. Also Wayne presented the one legged leggings, which I won't be surprised to see throngs of hipsters embrace.

Overall Impression: As my first introduction to the designer, I loved the presentation and everything in the collection. It definitely is for a different audience (Upper East Siders need not apply). It is definitely wearable but takes confidence to pull this off properly.

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