Friday, February 26, 2010

Magazine Love: Christina Hendricks on the Cover of New York Magazine

You know, I was trying to take the weekend down, but when I started going through the 20 lbs of mail that I have in my living room, I had a moment of pause when I saw this cover of New York Magazine with Mad Men's Christina Hendricks on the cover. I mean, can we just take a moment here? Wow. This is GORGEOUS.

I have struggled with my weight for years now and being around people who are fasting and starving and always on some kind of diet brings out the worst in me. I fight it all I can but sometimes the pressure to be a certain weight overtakes me (as it does a lot of people) and it can lead to a feeling of such intense scrutiny. I lost a good amount of weight before Fashion Week but that whole quest to drop a dress size? Didn't make it. Not because I didn't try, but because the goal wasn't a realistic one...and it was incredibly vain.

When I saw the cover of this magazine, it actually made me stop and think. Here is this breathtaking woman, someone with whom I can identify as a body type, on the cover of a major magazine (and the cover of the Spring fashion issue, no less.) This isn't about being plus size or rail thin. This is about celebrating beauty and style. Beauty? We all have it. Style? We all possess it and it's really all about celebrating who we are with an almost reckless abandon.

I feel that it's important to highlight all types of fashion, style and beauty on this site, and this magazine cover has inspired me to take a vow here and now: I vow to celebrate my body the way it is right this minute and to stop punishing myself. Because right this minute, I have a living, breathing body in which to celebrate my life. That, my friends, is beautiful.

Bravo, New York Magazine. Bravo.


Erin Mason said...

Amen to that Kristin, AMEN!

Erin Mason said...

Amen to that Kristin, AMEN!

Warren,Cren, Meghann, and A.J. said...

KB~ This is one of the best articles I have read. We should all try to be our healthiest. That does not mean rail thin for all. You have a beauty that many lack. I am happy you are choosing to celebrate that. You truly light up a room when you walk in my friend.

I agree fabulous cover on the mag! Fabulous article by my more than fabulous friend! MWAH!

Anna at ShoeHunting said...

Fantastic post, and gorgeous magazine cover! I'm with you on everything you said. What a beautiful way to view the human body (and style)! Bravo to YOU!

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