Friday, May 1, 2009

Eco-Chic Handbag Solution: Vie Verte

Ever been spring cleaning (or any kind of cleaning, really) and come across old t-shirts and jeans you don’t want anymore? What was once stylish or beloved either goes out to giveaway or into the dust rag pile but what if there was a solution to turn these items into fabulous handbag? There is: introducing Vie Verte.

The brainchild of handbag designer Kathy Kaufmann, Vie Verte bags are made from a minimum 90% found materials predominately found in thrift stores or, you guessed it, your closet. Kathy fashions old t-shirts, denim and brooches into one-of-a-kind clutches and totes that will have your friends “green” with eco-friendly envy. Examples of her finery include the Skeleton Clutch (at top), the Sneaker Clutch or the Batty Clutch, all just $40.

Order from her collection or collaborate with her on your own clutch or tote. Maybe that concert t-shirt can have a whole new life as a rockin’ handbag. Reduce, reuse and then reintroduce your favorite old clothes back into your wardrobe with a little Vie Verte edge!

1 comment:

Natasha said...

This could be really cute Mother's Day gift - turn an old shirt from when you were a baby into a new clutch for mom. Sentimental and stylish.

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