Wednesday, April 15, 2009

FSB Designer Love: Covetable Jewelry from Objets D’Envy

Everyone is watching their pennies right now but we also want incredibly high-quality, eye-popping accessories. FSB has found just the right jewelry line that provides dazzle without dollar signs: Objets D’Envy.

The gorgeous jewelry line is designed by Kirsten Goede out of Chicago and features stunning Swarovski crystals in brilliant shapes and color arrangements that evoke fun, familiar shapes in very chic ways, like balloons, rock candy, and 70’s vintage necklaces. FSB had an exclusive view of her line and our picks for your next jewelry purchase include the Tetra ring ($96), 3 Pendant necklace ($88) and the Lavalier Multi ($69.)

For a little more bang for your bling buck, try the Bubble necklace ($326), the classic Allure necklace ($270), and the show-stopping Parfum pendant necklace ($245, shown at top), a personal favorite of our editor who practically had to have the thing pried from her hand before we left.

Objets D’ Envy’s collection can be viewed via their website and trust us when we vouch for the fact that the pieces are even more stunning in person. A few pieces of this jewelry and you might have to add an evil eye pendant to your collection. You know, in order to counteract all the envy you’re drawing your way when you wear this jewelry.


Kirsten Goede said...

I'm soooo thrilled that the stylish gals of FSB like my line of jewelry! Thanks SO much! Kirsten

Kirsten Goede said...

ps: I'd love to offer all your readers a 10% off coupon any order. Just use the coupon code "10off" at check out.

Bea said...

I'm so happy that more people are noticing the fascinating beauty of Objets d'Envy jewelry. Kirsten deserve acclaim for her excellent designs and artistry.

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