Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Breakover Diaries: The Beginning of Feeling Beautiful

For those of you know know me personally (and for those who don't), I'm currently going through a break-up. As in, the end of a relationship. It sucks, it hurts and everyone who's ever endured such a thing knows exactly where I am.

You're thinking, what does this have to do with fashion, style or beauty? Plenty. How many of us have ever gone through a breakup to look at ourselves in the mirror and see someone staring back at us that we don't really recognize? When you spend time invested so deeply in the happiness of another person, you can begin to neglect your own needs. Some people call them "happy pounds" where you gain weight, others sort of fall apart on grooming when the breakup happens. If you could walk around all day in oversize dark sunglasses and Chapstick until you feel like you could put yourself back together there wouldn't be a need for a series of posts like this, but unfortunately most of us who've been through a breakup know that this doesn't necessarily fly in staff meetings...or out at night...or anywhere else outside of a paparazzi shot heading to your car in LA.

This is why I decided to document my own personal recovery from what I thought would be the most significant, forever-and-ever relationship of my life as a journey to the most fabulous, beautiful version of myself. I've got some added pressure for this endeavor because not only am I surviving the end of the "I-really-thought-this-was-going-somewhere" relationship, but I have to prepare to hit Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in less than six weeks. They say that when you're healing a broken heart it helps to have a goal. Folks, arriving at the tents as the EIC of this publication looking nothing less than drop dead glamorous is one Hell of a motivator.

My friend Ted Gibson, the amazing hairstylist, calls this a "breakover." It's where you want a fresh new start; a newer, hotter version of yourself that not only in theory should cause whoever broke your heart to regret ever letting you go, but a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis of pain that truly astonishes with new, vibrant color.

I'm going to chronicle all of the fashion advice, style tips, workout advice and beauty tricks that I'm using to come out of my own breakup looking brilliant and I hope they inspire you to make any necessary changes in your own lives. It doesn't matter if you're going through a breakup, or you NEED to shake things up in your life. Inspire yourself to be the best you can be. Be your own hero.

These diaries will never delve into the details of who I was dating or what happened. This isn't about him. This is about ME and what I need to be runway ready for the catwalk that will be the rest of my life.

My time is now. This is the beginning of feeling truly beautiful. It's time for the outside to match the inside. Watch out, world: I'm coming through.


Kim @ A Life of Style said...

Can't wait to read this series. I went through a breakup last year that almost destroyed me. I'm still not 100% but I know I'm better off w/out him. It did briefly affect my appearance but I had to shake it off for fear that I'd run into him looking a hot mess, lol!

Tracy said...

Looking forward to seeing your transformation! We all could stand to mix things up a bit!! I too will join you, as I am in need of a Breakover too! xx

Single Mama NYC said...
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Single Mama NYC said...

I'm so sorry that you're going through this break-up. I can tell that you will get through this and be all the better for it though. I'm so glad you'll be turning this difficult time into something positive for yourself -- you deserve that.

And I will take all the beauty, fashion and fitness suggestions you have to give! I might not be currently going through the aftermath of a break-up but this Single Mama needs to shed 20 lbs, get the right outfits and shoes, and shake off this Beauty Inertia I've been in the midst of so I can feel Hot again. I miss being Hot. I do have a vague recollection of that.

Looking forward to keeping up with your Breakover posts!


Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to reading about your breakover. Breakups suck but sometimes they inspire you in ways that you may not have been inspired before. I think when you go through a hard time and pull yourself out of it, you become stronger, too. I know from personal experience. Anywho, happy transformation and I can't wait to read all about it! I know it will turn out fab! *Big hubs* :) D

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