Tuesday, May 12, 2009

60 Second Beauty Tip: How to Look Better In Glasses

You'd never know it because I'm vain enough to take them off for photos, but I typically wear glasses throughout the day. I've never been quite sure how to look get a really sexy eye makeup look with them on. However, I recently dropped in on the fabulous folks at Three Custom Color, where they let me in on a little tip to ensure that the boys make passes at those of us who wear glasses.

According to Chad Hayduk, one of the three masterminds behind the brand, the key is to make your eyes look larger behind your glasses because the lenses in glasses actually make your eyes look smaller. He recommended lining my eyes with their Light Clarifier Eye Pencil ($16.50) on the inner rim of the eye. The Light Clarifier pencil actually makes your eyes look wider and brighter by enhancing the color of your eye (contrary to popular belief, the "white" of your eye isn't really white, it's closer to a flesh color than you think). Pair this little genius pencil with a shimmery nude eye shadow and a good mascara and you're off and running.

It's genius! I know I've personally gotten second looks from behind my specs so it really works. Give it a try!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am definitely going to have to give this a try. The only time I look good in glasses in when i where my hot mama shades. Unfortunately I wear my other glasses all the time. Beats squinting at people I guess. Thanks for the tip.

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