Wednesday, May 27, 2009

FSB On The Scene: Vixen in Vintage at Levant East and B Bar and Grill

So, this past weekend I hit a couple of parties before heading to the country for some much-needed relaxation time. I started the evening at Levant East, the new event space in the newly converted rooftop penthouse at the Hotel on Rivington. The brainchild of The Eldridge's Matt Levine, this revamped Lower East Side lounge is swank and the view is spectacular (and the hot tub is still there for those who want to get their Studio 54 on). The space will be open Wednesday through Sunday this summer and hosting some very elite gatherings of very pretty people. If this is your scene, I recommend this as a rooftop cocktail option.

Later, I joined some media-savvy friends in the Bowery at B Bar and Grill for some cocktails and catching up. NBC Universal's John Wise throws some of the most fun parties among the media people in NYC and when John decides it's time for a cocktail, you show up, no questions asked. B Bar and Grill is a fun place to gather with friends, from the seasonal cocktails to the fabulous appetizers and gorgeous outdoor patio. Here are some shots from the festivities.

Some of you know (or might not know) that I'm on the downhill slide of losing some weight (61 lbs to be exact) and I'm just now exploring a cuter summer wardrobe. This is a vintage dress of my mom's with a belt I stole from an ex-boyfriend (years ago, ladies - my kleptomania has since been quelled). The cuff is Ted Rossi. You can't see the shoes but they're these gorgeous black leather cage shoes from Aldo. Not bad, eh?

Me with John Wise of NBC-Universal. This is before everyone got a little buzzed. Remember this rule when you're drinking with the boys: one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.

This is me with Arun Das of Fox and the other shot is the ever-fabulous Mr. Wise with his fellow media (read: mad) men. Sometimes a girl just needs a night in a place filled with gorgeous guys who want to buy her drinks, you know?

More fun and frivolity to be reported. This summer is just getting started. Peace and high heels, ladies!

Now Online: Huge Lips, Skinny Hips Lip Gloss!

I recently wrote about my love for the double duty beauty line Purple Lab and their genius weight-loss-assisting, pout-enhancing Huge Lips, Skinny Hips Lip Gloss ($20). Ladies, the most amazing thing to come across your lips since your first kiss is now available online! Yes, get your summer started right with one (or all) of the gorgeous hues I've been raving about via by clicking here.

Feel free to write back and tell me about your adventures when the swell comes up from the hips and onto the lips. Make this your sexiest summer ever: get that lip gloss now!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Wardrobe, Hairstyle and Real Style Tips: How to Watch Bravo's "The Fashion Show"

I decided I wanted to wait a couple of episodes to review Bravo's new fashion reality show, The Fashion Show to make sure that if I did decide to watch and review the show, it's because I truly thought it was worth watching and reviewing. After Episode 3, I'm now hooked. Isaac's comments are fabulous (as always), Fern Mallis is genius and Kelly Rowland...well, I still can't figure that whole thing out exactly but I'm staying with it. In any case, this is my personal guide on how to get the most out of watching The Fashion Show.

Wardrobe tips - If you watch these shows with an eye for how the designers style their looks down the runway, they give you a perspective on what works and what doesn't in regards to silhouette, fabric choice, fit and construction. It's easy to armchair quarterback something that looks awful on television but if you don't immediately go back to your own closet to make sure that you immediately set fire to an article of your own wardrobe that might be doing the same to you, you're missing an opportunity here. We all have something in our closets that do this, people. Have a glass of wine after every episode and cross your fingers that awful jacket isn't sitting in your own closet.

Hairstyling tips - TresSemme is a genius haircare line and the looks that Jeanie Syfu and her team send down the runway are completely translatable to every day life. Pay attention to the hair: it's always well-styled but never so elaborate or complex that it distracts from the clothes, which means that it's usually easy to replicate the look. Exhibit A is the hair on the winning garment, a simple but chic ponytail: run TresSemme 24 Hour Body Sculpting Spray Gel through your wet hair, blow it dry using a paddle brush, then tie it into a pony at the crown. Create quick waves in the ponytail with a 1" curling iron and finish it off with TresSemme 24 Hour Body Finishing Spray. Runway ready in no time flat.

Real-life takeaways - This week's Harper's Bazaar challenge was for the teams to perform basic repair to a jacket and a skirt in a very short amount of time. Think this is unreasonable? What happens if you have a button come off, your hem fall our or the lining of your jacket rips before a big presentation? Even mere mortals should know how to sew. Those Harper's Bazaar challenges have more real-life application than you think. Last week's challenge where they had to decide what was designer and what was fake? Watch and learn, people.

Of course, the fun - Look, we all know how much I adore Isaac Mizrahi and his comments are hilarious (calling the exaggerated hips on Haven's coat reminiscent of the Seattle Space Needle is classic Isaac) but we all watch reality competition for the hilarity of the personalities, the drama and the sheer talent on display.

Who will win is really anyone's guess at this point (my money is on James-Paul) but if you make these shows work for you, you can actually walk away a more savvy fashionista. That being said, I'll keep you posted moving forward but overall I'm in. I will be showing up weekly for The Fashion Show.

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Beauty Must: Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara

Those of us around the beauty buzz have heard endless tales of vibrating mascaras, why they work, why they're superior, etc. Most of us (including me) have been slightly reluctant to put these little magic wands near our eyes because, let's face it, how many times do you regularly place things that rapidly vibrate anywhere near your face, much less near your eye? (Don't answer that.) Well, Maybelline has decided to get into the game with Maybelline Pulse Perfection and I have to say, I'm hooked.

With 7,000 vibrations per minute, this is a mascara that gives you showgirl-level lashes with only a few swipes of the wand. You dip the wand in the mascara, place it under the lash line, press the button on the side and pull the wand up slowly. The vibrating isn't uncomfortable and it really does give you amazing long lashes very quickly that stay put for hours.

Here's the scoop, FSB readers: the mascara isn't in stores until July but you can get yours NOW with their exclusive online sale. The mascara retails for $15 and it's worth every dollar of it so click this link and purchase through their participating online retailers.

By the time everyone realizes your little vibrating beauty secret they'll be shaking with envy over your gorgeous lashes since they can't get theirs until July. Such a shame, really. Just bat your fabulous lashes at them.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sale Alert: Tocca Sample Sale

We're huge fans of Tocca so we had to share this invitation. We'll see you there!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

60 Second Beauty Tip: How to Look Better In Glasses

You'd never know it because I'm vain enough to take them off for photos, but I typically wear glasses throughout the day. I've never been quite sure how to look get a really sexy eye makeup look with them on. However, I recently dropped in on the fabulous folks at Three Custom Color, where they let me in on a little tip to ensure that the boys make passes at those of us who wear glasses.

According to Chad Hayduk, one of the three masterminds behind the brand, the key is to make your eyes look larger behind your glasses because the lenses in glasses actually make your eyes look smaller. He recommended lining my eyes with their Light Clarifier Eye Pencil ($16.50) on the inner rim of the eye. The Light Clarifier pencil actually makes your eyes look wider and brighter by enhancing the color of your eye (contrary to popular belief, the "white" of your eye isn't really white, it's closer to a flesh color than you think). Pair this little genius pencil with a shimmery nude eye shadow and a good mascara and you're off and running.

It's genius! I know I've personally gotten second looks from behind my specs so it really works. Give it a try!

Do This: Brows and Blowouts with Cutler and Benefit at Bloomies Soho

I've already written about my love for Cutler Salons and everyone knows about the fabulousity that is Benefit Cosmetics. When you throw them both together it's like chocolate and peanut butter or Sonny and Cher - two great things that go well together. If you're in NYC this Friday and you need a little makeover before cocktails, here's the scoop:

This Friday, May 15th at Bloomingdales Soho, Cutler Salons and Benefit Cosmetics are hosting Brows and Blowouts from 12:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. With every $65 Benefit purchase, you'll receive a touch-up from a Cutler stylist. While you're there, get your makeup done by a makeup artist and your brows shaped at the Benefit Brow Bar.

Call Julie Monti at 212-729-5132 now to book your appointment!

NYC ladies, get thee to the Bloomies Soho before you head out Friday night! Spring is here and it's time to look fierce for cocktails al fresco. I'll see you there!

Press Reel: FSB In Hayden Harnett's IRL Ad Campaign

So much fun! I was asked to be part of Hayden Harnett's In Real Life ad campaign and the piece is live and on the web. The ad campaign is where real people get to come to the store and style themselves to show how everyday people wear the line's drool-worthy designs. I jumped at the chance to play in one of my favorite stores and couldn't help but shop in the store after the shoot was done.

In the ad, I'm wearing the following pieces in the ad: Danae Tunic ($174); Clara Flapback ($598) and the Memphis Cutout Pump (on sale for $192), both in Blueberry Colorblock ($598); the Joey Wide Cuff in Violet Crinkle Patent ($80) and a Sparc "Black Lightening" Necklace (in store for $130.) The jeans are my own and I have to say, they're looking kind of big. Looks like those Core Fusion classes are working!

You can read more about Hayden Harnett's IRL series and shop their store online here. It's an amazing line and if you're in NYC, the store in Greenpoint is a must-see. Love Hayden Harnett!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bravo Serves it Up: Phone Conversation Between Bethenney and Isaac Mizrahi

Only one more day until the premiere of The Fashion Show, Bravo's new offering for those of us who are obsessed with their fashion and reality programming. Like combining chocolate and peanut butter, Bravo must have sensed my need to combine my two loves into one video clip so I give you the video of the phone conversation between one of the hosts of The Fashion Show, Isaac Mizrahi (I die) and The Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel (I die further.) Please do enjoy and tune in like the rest of us this Thursday night at 10:00 p.m. EDT to watch The Fashion Show!

Dressing for the Weather: Overcast Skies = Silky Rocker Chic

It has finally stopped raining today in NYC (at least for a bit) so I can stop building an ark in my living room. When you see sunlight after days of craptastic weather the immediate impulse is to dress way lighter than the weather will really permit. I’m a fan of silk tunics and layering pieces during this weather so when I dash out to cover events this afternoon, this is what I will be wearing.

Gorgeous Danae Tunic from Hayden Harnett ($174) that I grabbed from a recent advertisement shoot for the label. That news is coming soon.

My black Levis Low Skinny 531 jeans ($69) underneath the tunic. It’s a lie that curvy girls can’t wear skinny jeans. Just play with proportion: if you wear something form-fitting on the bottom, balance it with something flowing and feminine on top.

Pour La Victoire Women's "Bianca" Nubuck Platform Pumps ($280) add serious attitude. I’m also a fan of tall girls in high heels so I have no fear of height. Bring it on.

Throw on this Miss Sixty Madcap Black Short Trench ($149) over the outfit and I’m out the door! A break in the rain doesn’t always have to mean a break in the mood. Attitude in your wardrobe is always fun, rain or shine.

Neckwear Favorite: FibersStudio Scarves

I’ve worn them to New York Fashion Week, around New York City and pretty much live in them so it’s time to tell you about one of my personal accessory favorites. I’m obsessed with FibersStudio scarves, particularly my Carnival Colors Ribbon Scarf ($40). The long, skinny shape is the ultimate rock and roll statement but in pretty rainbow hues that make the skin glow. The scarf is woven from actual ribbon so it’s an all-season option: double or triple the piece around your neck to add layers of warmth or wear it Carnaby Street cool with one chic loop around the neck. Either way, it’s a staple of my wardrobe.

FibersStudio pieces are crafted with incredible care by a master fiber artist and come in many colors and shapes to match any wardrobe. Head to their Etsy studio and browse the goods. You might get the urge to tie one on.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Beauty Black Book Recommendation: Waxing at Bliss Spa

I don't normally give away the information on my personal glam squad but when a girl comes across a dedicated and relatively pain-free waxer, you feel obliged to share with your nearest and dearest.

Waxing isn't a topic of conversation that anyone really relishes but let's be honest here, ladies: it's a necessary evil and for those of us who are devotees of its results, the quest for a relatively painless wax from a professional who doesn't beat you into submission is like the Holy Grail of beauty treatments. I have found mine in Aldona at Bliss Soho here in NYC. I can honestly say that it doesn't matter what treatment I'm having done: Aldona is always consciencious, very careful and extremely fast. Bliss' signature pain-free wax is always the right temperature and has conditioners to grab onto the hair rather than the skin. I have never had any issues or pain afterwards. In a word, the woman's work is flawless and I am a faithful devotee.

If you're in need of a waxing treatment in NYC, call 212-219-8970 and request my dear, sweet Aldona for the best results of your life. If you can't make it to NYC and you're keen to try Bliss' amazing wax at home, I highly recommend purchasing their Poetic Waxing Kit. Take two Ibuprofen or Aleve beforehand and you'll sail right through it.

Warmer weather is calling, ladies. Time to take care of that "situation."

Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Fun Time: George Michael's 'Freedom 90'

Our final post for the week is a little rump-shaking video filled with supermodels and moody lighting - sort of like the location for our dinner plans tonight! Have a great weekend and please do enjoy George Michael's 'Freedom 90'!

Have a great weekend!

Too Busy to Live? Try the Lip Stamp

We've all had those moments where we've been rushing out the door and realize that we've forgotten our keys, our earrings, mascara or lipstick. We've got a fun little device for you if you're looking to speed up that beauty routine: the Lip Stamp ($24.95).

No, we're not kidding. This ingenious invention comes with multiple lip-shaped pads to match your mouth or particular look. Just pluck off a pad (be sure to match the size of the stamp to your mouth shape and size), stick it on the pedestal, cover it in lipstick and press to your mouth like a stamp (we suggest rolling it from left to right to get full coverage.) Dab off any little excess and off you go! We used it on the way to an event the other day and we have to admit: it's a neat little trick. We're keeping ours saturated with our favorite lipstick and right next to our keys.

Eco-Chic Handbag Solution: Vie Verte

Ever been spring cleaning (or any kind of cleaning, really) and come across old t-shirts and jeans you don’t want anymore? What was once stylish or beloved either goes out to giveaway or into the dust rag pile but what if there was a solution to turn these items into fabulous handbag? There is: introducing Vie Verte.

The brainchild of handbag designer Kathy Kaufmann, Vie Verte bags are made from a minimum 90% found materials predominately found in thrift stores or, you guessed it, your closet. Kathy fashions old t-shirts, denim and brooches into one-of-a-kind clutches and totes that will have your friends “green” with eco-friendly envy. Examples of her finery include the Skeleton Clutch (at top), the Sneaker Clutch or the Batty Clutch, all just $40.

Order from her collection or collaborate with her on your own clutch or tote. Maybe that concert t-shirt can have a whole new life as a rockin’ handbag. Reduce, reuse and then reintroduce your favorite old clothes back into your wardrobe with a little Vie Verte edge!

Editor's Lust List: Adriana Carador Jewelry

In case the amount of accessories coverage on FSB hasn’t tipped you off, I am an accessories nut. I love jewelry and when I see amazing pieces I don’t think anyone should live without, I’m inclined to tell you. When it comes to investment pieces, I think every woman should have exquisite, well-crafted jewelry that is unique and speaks to the person wearing it. This is why I am in love with Adriana Carador Jewelry.

A native of Sao Paolo, Brazil, Carador studied fashion in Rome before discovering her true love of jewelry and gemstones at home in her native South America. Carador’s pieces are inspired not only by the gems themselves but by everyday shape and texture inspirations like the melting ice cream look of her Cupilha pendants, 18k yellow or rose gold with smoky quartz or pink quartz teardrop stones accented with diamonds ($2700). Carador’s collection has gorgeous pieces ranging from her Samba hoops (24k gold and coral for $2300) to her estate-worthy rings like my personal favorite, the Briolette ring ($1900).

Carador’s collection is available stateside in NYC at Fragments. If you’ve got the means to give Mom a serious Mother’s Day gift or even to treat yourself to some quality jewelry whose craftsmanship will stand the test of time, then I suggest a piece of Adriana Carador's collection for a true statement of elegance and money well spent.

MTV Fashion Flashback: Def Leppard and the Ripped Denim Trend

Those of us who grew up in the 80’s can’t help but smile at the ripped jeans trend. Many of us who have recently faced (or about to face) high school reunions remember shredding perfectly good pairs of jeans so knees and other snippet-sized views of flesh showed through. This homage to all things rebel and rock and roll has made its way into fashion again and many are staring at it with concern: can you really rock this trend twice without looking like you’re trying too hard?

The answer is decidedly “yes” as long as you keep in mind that the full-on concert t-shirt/studded boots/fringe jacket trend is better saved for Halloween. A ripped jean is an incredibly sexy take on the 80’s look and a fun alternative for warm weather (hello, built-in ventilation.) Just be sure to keep your top simple and streamlined but as far as shoes and accessories go, feel free to play with anything but sneakers.

There is a difference between ripped and destroyed. This pair of Levi’s 501’s Boyfriend Cut Patched and Repaired Jeans ($78) is an understated way to try the trend. Those looking to fully commit to their roll and roll look should try the Levi’s Capital E 501 Boyfriend Jeans in Destructed Wash ($248).

Either pair of these jeans paired can be paired with this Silence and Noise Silver Zip Trimmed Tank ($29.99). Those who love fringe can pair the ensemble with this Whiting and Davis Crystal Fringe Mesh Frame Clutch ($245.)

Go ahead and rock the ripped jeans trend and for good measure, enjoy the video while you get ready tonight. Maybe it’s time to pour a little sugar on it.

New Makeup Bag Obsession: Huge Lips, Skinny Hips

We once read that the average woman will ingest some unbelievable amount of lip product over the course of her lifetime. As fans of multi-tasking, we think that if something goes across your lips, shouldn’t it do double duty for your hips? Purple Lab Cosmetics thought so as well and came up with your new must-have makeup bag item: Huge Lips, Skinny Hips lip gloss with appetite suppressant ($20).

Possibly the hardest working lip product in the business, the glosses contain Hoodia which some experts say can help suppress your appetite AND they're also packed with Vitamin B3, which stimulates blood flow to the lips and diminishes the look of fine lines around the mouth. It doesn’t stop there: each gloss also contains lip conditioning vitamin E, lemon peel oil, and meadow foam oil - all natural moisturizers. Something that is good for your lips AND helps your hips? We had to try it.

We road tested the six shades and not only did they give us an Angelina-sized pillow-top pout but we can safely say that we felt no urge to dive into dessert after application. You can choose from the rich rose that is Worship Kate (an homage to Kate Moss), the sexy nude that is Kitty Poledancer, Red Sole (inspired by the red soled Christian Louboutin heels), the flirty coral that is Love Your Thighs and a frothy peach that is Lychee Martini. Be sure to grab No Panty Lines (a clear shine) and dab it at the center of your top and bottom lip on top of the colored glosses: guaranteed sexiest lips out there. That advice is boyfriend-tested, FSB-approved.

Huge Lips, Skinny Hips is available at Space NK and Scoop stores right this minute and will soon be available online so drop the laptop and get one or all of the six shades for your collection. Really, how can you resist a sexy lip gloss that makes your lips plump but your hips smaller? Feel free to thank us later.
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