Friday, October 16, 2009

Editor's Obsession: Gryphon Silk Georgette Racerback Tank

I'm convinced this Gryphon Silk Georgette Racerback Tank ($345) top is following me.

No, I'm not kidding. I've seen it in every magazine for months and every time I walk into an event at a major store, it's right there. The Sam Edelman event at Bloomingdales? It was on my way back from the bathroom. Yesterday's Accessories breakfast at Saks Fifth Avenue? It practically tackled me on my way out of the event and dragged me to the ground. Ah, Gryphon I love you so.

First of all, I love that sequins have become a neutral for day or evening, like metallics. I mean, you can't head to a breakfast meeting in a full-on Nolan Miller gown a la Dynasty but yes, this sheeting of sequins in chainmail-like detail will work with almost anything: charcoal grey suit, jeans and a long black cardigan, sleek skirt and boots, leather/liquid leggings. Just make sure that it's the only sequined item you're wearing and it will work wonders. The other thing I love is that it's cut for multiple body types. It's a universally flattering piece and I adore it.

It's the top of my shopping list and I thought I would share. I adore all things Gryphon but this tank has my eternal pledge of love and affection. Do you own this little confection that has my affection? Send me pics!

1 comment:

Greg said...

Love the style. Love the glitter. Love the write-up. Love the versatility. And I want to take the model home with me. ...Stunning!

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