Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This Week's Giveaway: Estee Lauder Limited Edition Sensuous Gold Collection

Aaand, we're back!

So, remember I was telling you about the AH-MAZ-ING Estee Lauder limited edition Sensuous Gold Collection, a feminine, luxurious and decidedly glam new color collection for fall 2009. Love it? Of course you do. Wanna win it? Um, YEAH you do! It's time for you to feel "Golden."

I'm not talking about a lipstick or a nail polish. Oh no, folks: I'm talking about the ENTIRE COLLECTION of products: lipsticks, eyeshadows, pencils, nail polishes, shimmer powder. Because it's about time for you to feel golden, gorgeous and fabulous about yourself.

How do you enter? Leave a comment below and let me know what fabulous night out you would plan for yourself if you won this glamorous prize. I will select one winner at random this Friday and will announce the lucky one on Monday morning. Subscribers of FSB count at double entries so if you're not a subscriber, you might want to get on top of that. :)

No P.O. Boxes and you must live in the US. Good luck and enjoy a little music to get you inspired for this contest, Jill Scott's "Golden."


balbo da goon said...

I would wear it out and about with my wonderful husband going out to be ourselves without the kids. Probably live music at Al's Bar.

Kari said...

Well, I have a long-overdue girls' night out coming up in a couple weeks..and this would be quite useful!! You know I'm a subscriber :)

Sonia Begonia said...

I would use it for my two year anniversary with my boyfriend. He deserves to look at a "golden" face!

Unblinking I said...

I used to be the lady who NEVER wore make-up.
Recently, I began this whole personal revitalization project.
I started small - just a little mascara and lipstick and out the door. Then I started wearing a bit of concealer. Slowly, but surely, I've managed to make taking a few minutes with myself in the mirror a part of my morning regimen (right after I get the kids dressed and they've started eating their breakfast) and I never leave the house without make-up on anymore.
The only problem, I don't have a lot of make up. Foundation, concealer, one color of blush maybe four tubes of lipstick, two eye liners (black and brown) and two bottles of nail polish - THAT'S IT!
If I won the Estee Lauder Sensuous Gold Collection, I would drag that LBD out of the back of the closet, throw on some heels and make myself up in the way I know I deserve to (but never have time) and celebrate my eighth wedding anniversary with my husband.
He could see me glowing with confidence that sometimes only a fabulous make-over can provide and I would truly feel it - what a wonderful gift to us both!

The Buzz Girls said...

OK I totally don't need it. Do I want it - OF COURSE! I think every girl deserves a little gold in her life. And with the price of gold these days + beauty - it's kind of a priceless combination. So instead of trying my hardest to come up with a reason why I need (but really don't need) this - I will would have to say I like what Balbo da goon and Unblinking said...

Sheri said...

i need something to make chuck bass, er, ed westwick notice me when i "stumble" onto the gossip girl set!


Deanna said...

I would plan a girls night out w/a movie and then drinks!

Anonymous said...

Would love to wear this out on the town in NYC! I'm going back there in about a month, and this would make a fab home coming :)

shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

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