Tuesday, June 30, 2009

FSB Freebie of the Week: Win a Pair of PRVCY Jeans!

I don't normally pledge allegiance to a brand but as a denim fanatic, I only have a few labels to which I am completely partial and PRVCY is definitely one of them. A celebrity favorite, the super soft, amazing denim has just the right amount of stretch and comes in some of the most beautiful washes out there. Lauren Conrad, Lindsay Lohan and Jennifer Lopez are just a few of the fans of this premium denim brand. Recession be damned: if you invest in your clothes, you will be repaid. These are jeans worth the investment.

Because I love you and because everyone should have a chance to own a pair of PRVCY Premium Denim jeans, I am giving away a FREE pair to some FSB fan. Yes, you read that right: one lucky duck will get a gratis pair of PRVCY jeans worth almost $200! Here are the rules:

Contest Rules
- You must be an FSB subscriber or you must leave a comment complete with an email address where I can reach you if you win. For this contest only, subscribers who enter to win by leaving a comment will count as DOUBLE ENTRIES so I'd consider following me.
- You must be a US resident
- Contest starts from right this minute and will run through Sunday night, July 5th. I will select and announce one winner at random on Monday morning, July 6th.

Don't delay: enter to win now! Good luck!

Daily Style Icon: David Bowie

Ah, what can you say about the ultimate style changeling? From Space Oddity to Thin White Duke to Grunge God and now in Refined Rocker splendor, David Bowie will always epitomize the ability to change your entire style personality with your mood. One of fashion and music's premiere influences, the magic of David Bowie is that you can change your clothes and outward appearance without ever altering the essence of who you are. No matter what he's wearing or what he's singing about, his style is all his own.

In honor of his fabulousness, I'm sporting my David Bowie Shirt ($45) with my favorite white Gap Crop-Sleeved Linen Blazer ($59.99) over dark denim shorts, like these Genetic Denim Harper Cut-Offs ($176).

The best part of celebrating who you are is the ability to express your own creativity with the simple change of a dress. Mix it up Bowie-style, throw on some dark shades, then head out to run errands humming "Fame." Your public awaits you, darling.

FSB For Men: Redken Color Camouflage Service

Guys, please know that the people who love you appreciate good grooming. From pedicures in the summertime (a MUST if you wear flip-flops or "mandals") to taking care of your skin, looking well-groomed is a sign of self-respect and, quite frankly, it's hot. Whatever grooming requests you make of your Personal Pit Crew ("Glam Squad" might be too girly), we're all for it.

In times where looking your best means more than ever (and if you've been on a job interview lately, you know what I mean), you might consider a coloring service. We're not talking full-on obvious haircolor here, gents. After witnessing the Redken for Men's Customized Camouflage Service, if you're looking to add more pepper to your salt, this 5-10 minute service is discreet, effective and worth the money.

The service is a demi-permanent tint that is worked into the hair at the shampoo bowl (see, I said it was discreet), left to develop for 5-10 minutes, rinsed out and then your hair is styled as normal. It provides just a tinge of discreet color that honestly just makes you look more refreshed and youthful. It works on blondes, brunettes and redheads, the depth of hues range from Light to Dark, and the color works on all types and lengths of hair. As you can see on the model from the demonstration below, it's just enough coverage to look amazing but it's not 80's soap opera noticeable.

The service costs around $25-70 dollars and is performed in Redken Salons nationwide. Want to give the service a shot? Use their salon locator to find a salon near you.

See, this is so much better than those frosted tips or faux-hawk styles you used to experiment with back in the day...and if you're still doing that just stop it. Stop it right now and go get this service done.

It Really Works: Remington's Wet 2 Straight Flatiron

When you write about beauty, you get asked to attend all sorts of events where everyone wants to try the latest product technology on your hair, nails and skin. Sometimes these experiments as a human lab rat don't work so well and you slink back to your own personal glam squad so they can fix whatever wronged you. I am happy to report that yesterday's experience with the Remington Wet 2 Straight Flat Iron ($29.99) was a real triumph in the beauty experiment territory. Simply put, it really works.

This tourmaline-technology flat iron actually uses vented channels in the ionic plates for steam technology in an ergonomically superior flat iron that can take towel-dried hair to silky smooth and straight in a matter of minutes. In order to give the tool a real test, I let my hair go to its naturally curly texture, seen in the "Before" pic (the sacrifices I am willing to go through for you people, I mean, really). As you can see in the "After" picture, um, yeah, it really works!

A couple of recommendations from my stylist at the gorgeous De Bernadinis Salon before you go running to Wal-Mart and Target to pick it up. First, as with any heat implement, you need to put a heat protective spray or pomade on your hair before using it so you can protect your ends. The second is to experiment with leave-in conditioners since the steam from the iron basically acts like a mini-conditioning treatment. At a price point of around $25-$40, the technology is not only efficient but cost-effective.

Take it to the gym, get glam from a day at the beach or pool but after cutting my overall hairstyling time in more than half (down to 20 minutes from wet to dry rather than 40 for a blowout and then flatironing), I suggest you get this flat iron for summer and beyond!

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Winner of the Elizabeth and James T-shirt Contest is...

Woo! Lindsay Liu, you should make good on that offer to tuck a napkin over your cute new shirt because you WON! Lindsay won this super comfy, amazingly cute Elizabeth and James White Deconstructed T-shirt, a $90 value.

Lindsay, I'll be emailing you shortly to get your shipping information to claim your prize. Thanks to everyone for playing. Another contest coming up this week so stay tuned to FSB for all the fabulous giveaways and fabulous news from the worlds of fashion, style and beauty!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

FSB Pays Tribute to a Beauty Icon: Farrah Fawcett

Another sad report today: Farrah Fawcett passed away earlier today from complications due to her struggle with cancer.

For many of us who grew up in the 70's, Farrah Fawcett was and always will be a beauty icon. From commercials to Charlie's Angels and the best-selling poster of all time, Farrah Fawcett was the ultimate gorgeous beauty with almost ethereal looks. Not only was she physically stunning, she was a Hell of an actress: if you've ever seen The Burning Bed or Extremities, you'd be hard pressed to disagree with me.

Even as an African-American woman, I've always aspired to her level of beauty and it's not the California blonde look that I desired: it was her glow. I've always perceived a radiance of spirit about Farrah Fawcett that simply shone from the inside. That's what true beauty means to me, personally: no amount of makeup will ever make you beautiful from the inside out. You have to do that by being true to who you are, taking risks and nuturing your spirit. It's always been my perception that this was the true secret to Farrah's beauty and for that, I will always remember her fondly as a true icon of beauty.

RIP, Farrah.

FSB Pays Tribute to Michael Jackson

I've just been on Twitter and the news for a few hours now and it's official: Michael Jackson passed away today of cardiac arrest. He was 50 years old.

On a strictly historical level, Michael Jackson was truly one of the greatest forces in music and style that the world has ever known. With Thriller holding the record as the highest-selling album of all time and multiple hits within his vast catalog of music, the man was the indisputable King of Pop for many generations of fans. We can remember him as a singer, composer, and one Hell of an entertainer. His talent and music will be sorely missed.

One cannot also think of Michael Jackson without thinking of the impact he had on fashion and style. From a white sequined glove to the red "Thriller" jacket to buckles and a penchant for military gear, Michael Jackson had a huge historical impact on fashion and style. Many of us owned a replica of one of the jackets (I can't help but smile when I think of the return of Balmain's military jackets and motorcycle jeans last season) and there isn't an aspect of style he didn't touch: nightlife is always better when a Michael Jackson song is played, everyone at one point has tried to moonwalk (don't lie) or dance like the King of Pop.

As a lifelong fan of his music, I would like to take a moment and thank him for the positive influence he has on my life and my personal style. He will always be remembered in my heart as the dancing machine with unlimited creativity and who marched to the beat of his own drum. MJ, we salute you for your fashion, your style and the beauty of your creativity which touched the lives of millions.

Please do enjoy my personal favorite performance of the King of Pop, the one that launched Thriller as the biggest album of all time and the white glove that sparked my own childhood awe: the Motown 25th Anniversary performance where we first heard "Billie Jean."

Rest in peace, MJ.

Monday, June 22, 2009

FSB On The Scene: Red Flower Rooftop Party

When I got the invite to attend the Red Flower Rooftop party to launch the gorgeous new scent, Wander:Lust, I had to admit that even though I tend to stay on top of the scene in NYC, I honestly didn't know that the Cooper Square Hotel existed. Was I ever surprised to walk into this sleek venue and hit this fabulous party! The gorgeous boutique hotel is actually built into surrounding structures so you almost can't see it but for a cocktail, dinner or just generally being fabulous, this hotel and its penthouse (which is where the party happened) was well worth the trip. I highly recommend taking it in.

During the course of the event, I got a chance to speak with Red Flower creator Yael Alkalay about the sexy Wanderlust scent she designed for the Cooper Square Hotel amenities. A mixture of water, steel, violet, white woods and resin, the gorgeous candles are under production and will be available via the hotel mini-bar soon but the super sexy body wash and lotion are already in rooms now. Did you get a shot of that bathtub above? Add these products and you're looking at one hot night in the city.

Red Flower's products make for an amazing vibe in your own home. Because we all know about my proclivity for a fabulously scented abode and body, I recommend the Moroccan Rose Petal Topped Candle ($34) to transform any space and my new favorite body wash, the Japanese Peony Purifying Body Wash ($20) to create a gorgeous shower experience.

All in all, whether it's sexy time atop the Manhattan skyline or a staycation at home with exotic scents, Red Flower is the go-to label for all things scented and fabulous.

This Week's Contest: Win an Elizabeth and James T-Shirt!

One of my staple uniforms this summer has become the super comfortable t-shirt and scarf pairing. Especially since we've recently been experiencing weather by Ouija board, the scarf tends to come in handy between air conditioning, torrents of rain and the general style question of "Am I dressed enough to do this?" My recent favorite is the Elizabeth and James White Deconstructed Tee ($90) - yes, from the line designed by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Super comfortable with a well-worn look and feel, I'm crazy for the slouchy-but-sexy look. Paired with a gorgeous Tolani scarf, I'm always comfortable but chic like my friend Amy Reed (follow her on Facebook or Twitter - always fun updates and fab style picks.)

Here's where I get to share the love. I'm giving away a Elizabeth and James white t-shirt to a lucky subscriber! All you have to do is comment if you're a follower or follow me (be sure to leave me an email so I can contact you if you win) to enter. This shirt is a $90 value so don't delay. The contest is for US residents only and will run until Friday, so enter now and I'll announce the winner next Monday! Good luck!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We're Making Some Improvements

Just a quick note from me. We're getting ready to migrate the site so hang in there with me for just a little bit while we make some serious technical improvements and get ready to launch a really fabulous, all-new and improved Fashion.Style.Beauty! Back shortly!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

60 Second Beauty Tip: How to Fix Rough Cuticles

I unfortunately have a nasty habit of picking at hangnails to the point where if I really get going my hands look repulsive. I used to ruin my hands on a regular basis until Lulu, a fabulous nail technician with Creative Nail Design, taught me a trick that has given me the most gorgeous, smooth and laceration-free fingers on Earth.

When you have broken skin or picked cuticles, take a regular nail file and gently file the spot down until it smooths out (it doesn't and shouldn't hurt), then apply Creative Nail Design Rejuvenator ($11.49). The copper peptides and other ingredients in the formula heal rough spots and broken skin within mere minutes (I'm not kidding.) Problem solved!

60 Second Beauty Tip: How to Fix Rough Cuticles

I unfortunately have a nasty habit of picking at hangnails to the point where if I really get going my hands look repulsive. I used to ruin my hands on a regular basis until Lulu, a fabulous nail technician with Creative Nail Design, taught me a trick that has given me the most gorgeous, smooth and laceration-free fingers on Earth.

When you have broken skin or picked cuticles, take a regular nail file and gently file the spot down until it smooths out (it doesn't and shouldn't hurt), then apply Creative Nail Design Rejuvenator ($11.49). The copper peptides and other ingredients in the formula heal rough spots and broken skin within mere minutes (I'm not kidding.) Problem solved!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Celebrate My Birthday with 20% off at ShopRumor.com

Today is my actual birthday and I'm officially someone who is one year wiser, sexier and slightly more fabulous (let's face it: we all get hotter with age, we just require better lighting and camera angles). As a present to all my lovely FSB readers, one of my favorite online retailers, ShopRumor.com, is gifting you 20% off your entire purchase! Feel free to shop from my own personal Most Wanted List:

I want it, I need it, I gotta have this Deux Lux Juliette Double Handle Tote ($120).

Hands down some of the sexiest jeans on the planet, I adore the PRVCY Malibu Hills Book Cut Jeans with Flap ($198), as seen on Annalyne McCord from 90210 at the top of the post. You should rock them them with this stunning Voom Paige Top ($216).

I'm loving turquoise right now and I like the mixture of this Jem Couture Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Bracelet ($68) and this Teong Kay Jade Turquoise Ring ($77).

Feel free to browse around ShopRumor.com for these and more deals and enjoy that fabulous discount (just enter "RumorVIP as the discount code when checking out). In honor of my birthday, it's time to shop it like it's hot. Have fun!

Outfit of the Day: Casual Dinner Date

I'm playing around with different outfit ideas that represent a mix of prices and styles. Today's pick is a casual date-night dining outfit. Spring is the perfect time to get a cocktail and a bite to eat under the stars but you need just the right mix of dressy and casual to pull it off. Here's my suggestion for the right combination of style and cost to make sure all eyes are on you while you keep an eye on your bank balance.

I'm loving this Fifteen Twenty Ruffle Blouse ($189). The color can flatter various skin tones, the ruffles and fabric make it dressy without seeming overdone, and it's a great piece that can go from day to night.

Yes, you can wear black skinny jeans and these Cheap Monday Skinny Jeans ($70) are adorable and cost effective. Pair them with black heels to keep the line of the leg long and to keep the slimming effect going.

Accessories are always important. I love this Vita Bambino bracelet ($135) alone or in multiples stacked. A clean white clutch is always nice for summer and this G by Guess Lily Slim Clutch ($24.50) will do the trick. You're ready for date night dining al fresco!

Soothe Frizzy and Damaged Hair with LUSH Hair Treatments

Your hair is really upset with you. Don't believe me? Think about what you do to get it to behave: flatirons, chemical treatments, blowouts, handfuls of products. Flyaways, frizz and other unruly behavior is your hair's version of an obscene finger gesture. I've got the hair treatment equivalent of flowers and a candy-gram: LUSH hair treatments.

Hands down one of my all-time favorite beauty brands, most of us know LUSH for their amazing bath products but I recently got a chance to try the Jasmin & Henna Fluff-Eaze Hair Treatment ($20.45) and, in a word, I am SOLD! Saturate your dry hair with it, go on about your business for at least 20 minutes and when you wash it out, you might want to kiss yourself. The result is gorgeous, shiny, behavin' hair: ends are smooth, hair feels thicker and sexier and it makes your hair color unbelievably vibrant. Brunettes, get this now.

The Vegan formula contains all sorts of nut and seed oils that nourish the hair and scalp and the jasmine scent is luxurious and lasting. Blondes should go for the Marilyn Hair Treatment ($18.55) to get the same sexy, gorgeous and brightening results on your flaxen tresses but anyway you look at it, you owe your hair an apology so say you're sorry with a LUSH hair treatment.

The Winning Aldo Shoes (and Gift Card Winner) are...

Well, it was a close race but by a narrow margin (2 votes!) the red shoes won! So, I will be wearing the gorgeous satin Aldo Frodris pumps ($90) with my sexy black dress for my birthday party this Saturday night. I have to say, my boyfriend will be thrilled because red is his favorite color, not to mention I look like a wanton sex goddess in this dress. Thanks to all the votes who participated!

The winner of the $50 Aldo gift card was selected by a random drawing and SKFarrell won! Congratulations to the lucky winner. I know you'll make me proud and pick out a stunning pair of shoes from Aldo!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Vote for Your Favorite Pair of Shoes and Enter to Win an Aldo Gift Card!

So, my birthday party is next week and I'm not only celebrating turning another year older, but also losing 62 lbs to get into my goal dress! I'm so excited but I need your help: can you help me decide on a pair of fabulous shoes to go with it? Vote for your favorite pair in the comments section and enter to win a $50 gift card from Aldo Shoes! Ready? Let's do this!

Ok, so this is the fabulous dress, the Love Yaya Carrera Dress (sold out in black). Sexy and strappy and tres body skimming (now you understand all the hard work), the dress is a plunging v-neck straight black sheath in the front, criss-cross bondage straps in the back. The fabric is stretch cotton. Now, vote for your favorite shoes to complete the bombshell-licious look:

#1: Red Satin Frodris ($90)

#2: Gold Metallic Embellished Flofifi ($90)

#3: Silver Metallic Laack ($80)

#4 Black Strappy Platform Slagel ($125)

Remember to vote for your favorite pair in the comments section. I'll pick the lucky winner of that $50 Aldo gift card this weekend and announce the winner on Tuesday, my actual birthday. We'll both have something to celebrate!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

FSB On The Scene: Cocktails and Handbags at Samantha Thavasa

I was recently invited to BagTrends.com's party at the fabulous Samantha Thavasa store on New York's tony Madison Avenue. I'm a fan of the line's ladylike glamour and the allure of fabulous handbags and cocktails is enough to make even the most jaded blogger hop out in her Chanel pumps. What girl can be sad surrounded by designer bags, I ask you? Here are some highlights from the event:

This is me with BagTrends.com's gorgeous vixen, Pamela Pekerman. We covet her Black Halo Jacket Dress ($345), do we not? For all things handbags, definitely head to Pamela's site. She's always got the hookup on the cutest bags around. Umm, I definitely should have dressed up a little more. What can I say, it was raining!

Tracy Damas of Lavish Magazine won this gorgeous black patent quilted slice of heaven. We all thought about mugging her on the way out but karma's a bitch so she made it out alive. I'm totally kidding...sort of...maybe. ;)

These are some of the gorgeous handbags that are available and the prices are right, ladies. You can shop via their website or contact Anita Pasalbessy at the Madison Avenue store at 212-535-3920. Either way, I've got my eye on that gorgeous bronze clutch at the top of this piece for my own collection.

Need a new bag for Summer? Having seen these gorgeous bags in person, I'd suggest checking out Samantha Thavasa. I've been invited back for a party with socialite Tinsley Mortimer soon so stay tuned for pics and purchase ideas from that little soiree!
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