Tuesday, September 29, 2009

FSB Asks: Would You Put Your Baby In A Wig?

There are certain beauty rituals that I find somewhat questionable, like mall bangs, "dirty hair" and mullets. These are all well and good for concerning adults, but how about when these vanity rituals fall on children, namely infants? For those who want to expedite the process of your child being seen with a full head of hair, there's Baby Bangs Head Bands: wigs for infants.

I ask you, FSB readers: what are your thoughts on wigs for infants? These products claim to be completely safe and comfortable for babies but what kind of message does this send? Give me your thoughts in the comment box below. Are you with fake hair for infants or does this have you all wigged out?

1 comment:

Chanel said...

Saw your link on twitter and I HAD to see what you were talking about... wow. The baby is adorable in both pics, that being said, I'd have to still vote NO. Because when you start down this kind of path, where does it end? I'm particularly thinking of that "Toddlers and Tiaras" reality show. Creepy ON EVERY LEVEL.

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