Monday, February 8, 2010

Countdown to New York Fashion Week: Meet the Fashion.Style.Beauty Fashion Week Team!

Last year, I had to battle the marathon of New York Fashion Week almost solely by myself but this year due to demand (and my own sanity), we have a TEAM of writers and editors that will be working with me to bring you all the magic of New York Fashion Week. Want to meet the ladies who will be bringing the magic home for Fall/Winter 2010? Here they are:

First up is Contributing Fashion Editor Bryn Taylor. Bryn is an accomplished editor and writer who will be bringing her fashion and style expertise to many of the shows this season. Bryn has a sharp eye for trends, seasons of experience covering shows and events and she's just as big of a fashion fan as the rest of us. Look for Bryn's eagle-eye, savvy updates from inside the tents and at many of the shows. If you want to follow her updates on Twitter, she's @brynttaylor.

Second is Eileen Dautruche, the editor of Miss Whoever You Are and an accomplished beauty writer. As Contributing Beauty Editor, Eileen will be covering beauty backstage and at some of the shows so all your beauty addicts should follow her updates post-haste. Look for posts on FSB as well as her own site via her Twitter ID: @misswhoeverur.

Last but certainly not least is Lauren Lipsay, aka "DJ Lips." Not only is she an accomplished DJ who has played some of the hottest parties in the area, but she's also a pretty awesome fashion and beauty writer! I'm throwing this University of Pennsylvania student (and Sigma Delta Tau sister - hi ladies!)  into the mix to cover both fashion AND backstage beauty AND after-parties with yours truly as  Contributing Style Editor. Look for smart, witty updates from our girl Lauren on Twitter at @DJLips.

And then there's me, your fearless (ha!) editor, Kristin Booker, who will be racing from tent to event, bringing you all the magic and happiness known as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. We'll all be hitting MAC at Milk, Robert Verdi's Luxe Lounge, the Hautelook Lounge, the W Departures Lounge, countless backstage and tent shows...if it's worth reading about, we'll have it here. So follow my ladies and then be sure to follow me on Twitter at @fashionstbeauty for all the coverage. Be sure to use #nyfw to follow the stream of all the online writers from Style Coalition who will be covering anything and everything Fashion Week.

Say Hi to the team!

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Romany said...

Can't wait to read all about your adventures at Fashion Week! :)

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